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Apparently Madonna is

Why a pop star would want to be dignified is a good question, but wearing thigh-high boots and putting out another album has got the pundits tut-tutting. A woman of her age should know better.

There’s a tone to this criticism that wouldn’t enter the equation for Bruce Springsteen, Mick Jagger or Bob Dylan.

Ageing male rock stars are not immune from criticism but it’s usually affectionate and their “dignity” is not called into question. And age doesn’t seem to detract from their sex appeal much either; if anything it confers a bit of extra street cred – still out there after all these years.

Madonna looks and sounds at least as good if not better than many of her male contemporaries in the same age bracket. You may not like her genre but she has every right to keep doing the stuff that has made her a household name and an extremely wealthy woman.

And it’s easy to forget that she was a pioneer.

Women mega-pop stars didn’t really exist before her, and certainly not stars who so obviously ran their own show in every sense – the current example being Lady Gaga.

A good business brain as well as the essential ability to read the zeitgeist made her an unusually resilient performer and an icon.

Some of the recent criticism of Madonna has honed in on her supposedly unseemly efforts to defy ageing by cosmetic means and obsessive exercise and dieting.

Anyone taken a good look at Jagger lately? A man of nearly 70 certainly doesn’t look like that without some help. Sure, there are plenty of wrinkles but he is very fit and his hair has definitely been chemically enhanced for some years.

Good on him. But why is it so awful when Madonna does her bit (perhaps more than a bit, admittedly) to hold back the years?

It’s her job to be glamorous. You can imagine the commentary if she didn’t make any effort to look good.

But what has got a lot of music and pop culture critics tied up in knots in recent weeks has been something unrelated to the quality of Madonna’s latest CD.

It’s a tussle to acknowledge that a woman over 50 can continue to do her job, which in Madonna’s case means strutting the stage and exhibiting sexuality.

It’s pretty unusual. We don’t even have that many women in the public sphere to start with, and older women are scarce in just about any formal arena, much less pop music.

Meryl Streep is an example of a woman who has sustained her career in a youth-obsessed industry (and if you want to be inspired, make sure you watch her recent tribute to Hillary Clinton at the Women in the World Summit in New York).

It’s also been terrific to see some of the stereotypes about older women challenged in the political sphere by Clinton, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and IMF head Christine Lagarde.

The women CEOs of listed Australian companies are in a similar age bracket, but there are hardly any of them (only 3 per cent of the ASX200). Australia doesn’t have a great track record with keeping older women in the fray, although the statistics are improving in line with demographics.

The increasing numbers of women of mature years in jobs will not in itself normalise their participation. That will take some concerted awareness-raising and attitude changing.

The Diversity Council of Australia’s Working for the Future research found that age discrimination was the most common type reported.

At 14 per cent, it was almost twice that of the next most common perceived discrimination, gender (8 per cent) and care-giving responsibilities (8 per cent).

If you combine all three of those discrimination areas, you get a poorer outcome for women, and the older age group in particular.

But if Madonna can stick around, so can we.

Source : FinancialReview

Madonna Girl Gone Wild 12" Picture Disc!

Catalog number: 0602537011414
Country: Germany
Date of releasing: 04/2012
Record size: Vinyl 12" Single
Type: 12'' Picture Disc
Cover: PVC Sleeve
Album relation: Madonna MDNA

Side A:
Girl Gone Wild

Side B:
Girl Gone Wild [Justin Cognito Extended Remix]

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Arianne and Gaultier at the MDNA Tour Rehearsal!

Arianne Phillips with Jean Paul Gaultier at Madonna’s MDNA Tour Rehearsal in New York City (April 28 2012)

Saturday, April 28, 2012


BOSSES at the Beeb are aiming for record ratings by lining up Madonna for a guest performance.

They believe the queen of pop will give the hit show its biggest audience to date.

And they want Madonna, 53, to perform during a Sunday night results show.

A source said: “Getting Madge on to sing is bound to pull in the viewers.

“You don’t get much bigger than her – she’s a living legend.

“The show has regularly been getting ratings of over ten million.

“Having Madonna, plus the all-important results, could push it past the 12million mark.”

Securing the pop icon for an appearance would be the biggest coup in TV talent show history, according to insiders.

One said last night: “X Factor’s finest hour was getting Britney Spears on – but there’s no doubt Madonna is a much bigger name.

“Simon Cowell will be furious if The Voice upstages him with a massive guest performer like Madonna in its first series.”

Video Games singer Lana Del Rey, 25, will perform on tonight’s results show and BRIT award winner Emeli Sandé, 24, is due to sing next weekend.

Madonna - Girl Gone Wild (Justin Cognito Remix Video Clean)

Madonna's "MDNA" On "World Wide Best Selling Album" List!

5. Madonna – "MDNA" – 1.090.000

source: mediatraffic

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"Madonna: The Ultimate Queen Of Pop" On "VH1"

This program featuring Madonna , the one and only Queen Of Pop, will air on Sunday April 29th, 2012 at 9.00 pm on "VH1".

source: sky

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Madonna's "Everybody" Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary!

"Everybody" is song by American singer-songwriter Madonna from her self-titled debut album.

It was released on April 24th, 1982 by "Sire Records" as her debut single.

30 years later and it still sounds fantastic!

America's Best Dance Crew - Madonna Episode Tomorrow


Make sure to watch MTV's 'America's Best Dance Crew' show tomorrow, April 25, at 10/9c for a special Madonna episode!

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An ‘absolutely stunning’ photograph of Madonna posing naked on a bed while smoking a cigarette has emerged for sale.

The black and white shot, taken in 1990, shows the singer reclining on a bed with her breasts exposed and just a white sheet covering her bottom half.

Madonna, who has bleached blonde hair and dark eye make-up in the picture, is seen holding a cigarette to her pouting lips, adopting a sexy, sultry pose.

This photograph, taken by Steven Meisel, is signed and annotated ‘ed no.1′ and is expected to fetch over £5,000.
As she is now: Madonna, now 53, still looks as toned as ever

As she is now: Madonna, now 53, still looks as toned as ever

It measures 21.5 inches by 19 inches and was bought by the vendor from a New York gallery.

The photograph, which was taken by the same photographer who did the work for Madonna’s 1992 book Sex, is to be sold by Bonhams in New York on May 8.

Judith Eurich from the sale room said: ‘This is an absolutely stunning image and it is just a beautiful tone of grey. It is not just black and white it is grey and silvery.

‘Madonna was posing for a number of photographers at the time this was taken in the 1990s when she was in her early 30s.

‘She was going through a phase of having bleach blonde hair and heavy dark eye make-up that gave her a dramatic look – and of course she has a gorgeous body.

‘She is a very healthy person and I’d imagine the cigarette is just a prop to make her look sexy and sultry.

‘There are Madonna superfans and devotees across the world who would love to own it.’

Source : DailyMail

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Happy Birthday American Life!

One of the best albums ever made!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Madonna’s 2012 M.D.N.A. World Tour ‘On Track’ To Be Among ‘Top 10 of All Time’: Live Nation’s Arthur Fogel!!

Ongoing chatter that the Madonna tour, and by extension her multi-rights deal with Live Nation, are underperforming is “baseless,”according to sales figures provided by tour producer Arthur Fogel, chairman of Live Nation Global Touring.

As for the multi-rights deal, while MDNA is the first album under the 360, the upcoming trek is not the first tour. That would be “Sticky and Sweet” of 2008-2009, which grossed $408 million, according to Billboard Boxscore, the third-highest gross all-time and the highest ever notched by a solo artist. Merchandising is also a component of this tour and in Madonna’s case is a significant revenue producer. Finally, given that the entire 360 deal is, at its core, performance-based and assuredly tour-driven in its concept, Madonna is delivering.

According to Fogel —the guy who would know— these are the facts: 76 Madonna shows at arenas and stadiums are on sale in North America and Europe combined.More than 1.4 million tickets have been sold,banking about $214 million for an average in the $2.7 million per showing a mix of stadiums and arenas.And the tour doesn’t even begin until May 29in Tel Aviv, first hitting America in Philadelphia Aug. 28.

Fogel’s not sure what to make of the detractors. “This tour is completely on track to end up in the top 10 tours of all time, especially considering we haven’t put South America or Australia on sale,” he tells “To say this tour is not performing is so off base I don’t even know what to say. When this tour is said and done, combined with ‘Sticky and Sweet,’ you’re talking $750 million in gross ticket sales. That sounds pretty impressive to me.”

“She’s at the top of her game and she ain’t going’ away,” he concludes.

Madonna Girl Gone Wild Remix EP about to hit iTunes!


Great news from the United States, where Interscope Records has put together a Madonna "Girl Gone Wild Remixes EP" which could hit iTunes and other digital music stores as soon as today, Friday April 20.

But even better news is that Universal Music is also putting the finishing touched to a physical release for the remixes which will come out in the form of a Remix CD EP very soon.

Fans of the talented Avicii will be happy to know that the "Madonna vs Avicii" mix of "Girl Gone Wild" will be part of this long-awaited release.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

EXCLUSIVE! Madonna On Top! Tour Sales Rise Above $250 Million, More Dates TBA!!!

The queen must be loving that throne right now!!
Sources tell EXCLUSIVELY that Madonna's upcoming tour has sold over $250 million in ADVANCE ticket sales!!! Wowza!!
And get ready, Madgestic Kingdom, because sources also tell us there are MANY new dates in the works!!!!
If you live in South America, she's gonna be spending a lot more time with you than you think!! And if you're an Aussie lad or lass, keep your fingers crossed all of these negotiations go well, because she could be giving you some extra' luv too!!
Hmm… we bet those VIP packages are really helping boost the sales! This tour is EASILY going to be beat her Sticky & Sweet tour. Easily.
We know we can't wait to see this MADGIC!!! It's going to be EPIC!!!
[Image via Mr. Blue/WENN.]

Madonna Speaks On Dick Clark...

"Even though I told him in 1984 that I wanted to rule the world, it's Dick Clark who has ruled the world" - Madonna

Madonna Interviewed by Harry Smith or Rock Center with Brian Williams

Madonna: ‘I wanted Adele to perform at the Super Bowl with me’!

Madonna has revealed that she originally wanted Adele to feature in her Super Bowl performance earlier this year.
The singer said she approached the UK star to join her on stage at the Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis back in February, but Adele had to decline due to her voice recovery.
Asked if she would like to work with Adele, Madonna told ITV1′s Daybreak: “Yes, I would love to. I would love to meet her, I think she’s brilliant, I love her.”
She added: “I wanted her to be in the Super Bowl with me, but I think she was having her throat problem or throat operation or something.”
Madonna was eventually joined by LMFAO, Nicki Minaj, MIA and Cee Lo Green for renditions of ‘Vogue’, ‘Give Me All Your Luvin” and ‘Like A Prayer’ among others.
Madonna will embark on her new world tour in support of latest album MDNA in May and has told fans to expect “amazing music and incredible dancing”.

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Madonna and Dick Clark!

RIP Mr.Clark

Madonna MDNA Japan Magazine!

Tower records free magazine

Madonna On Being A Single Mom: "I'm Not As Tough As I Should Be"!

She's an international entertainment superstar for 30 years, but Madonna has another super role in her life:

She's a mom of four.

And as she told "Rock Center's" Harry Smith in an exclusive interview, glimpsing a photo of her 15-year-old daughter, Lourdes, puffing away on a cigarette recently was not a happy mom moment.

"I wasn't very happy", she said, admitting she's a tough parent, "but honestly, I don't think I'm as tough as I should be. I think I need to be maybe tougher. It's hard - every day is a negotiation. But cigarette smoking I'm not very fond of - for anyone."

Sure, Madonna smoked in a recent video, but when Smith pointed that out, she fired back with a small smile:

"I don't smoke. That's just an accessory, Harry. There's a difference. Lourdes smoked that cigarette before I did that video!"

Smith stopped by "TODAY" Wednesday to share select clips from his exclusive interview with Madonna, and showcased one where she spoke about, well, being Madonna.

"It must be hard, because I complain all the time", she said.

"It's pretty challenging. But so far I've survived with sanity and humor intact."

But her kids are seeing a different Madonna from the ones fans know.

She explained that they get the version "that comes home and says 'Have you done your homework?' and 'Why are you wearing that?' and 'Why did you say that?' and 'What are you eating that for?'."

Check out more of Harry Smith's chat with Madonna on "Rock Center with Brian Williams" tonight at 9 p.m. ET.

source: todayentertainment

Madonna MDNA Phone Cards From Italy!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


The "LA Weekly" compiled a list of the sexiest pin-ups in music ever.

Speaking of women who don't age, Madonna has to take the cake.

The Queen of Pop has an iconic career spanning over three decades, and she's been a pin-up all through the years, right down to the present.

source: rediff

Punk star Patti Smith ‘inspired Madonna’!

Madonna has revealed an unlikely musical inspiration – punk poet Patti Smith.
The singer, who recently scored her 12th No 1 album with MDNA, has named Smith’s recording of Gloria as one of her key influences.
Despite her background in the New York dance scene as she began her career she went for the reworking of the track written by Van Morrison and originally recorded by his band Them in 1964.
Madonna has long been known for her references to religion throughout her work and she cited the line “Jesus died for somebody’s sins, but not mine”, which Smith added to the song, as her key inspiration.
She chose the lyric and song after being invited to give her choice as part of HMV’s “my inspiration” campaign – the 300th artist to do so.
The campaign began in 2006 when David Bowie selected a line from Syd Barrett’s song Gigolo Aunt. Sir Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan and Lady Gaga are among the other names to have taken part.
The almost six-minute version of Gloria featured on Smith’s 1975 debut Horses.
HMV spokesman Gennaro Castaldo said: “We’ve been honoured to have some truly legendary artists take part in recent years, but we’re particularly proud and thrilled that Madonna has agreed to participate to celebrate our 300th landmark.
“Naturally we were really intrigued to learn her choice, but should have guessed that, in Patti Smith, she’d go for another artist who has rewritten the rules and, in Gloria, a song that makes a powerful statement.”

Madonna On The Cover Of UK "Mate" Magazine!

Madonna On The Cover Of "IPop" Chile!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Madonna Will Be Talking To Harry Smith On "Rock Center" New Interview!

Madonna will be talking to "Rock Center With Brian Williams" this week.

Harry Smith does the interview at 9 p.m. Wednesday April 18th, 2012 on "NBC" ("WESH-Channel 2" locally).

"NBC News" said that Madonna will talk about how her new album debuted atop the charts.

"NBC News" also said that Madonna talks about "the difficulties of parenthood, and how she reacted when she found out her daughter Lourdes was caught smoking."

source: orlandosentinel

Madonna Promises "A Feast For The Eyes" On Her "MDNA 2012 World Tour" !

Madonna is several weeks out from launching her "MDNA" tour.

That means she's working hard on getting every aspect of the show just right, from the music to the design to the looks.

Given that Madonna is famous for her spectacular stage shows, fans of the glitzy singer have high expectations for the jaunt, which will kick off on May 29th, 2012 in Tel Aviv, and will wrap around the globe before planting Stateside on August 28th, 2012 in Philadelphia.

When "MTV News" caught up with singer at the launch of her "Truth or Dare" perfume in New York City, she revealed that fans should expect this latest excursion to be just as eye-catching as the ones that came before.

"Amazing music, incredible dancing, the team of people that I worked with for the 'Super Bowl' is working with me on this as well", she explained about the show, which she is currently rehearsing for. And, in the end, she hopes it will be "a feast for the eyes and the ears."

Given how decadent her Roman- and Egyptian-themed "Super Bowl" performance was, full of acrobatics, sparkling costumes and enough diva-tude to make Cleopatra jealous, it seems that Madge is taking all the right steps to capture that eye-popping essence for her traveling stage show.

With a set list floating around that includes tracks like fan favorites "Secret" and "Deeper and Deeper", as well as new tracks like "Turn Up the Radio" and "Girl Gone Wild", she's even enlisted her longtime fashion guru, Jean-Paul Gaultier, to design the costumes for the tour.

He's worked with her on her "Confessions Tour", her "Re-Invention Tour", the "Drowned World Tour" and her "Blond Ambition Tour".

He's also the man who designed her famous cone bra.

source: mtvnews

Haters gun for Madonna, but she soars anyway!

by ISAIAH WEBSTER III on Apr 12, 2012 • 12:13 PM No Comments

As expected, Madonna’s “MDNA” fell significantly in its second week on the Billboard albums chart, and as expected, the vultures were all over the Internet dancing atop Madge’s supposed “failure.” Seriously, I could have predicted how this week would go even before the Superbowl performance!

Throughout Madonna’s entire career there has always been a faction of people rooting for her to fail. It’s been this way for the last 25 years. Part of it is the media’s desire to build up and tear down celebrities, and part of it is a resentment of strong women actually being successful. In any case, Madonna (and her fans) have become quite use to being rooted against.

Last week, Madonna’s 12th studio album “MDNA” debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200, selling more than 360,000 copies. That amount was inflated because Madge’s team was able to include albums sold with a concert promotion. People who bought upcoming concert tickets were able to get the album as part of their concert ticket purchase. So, given that the first-week sales were inflated to begin with, and given that Madonna hasn’t done any major promotion of the album since the Superbowl — it would have been reasonable to expect a steep decline in charting this week. (Read a balanced take on the charting of the album here.)

Despite that expectation, the Internet was ablaze the last two days, trumpeting the decline of Madonna, and calling her album a flop. Common sense would tell you that 14 days is insufficient time to label an album a flop!

As you might expect, such knee-jerk declarations of failure are not entirely accurate. While it’s true that Madonna does not sell as many albums as she once did, she does sell-out concert venues around the world. So, while some people may not spend $15 on a Madonna album, they do spend on average $115 on a concert ticket. And many fans spend much more than that to see Madge live.

When you consider the number of shows Madonna will sell out, and when you look at how much people are spending to see her, you get a fuller view of her popularity and relevance. It’s hard to sell CDs when radio stations refuse to play your music! But given that her stage shows are second to none, Madge has made a strategic decision to focus on perfecting them. And that’s a smart business move…just like every business move Madonna makes.

At 53, I doubt Madonna cares much about her press clippings. She is now a living legend, and has nothing else to prove to anybody. But as a devoted fan, it does bother me that hateful people look for any opportunity to bring this woman down. Every thing that Madonna has now she has earned. Her success is a true testament to resilience and hard work. I think it should be celebrated.

The critics actually believe that their hatefulness will hurt Madge. But the truth is, after all these years — people are still talking about, thinking out and musing about, Madonna. And she’s laughing all the way to the bank.

Madonna: New Tour Dates Confirmed In Mexico, Colombia, Brazil And Chile!

Madonna's highly anticipated "MDNA" tour will return to Mexico and South America, it was announced today by "Live Nation", "OCESA" and "Time For Fun".

Following the European and North American legs of her "MDNA" Tour, the "Material Girl" has confirmed performances in Mexico City, Mexico; Medellin, Colombia; Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Porto Alegre, Brazil as well as Santiago, Chile.

Tickets for these newly announced dates will go on sale starting April 25th, 2012.

The Madonna "MDNA World Tour" begins May 29th, 2012 in Tel Aviv, Israel will stop in 26 European cities before starting in North America in August.

The shows will include arenas, stadiums and special outdoor sights.

Following her return visit to Mexico and South America, Madonna will visit Australia, where she has not performed in 20 years.


24-Nov - Mexico City, Mexico - "Foro Sol" - On sale 4.27 - Fan club pre-sale starts April 18th, 2012 at 11am local time for "Legacy" members (12 noon for "Live Pass" members)

28-Nov - Medellin, Colombia - "Estadio Atanasio Girardot" - On sale 4.26 - Fan club pre-sale starts April 17th, 2012 at 11am local time for "Legacy" members (12 noon for "Live Pass" members)

01-Dec - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - "Parque Dos Atletas" - On sale 5.4 - "Live Pass" registrations will begin April 23th, 2012.

04-Dec - Sao Paulo, Brazil - "Estadio do Morumbi" - On sale 4.25 - Fan club pre-sale will start April 18th, 2012 at 10am for "Legacy" members (11am for "Live Pass" members).

09-Dec - Porto Alegre, Brazil - "Estadio Olimpico" - On sale 4.26 - Fan club pre-sale will start April 18th, 2012 at 10am for "Legacy" members (11am for "Live Pass" members).

19-Dec - Santiago, Chile - "Estadio Nacional" - On sale 5.2 - "Live Pass" registrations will begin April 23rd, 2012.


Madonna Interview to WWD: The Tour, Gaultier, Tisci, Perfume, Men's Fragrance and Controversy!

After her appearance at Macy’s Herald Square on Thursday night, in support of her “Truth or Dare” fragrance, Madonna sat down with WWD for an exclusive interview and talked about her upcoming projects…

On the tour requiring some physically intense moves…

I’ve got a big old cut on my leg.
I take these clothes off, and I’m covered in bruises.
It’s very sexy.
Wait and see… it will be intense.
It’s crunch time for me getting my show ready, so after this [interview] I have to go back to the dungeon.
I call it the dungeon, where we work.
In a room with no light.
It’s kind of our factory, but I have a lot of work to do.

On touring and fashion…

I worship and adore [Jean Paul Gaultier].
He’s creating one of my costumes, and kind of godfathering the costumes for a section of my show, with all my dancers.
I’m really happy he’s doing it, because he’s such a genius.
And I’ll probably wear something that Riccardo [Tisci] from Givenchy makes.
But the rest of it is going to be what my costume designer Arianne Phillips creates with me.

On the Super Bowl show…

One of my most favorite and most treasured performing experiences, for sure. That was amazing.
The dance that LMFAO does, the shuffle, was really hard to do in heels. I have to say, I would prefer to do the shuffle in sneakers. If you want to drop it like it’s hot, it’s good to wear flats, because then your booty gets really close to the floor, but then there are things you can do in heels that you can’t do in sneakers.

On her perfume “Truth or Dare by Madonna”…

I don’t take the job of creating anything — whether it’s fragrance, or beauty products, or clothes — lightly, and I need a lot of time to do stuff.
I don’t like it when other people create for me.
The time was right, I’ve been working off and on on various fragrances over the years, and [have been] approached by a lot of companies and have tried to create fragrances.
They were always abandoned projects.
I’ve always loved perfume; it’s always been a big part of my life. But every time I tried to create the scent I was looking for, it never reached the stage where I thought it was good enough or I was told that the ingredients would be impossible to re-create in a mass way.
Then I’d say, “let’s try and do a synthetic version,” and it never smelled as good as I wanted it to.
And if I’m not going to wear it, I’m not going to sell it.
So, I finally was able to create, with my partners [MG Icon and Coty], a fragrance that I could stand behind.
We tested a lot of things over the past few years, and [Lourdes 'Lola' Leon, her 15-year-old daughter] has told me what she likes.
She is a very opinionated young lady, and she likes this perfume.

On controversy surrounding the sexy TV campaign for “Truth or Dare”…

I don’t understand. It was perfectly innocent.
I just touch my cleavage once or something.
I think it’s dreamy and sensual, and I think it perfectly conveys the feeling I’m trying to evoke with the perfume.
It’s a perfume for a woman.

On extending her Truth or Dare franchise into additional categories…

Once again, time-consuming.
I want it to be good.
[More beauty categories are] something I’d like to develop, but I need to get past all of my other responsibilities and commitments like my tour.
So, sometime in the future, yeah.

On doing a men’s fragrance…

Sometime next year.
I think it would be good to do a men’s fragrance, as well.
My daughter thinks so.
She wants to wear it.
She likes to wear men’s cologne — don’t ask me why.
I love musk and amber and woody kind of fragrances on men.
I love the smell of whiskey — we should make a men’s cologne that smells like whiskey.
I can’t drink it, it’s too strong, but it smells amazing — a really good old whiskey.

On talking to her fans at Macy’s…

That was fun — I like talking to my fans.
They’re real.
I can play with them and have a laugh.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

TFI French Interview For MDNA

Madonna: "I'm Superwoman!"

Madonna is powering through her obligations despite being a "mess".

The 53-year-old singer released her newest album "MDNA" last month and launched a new fragrance this week.

Madonna has sustained injuries while she's been out and about, but she is fulfilling her duties nonetheless.

"I have a broken finger, still see that? Everyone thinks I make it up", she told "Extra".

"I have an infected cut on my leg. I'm a mess. My neck is killing me... just being superwoman."

Madonna is preparing to go on her "MDNA" tour and can't wait to entertain fans with her notorious stage antics.

"Audiences can expect violence, danger, amazing dancing, slack-lining!" the songstress gushed.

"Cheerleading... a little baton twirling, if you're lucky."

Until she hits the road, Madonna is hoping that fans will get wild with her scent "Truth or Dare".

"It's provocative", Madonna explained.

"I hope it inspires some decadent behaviour, with spraying perfume all over your body... preferably naked."

Madonna's "MDNA" 2012 World Tour will kick off in Tel Aviv, Israel on May 29th, 2012.

source: belfasttelegraph

Friday, April 13, 2012

MADONNA - Some Girls (MDNA WORLD TOUR Rehearsals) [Longer Version]

MDNA New Mega Mix!

1. Girl Gone Wild 0:00
2. Superstar 1:04
3. Turn Up the Radio 2:34
4. Gang Bang 3:19
5. Give Me All Your Luvin' 4:42
6. Best Friend 5:42
7. I Don't Give 6:37
8. Love Spent 8:00
9. Beautiful Killer 9:12
10. I'm Addicted 10:02

Madonna strikes back and she strikes back hard. MDNA is composed of a wide selection of tracks, from the club-banger "Girl Gone Wild" to the cold, fragile "Failling Free". With brilliant productions from the likes of Solveig, Benassi, and Orbit, her new album incorporates the genres of pop, dance, dubstep, and techno. MDNA is a force to be reckoned with. The Queen is back!


Madonna on "Daybreak" Interview New Pic!! Stunning!

Interview for MDNA airs next week

Thanks @kakadre

Madonna Does Midtown!

Madonna met her fans Thursday night at Macy’s "Herald Square" for the launch of her first fragrance, "Truth or Dare".

Macy’s presold 300 of the $151 kits, which included a 2.5-oz.

"Truth or Dare by Madonna" eau de parfum spray, a 1.7-oz. eau de parfum spray, a 6.7-oz. body lotion, a T-shirt, a Deluxe copy of Madonna’s new album, "MDNA", and the 1991 "Truth or Dare" documentary on Blu-ray disc.

Unlike most of Macy’s celebrity events, those who shelled out for the sets weren’t allowed to get a photograph with the Dolce & Gabbana-styled Madonna, or even her signature on the fragrance — instead, the group was herded into a tent erected in "Herald Square" for a press conference of sorts — but with the buyers.

Just 10 were allowed to ask questions before the pop icon was ushered upstairs for press interviews.

The celeb-weekly press crowd on the carpet primed her with a peppering of inquiries on topics from her daughter Lourdes ("She’s a rebel, too", Madonna said. "She told me whether she liked it or not.") to that already infamous "Truth or Dare" TV spot:

"I don’t think it’s raunchy. I think it’s great."

The scent is, in the U.S., a Macy’s exclusive, and hit counters March 26th, 2012.

It will roll out to international markets beginning in May, adding up to about 20,000 doors worldwide, including the U.K., France, Asia, the Middle East and travel retail.

Industry sources estimated that it is on track to do about $60 million at retail globally from April through December.

About 35 percent of that figure is expected to be done within the U.S.

Macy’s is also the exclusive retailer for Madonna’s "Material Girl" junior apparel line.

source: wwd


Madonna will have a special morning dedicated to her on ITV1 next week.

The ‘Gimme All Your Luvin” singer will be interviewed by Dan Wootton, to be spread across both Daybreak and Lorraine on Friday (April 20).

Wootton revealed that it will be Madonna’s only UK interview this summer as she promotes her latest album MDNA.

In a short clip ahead of next week’s broadcast, Madonna revealed what she does and doesn’t miss about living in the UK.

“I miss riding my bike everywhere, I miss the British sense of humour,” she said. “What [do] I miss the least? The congestion charge.”

Madonna will talk about a range of subjects including her thoughts on Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Adele and motherhood.