Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Woman I Love.......

Liz Smith Talks again about Madonna's upcoming film "W.E.":

Over in England, royalists are still fretting that actress Natalie Dormer, who plays the beloved Queen Elizabeth (later the even more beloved Queen Mum) in Madonna’s coming "W.E." movie will portray this revered figure in a "savage, unflattering manner".

Well, she doesn’t play it that way, although it’s no secret that the Queen Mother was nobody’s fool and a tough cookie. That’s how Dormer handles it.

Nor is Wallis Simpson (played in the movie by Andrea Riseborough) made to appear overly sympathetic — the Brits worry over that, too.

But director Madonna does not cast the character as heroine or villain. In life, things are rarely so black and white, as "M" herself knows.

It all happened 75 years ago. I remember sitting on the floor at home in Texas, listening to the astonishing King Edward VIII say he would give up his throne for "the woman I love".

It did seem kind of dreamy.

But England, on the verge of war, has never quite recovered or forgiven the "romantic" abdication of their monarch.

source: wowowow

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