Wednesday, June 15, 2011

W.E Private Screening: Insider's Report!

Yesterday, Madonna held a private screening of her new feature film W.E. in New York City. Here's what Nicola Susino has to say about it:

"Last night, I had the pleasure to attend a screening of W.E. Madonna’s directorial feature debut. The film tells two parallel love stories seperated by almost 6 decades. Most notably the story of American born Wallis Simpson who would later become the Duchess of Windsor after her lover King Edward VIII would step down from his short lived run as Kind of England in order to marry and live out the romance of a century with the woman he loved. Wallis Simpson has been portrayed as one of the most vilified characters in England’s history. However, W.E. tells the story from Wallis’s point of view for the first time.

Madonna, who does not appear in the film, exceeded my expectations with this romantic, tender and intimate story. The cinematography was breathtaking at moments and the casting was fantastic. Still, I had little need for the parallel modern day story of the main character, Wally Winthrop, who finds herself suddenly connected to Wallis and her love story. I felt Madonna’s portrayal of the Duchess was so artfully done that the added modern story line only complicated and mutled a thrilling tale told for the first time.

The music was beautiful although there were blatant references to the Wong Kar Wai formula so beautifully executed in In the Mood for Love. All said and done, I sat entirely engaged for the entire 2 hour film... so there you have it."

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