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Madonna's A Billionaire Now, Thanks To Record 'MDNA' Tour Earnings!

Madonna's a billionaire now, according to a new report in the New York Post.

Her net worth jumped after her MDNA Tour brought in a whopping $305,158,363, making it the highest-grossing tour of 2012. That's not counting the $75 million in merch sales, nor does it include the $10 million in TV and DVD rights that came with the 88-stop jaunt around the globe.

The news comes amid a strong few months for the singer. Madonna made a bold statement at this year's GLAAD Awards, where she arrived to present Anderson Cooper with an award in full cub scout regalia. The costume was a comment on the Boy Scouts of America's gay ban, and drew the ire of the likes of Rick Perry.

Despite plenty of controversy and negative press, the singer continues to prove her staying power. In addition to the tour, "MDNA" notched a No. 1 Billboard debut (although sales tumbled dramatically in the following weeks). Madonna's 2012 Super Bowl halftime performance also drew in more viewers than Beyonce's did this past February.

According to Womens' Wear Daily, the 54-year-old singer's net worth had hovered around $700 million for some time.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Nicole Winhoffer talks Madonna and her workout routine!

As Madonna’s primary personal trainer, Nicole Winhoffer always has five backup plans ready – just in case her original idea doesn’t fly with the famously fit Madge.

“Of course there are days when (Madonna) says, ‘What is this? I hate it!’” said Winhoffer, who has worked with Madonna for four years. “But she makes me better.”

Winhoffer, a personal trainer, dancer, choreographer and artist stars in the “Addicted to Sweat” 4-DVD video series, which is designed to bring Madonna’s dance-centric workouts to the general public. Though I like challenging workouts, the videos were way out of my league. Professional dancers might have better luck.

Winhoffer recently chatted with me about how she keeps Madonna happy in the gym.

Q: How did you and Madonna meet?
A: I was (a dancer) on the “Sticky & Sweet” tour. After that I trained using my own philosophy of fitness, conditioning myself on the road. After the tour she asked if I would be the primary trainer. Having the same background of dance was crucial.

Q: Do you actually work out with Madonna or just tell her what to do?

A: We work out together so I know exactly how it feels on her body and so she can also follow. We do a new program every week. She just got back from Los Angeles and today we did a program on surfboards, using an unstable surface to challenge stabilizing muscles. We try to change the program every week so her body is shocked and her mind is focused on a new workout and a new thing the body has to do.

Q: Who comes up with the workouts?
A: It’s a collaborative effort. I journal all the workouts I do with her; every Sunday I decide what new prop to use and what body part to target. I train all the muscles all the time with a focus on certain muscle groups. It depends if she has a photo shoot or concert and what she’s wearing. A shoot affects her body so our workouts are very hands-on with open communication. We see how her body responds to it. If I intend to sculpt the hamstrings and (the effect) ends up in the quad, I change it up. I always try to find new solutions to create a feminine silhouette. It’s all about change and keeping her inspired.

Q: How can you tell when she’s slacking?
A: That doesn’t ever happen. It really doesn’t. She’s proven consistency is the most important key to success. She has never missed a workout. She really pays attention to how her body is every day; she’s honest with it. She won’t step over the boundary of killing herself and I feed off her energy. It’s very collaborative but definitely a roller coaster.

Q: What’s an essential element of every workout?
A: Music. I create a new play list every week. It’s fun to find remixes of her songs that she has never heard. When her album came out last year, I mixed into my playlist. Music defines how we move. Because we’re both dancers, it’s fun to explore the body and challenge it with music.

Q: How long do you work out?

A: Ninety minutes to two hours a day, including stretching. I massage her; we go into a full body warmup, stretching with movement and getting the blood moving. We do 40 reps of each movement; they target areas in her program. For full body, we do seven to 10 interconnected movements, challenging the body in areas we target, then abs, then dance cardio, jump rope, trampoline and then a five minute cool down.

Q: Does Madonna ever get mad at you?

Q: (Laughs.) Yeah. I know her really well. This is why my job is so hard. There are five possible responses I can get. My goal is to have a free-flowing workout so she can’t complain or talk. The mat is in the right place, there are no questions and no possible way to stop.

Q: Do you train other people?

A: I wake up at 5:30 a.m. every day because I have a client at 7 a.m. Madonna and I work out in the afternoon. Once I’m finished with Madonna, I’m usually done for the day. It’s very important to train with others because that’s how I learn. If I’m constantly with the same client, I can never grow or think outside the box. I purposely (train others) so I can try new things with her. I go to public gyms, private studios, I do Bikram yoga. I take dance class, collaborate with others. It’s important to keep my brain fresh so I can be fresh for her. It’s important for me to keep reinventing.

Q: Who inspires you?
A: People who want to change. It’s not just up to me. I can change someone’s body but it’s very difficult if they don’t want to. I prefer to work with people who are athletes and performers, who have danced on Broadway and other artists because there is that passion.

Q: You’ve been called one of the “most stylish” New Yorkers. How important is fashion for a workout?

A: It’s very important; how you feel and what you see in the mirror dictates what your actions are going to be. It’s very important to wear clothing you feel comfortable in. Colors also have a strong affect on energy and what sort of energy you put out. I believe in colors, feng shui and higher levels of consciousness, not only for energy but for sensuality and being female. It’s important for women to show off their body and curves and to be proud of who they are and not to wear baggy clothing.

Source : ChicagoTribune


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Madonna Joins The BILLIONAIRE Celebrity Club!! Congrats Madonna!!

2013 is the year that the ultimate material girl Madonna will officially join the billion-dollar club. As of 2011, Madonna was worth about $700 million, but after her recent tour and a string of successful business ventures, she is now a BILLIONAIRE!
The final numbers are in, and her 2012 MDNA tour grossed $305,158,363 with 2,212,345 in attendance over 88 shows. The “MDNA” final box office is enough to rank “MDNA” No. 10 all-time in tours.
And as if that was not enough, the tour is just one of many parts of the Madonna empire.

Madonna made $75 million in tour merchandise sales while on the road. This has always been a huge moneymaker for Madonna, selling t-shirt and an array of Madonna themed goodies.

According to the fashion and beauty trade Women’s Wear Daily; Madonna made $60 million in sales from her new perfume, Truth or Dare.

Investments in COCO WATER are said to have earned her millions, as well as launching a new gym chain called HARD CANDY

Madonna made $10 million from her recent deal with Smirnoff. The company has been hyping her tour with TV spots and has just released a special “Madonna” edition bottle of their vodka.

The Queen of Pop will also pull in around $10 million in TV rights and DVD sales from her tour.

Plus, retail experts estimate Madonna will earn $10 million in 2013 from her “Material Girl” clothing line, shoe line and upcoming Macy’s lingerie line.

Lady Gaga – good luck!

Read more at ONTD:

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Madonna's Personal Aids Message!

Long before it was trendy to support Aids awareness Madonna was doing it and making a difference! Bravo M!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Madonna Started A Revolution A Long Time Ago.....

Speaking out on ageism long ago! Fantastic on every level!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Madonna Gives The Most Iconic Fuck You In Pop History!

Fantastic! Artistic! Brilliant!
The Channel glove and the attitude! Eat it mutherfuckers!!

All the haters this is for you!!

Sunday, March 17, 2013


Madonna lived up to her reputation for courting controversy and fighting for gay rights when she appeared on March 16 in New York City at the 24th annual Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) Awards, the first of three events to be held this year to honor the best representations of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in the media.

Dressed in a Boy Scout uniform, the pop star told the audience, “I wanted to be a Boy Scout but they wouldn’t let me join… I can build a fire. I know how to pitch a tent… Listen, I want to do good for the community. Most importantly, I know how to scout for boys!”

Then, addressing the organization’s ban on gay scouts and scout leaders, Madonna stated, “I think I should be allowed to be allowed to be a Boy Scout. And I think they should change their stupid rules.”

The suggestion came at the beginning of an over 10-minute speech that served as both an inspirational call to arms to see gay rights won and strengthened in the United States and around the world and as an introduction for Anderson Cooper, who was awarded GLAAD’s Vito Russo Award.

“Most people are not comfortable with things or people that they perceive as different from themselves,” Madonna said. “And I would wager that if we just took the time to get to know one another, did our own investigations, looked beneath the surface of things, we would find that we are not so different after all.”

Referencing various recent incidents of unrest, from the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis to the imprisonment of activist music act Pussy Riot by the Russian government, Madonna argued for more understanding between disparate groups and for religion to no longer be used as a weapon for hate or discrimination.

“What did Jesus teach? It’s in all the holy books: Love thy neighbor as thy self,” she said. “We cannot use the name of God or religion to justify acts of violence, to hurt, to hate, to discriminate. Anyone out there sitting on a fence still — a sharp fence, I hope — I hope you’re listening.”

The singer also addressed the deeply disturbing bullying epidemic in the United States, which has grown more visible in recent years and has been tied to a number of teen suicides.

“When I think about young kids today in America who are being bullied and tortured, who are taking their own lives because they feel alone and judged, [like] outcasts and misunderstood, I want to cry a river of tears,” she said.

Drawing a personal connection to bullying, she added, “I have teenagers of my own now and the idea of them or any young person experiencing that kind of pain is unfathomable to me. It’s an atrocity to me. I don’t accept it.”

In what was one of the most powerful moments of an entirely riveting speech, Madonna challenged:

“[The bullying epidemic] is no different from a white supremacist hanging a black man from a tree before the Civil Rights movement. It’s no different than a member of the Taliban shooting a young girl in the head for writing a blog about the importance of female education. It’s no crazier than an Iranian gay man being hanged for falling in love with a man. I don’t know about you, but I can’t take this sh*t anymore. That is why I want to start a revolution. Are you with me? It’s 2013, people. We live in America — land of the free, home of the brave — that’s a question, not a statement.”

The singer then transitioned to her introduction of Anderson Cooper, saying, “I am here to give an award to someone that I admire, to someone who is brave, to someone who has made a difference in the world by promoting equality and giving a voice to the LGBT community.” She also gushed about the CNN news anchor’s blue eyes, called him a “bad ass m****rf****r” and told him to get up on stage so she could “grab [his] ass.”


Madonna's Instagram GLAAD Award's Pics!

Boy Scouts never looked so good!

Madonna at the GLAAD Awards Pics!

Saturday, March 16, 2013


Monday,March 18 Access Hollywood will air a new interview by Kit Hoover.

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Madonna: I want to start a revolution! Are you with me? New Secret Project Pic Revealed!

#secret project. I want to start a revolution! Are you with me?

Madonna Dedicates The Immaculate Collection To The Pope!!

Remember this!! Once again M is ahead of the rest!! Queen!

Monday, March 11, 2013


Madonna shocked diners at a Williamsburg restaurant when she arrived for one of her dancers’ birthdays. The scene was gourmet Antica Pesa, where the Material Girl was seen — with her kids Lourdes and Rocco in tow — dressed down in a hat and glasses and wearing leather gloves. After a birthday cake dessert, the dancers had the staff close the restaurant’s curtains and make a dance floor for them. “They started showcasing some of the moves from their MDNA tour,” said a gobsmacked spy. “The staff quickly moved the tables out of the way to turn the dining area into a dance floor, which got everyone clapping and cheering, including Madonna, who watched from a table.” Tom Hardy of “The Dark Knight Rises” was also at the Brooklyn outpost of the Rome eatery and looked as surprised as the rest of the customers, a source said. Madonna’s group tried to persuade Rocco to join them, but he refused. After cutting a rug to Madge tunes including “Music,” the dancers “took a bow and hugged their boss, who approved like a proud mother.”

Source: NYPost

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Madonna & Tom Hardy Dine in Brooklyn

Brooklyn's Antica Pesa was the place to be Thursday night for star sightings over spaghetti.

Madonna brought daughter Lourdes and son Rocco to the Italian restaurant at the same time as actor Tom Hardy.

The 54-year-old superstar was also joined by a group of dancers from her MDNA tour in what seemed like a mini-reunion. The group enjoyed a number of dishes including calamari, fried mozzarella, cacio e pepe, seasoned vegetables, tortellini pasta, seabass and cod.

Madonna seemed like the "coolest mom in the world," one onlooker said after observing her interaction with her son and daughter. Lourdes was in great spirits as she posed for cell phone photos with a male friend she'd brought along.

Meanwhile, two tables over Hardy wasn't phased by the Queen of Pop and her crew. Hardy was joined by a table of mostly men and one woman, who ordered a variety of Italian fare, including spaghetti cacio e pepe, schiaffoni all'amatriciana, mezze maniche alla carbonara and baccala alla romana.

The Dark Knight Rises actor is in Brooklyn to film his latest project, Animal Rescue.

Antica Pesa is the New York counterpart to the original location in Rome, which Madonna visited in June while on tour. Guess she liked it!

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Madonna Burning Up (12inch Mix) Video!! Happy Birthday!

30 fantastic years and still amazing! Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday Madonna's "Burning Up"!

March 9 1983! 30 fantastic years!!

Friday, March 8, 2013


Madonna is nominated in 3 different categories at this year’s International Dance Music Awards.

Nominations are:
Best Pop Dance Track (Girl Gone Wild),
Best Music Video (Girl Gone Wild)
Best Solo Artist.

The ceremony will take place on March 21st in Miami.

Thursday, March 7, 2013


madonna: with my friend JR. ART Equals revolution!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Madonna Leaks Photo From The Secret Project!

From her Instagram! Love it!! I want more!!

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Madonna’s ‘Ray Of Light’ Turns 15: Backtracking

1 day ago by Stephen Sears

Backtracking is our recurring look back at the pop music that shaped our lives. Friends may come and go, but we’ll be spinning our favorite albums forever.

When Madonna arrived at a Los Angeles studio in summer 1997, ready to record what would become Ray Of Light, her seventh album of original material, she’d already spent months writing demos with her longtime collaborator Patrick “Live To Tell” Leonard and songwriter Rick Nowels. Fueled by a love of then-current electronic music coming out of the UK and Europe — think Daft Punk and DJ Dimitri — she chose Brit whiz William Orbit as her collaborator for what she termed his “certain brand of madman-type genius.”
Orbit had previously remixed a few of M’s singles. In 1997, he encountered a freshly energized (and spiritualized) Madonna. Now a student of Kabbalah and a new parent, she told MTV’s Kurt Loder at the time, “I have much more of a joy of living than I can ever remember having before… I realized how blessed I was. I started to focus on living in the moment and enjoying each moment.” The mood was reflected in her appearance too, with long strawberry blond hair and an earth mother vibe.

If I Could Melt Your Heart
Madonna had a history of launching albums with killer singles. Ray Of Light arrived on March 3, 1998, and, prior to that, most hardcore fans of the singer can remember where they were when they first heard the oceanic strings and burping synths that lead “Frozen.”

“You only see what your eyes want to see,” Madonna sings in a vulnerable, almost whispering voice before the song’s Eastern influences come in. Not since “Live To Tell” had a Madonna ballad carried such emotional weight — and this time it was done with a new level of sonic grandeur.

“Drowned World /Substitute For Love,” the album’s first track, started as a simple demo about her search for something deeper than material wealth and fame. In the studio with Orbit, he and M layered the record with blips, stardust effects and a sample from the obscure “Why I Follow the Tigers” by The San Sebastian Strings. The first voice you hear on the album is male, saying “You see,” before Madonna’s own vocals appear, sounding deeper and wiser.

Like the first chapter of a great novel, “Drowned World” sets the tone for an album light years ahead of its predecessors in scope and musicality.

She’s Got Herself A Universe
Madonna’s vocals throughout Ray Of Light were a game-changer. In the 15 years since her debut, no one had heard this voice before. On the astonishing title track, she shatters her previous range as she scales up and down the peaks of the exhilarating chorus. Working on Evita a few years before “really strengthened my voice,” she said at the time. “I learned how to sing in a way that I never did before.”

Indeed, no choir is needed to lift “Ray Of Light” into disco heaven. Madonna supplies the highs herself in some perfect moments: the extended, spiraling way she wails “yea-ea-ears” at 3:27 or how her vocal spins out of control at 4:14, matched by Orbit’s frenzied guitar work.

Much of Ray Of Light’s energy comes from the pulsating dance music she paired with lyrics that reflected her new outlook. Nicknaming the album Veronica Electronica as she recorded it, Madonna told MTV she was making “drug music without drugs… it’s possible [to create] if you have really free people.”

In particular, “Sky Fits Heaven” and “Skin” sound earth-shaking on a large sound system. Enlightened by the influence of both Kabbalah and world music, Madonna even included the beat heavy “Shanti/Ashtangi,” sung entirely in Sanskrit.

Lourdes, Madonna’s baby, also heavily influenced Ray Of Light’s softer spirit. “Having her has set me on a new way of thinking,” she told MTV. The gossamer “Little Star” is literally a sweet lullaby, made contemporary by Orbit’s’ shimmering production. “A lot of bubbly bits” is how Madonna described his contribution. The track is in stark contrast to the darker, “Mer Girl,” an eerie, almost free-form mediation on the death of her own mother.

Everything I Give You All Comes Back To Me
By the time the album’s fifth single, “Nothing Really Matters,” was released in 1999, Madonna had shaken off the earthy styling for a more severe, Asian-influenced look, with blunt-cut, jet black hair and pale makeup. For the Johan Renck-directed video, Madonna set what was perhaps Ray Of Light‘s most classically Madonna-esque pop song against ultra-modern geisha visuals. Check her wicked “finger dancing” and jerking dance moves while creepy extras bob up and down in the background like they’d floated in from a Japanese horror flick.

“The Power Of Good-Bye” acts as a sort of sonic sister to “Frozen,” both in the theme of a heart closed to love and Scottish film scorer Craig Armstrong’s distinctive string arrangements (listen for his sweeping orchestral bridge at 2:49).

The song’s co-writer, Rick Nowels, spoke to Idolator last week, recalling, “Madonna and I wrote nine songs together over a two week period in late April 1997. Madonna would show up at 3 p.m. and we would start from scratch. She would leave at 7:00 and we would have a finished song and demo with all her lead and background vocals recorded.

“She is a brilliant pop melodist and lyricist,” Nowels continued. “I was knocked out by the quality of the writing. The lyrics to ‘The Power Of Good-Bye’ are stunning. I love Madonna as an artist and a songwriter… I know she grew up on Joni Mitchell and Motown, and to my ears she embodies the best of both worlds. She is a wonderful confessional songwriter, as well as being a superb hit chorus pop writer… She doesn’t get the credit she deserves as a writer.”

Though Ray Of Light peaked at #2 on the Billboard 200 chart — it was blocked from #1 by the unstoppable Titanic soundtrack — the LP won four Grammys, including Best Pop Vocal Album. The album remains an artistic watershed for Madonna; not only was it well-received by critics, its sales exceeded those of her previous two studio albums.

In 1998, 15 years into her career, “Veronica Electronica” was more plugged in to her art than ever before. As Madonna said in the studio that prior summer, “It’s about wonderment.”

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Madonna AIDS message 2003! Bravo Madonna!

Always fighting for the gay community! A true Icon!