Saturday, June 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Madonna's "True Blue" Album!

“26″ today and more than 24.000.000 copies sold

Madonna In "Vanity Fair" Italy!

Madonna is on “Vanity Fair Italy” (No Cover Magazine) with a short “one page” article about the “turn up the radio” set in Tuscany

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Madonna "Justify My Love" Full HQ MDNA Tour Back Drop Video!

Madonna "Turn Up The Radio" Premier Date!!


Madonna’s Girl Gone Wild makes its debut on an Italian compilation album today with “Hot Party Summer 2012″, a two-disc collection from Universal Music filled with the best of the International Summer anthems of the year as well as a selection of popular Italian acts.

The tracklist :
Disc One
1. Girl Gone Wild – Madonna
2. Payphone – Maroon 5 feat. Wiz Khalifa
3. Somebody That I Used to Know – Gotye
4. Drive by – Train
5. Titanium – David Guetta feat. Sia
6. Mama Lover – Serebro
7. Balada (Tchê Tcherere Tchê Tchê) – Gusttavo Lima
8. Endless Summer – Oceana
9. Sweet Love – Liviu Hodor feat. Mona
10. Papa Loves Mambo – DJ Maxim
11. Ma Chérie 2k12 – DJ Antoine feat. Beat Shakers
12. Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepsen
13. Starships – Nicki Minaj
14. Chissenefrega (in discoteca) – Club Dogo
15. Dietro front – Emis Killa feat. Fabri Fibra
16. Ora il mondo è perfetto – Planet Funk feat. Giuliano Sangiorgi
17. Cercavo amore – Emma
18. Il comico (sai che risate) – Cesare Cremonini

Disc Two
1. Silhouettes – Avicii
2. Calling (Lose My Mind) – Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso feat. Ryan Tedder
3. Million Voices – Otto Knows
4. Silenced by the Night – Alesso vs. Keane
5. Can’t Stop Me – Afrojack & Shermanology
6. Call Me a Spaceman – Hardwell
7. The Night Out – Martin Solveig
8. Ode to the Bouncer – Studio Killers
9. Crazy – Daddy’s Groove feat. Skin
10. Eyes Wide Open – Dirty South & Thomas Gold feat. Kate Elswort
11. Infinity 2012 – 11. Guru Josh
12. Atom – Nari & Milani
13. Emotions – Promise Land feat. Georgi Kay
14. Just One Touch – Nicola Zucchi feat. Jay Jacob
15. Turn Around – Phats & Small vs. The Cube Guys
16. 2012 (If The World Would End) – Mike Candys feat. Evelyn & Patrick Miller
17. Show Me Love 2k12 – Sean Finn
18. Drink – Lil Jon feat. LMFAO

Source : MadonnaTribe


MOSCOW, June 25, 2012 /CNW/ – Hard Candy Fitness, the global luxury fitness brand will celebrate the success of its newest Moscow location with an official Grand Opening event on August 6. Madonna, whose MDNA Tour arrives in Moscow in August, will be attending the festivities along with the dancers from her tour. Hard Candy Fitness Moscow, which opened its doors in December 2011, has quickly become the hottest fitness destination to hit Red Square, boasting 3,500 square meters of top of the line amenities and programming allowing its members to work out hard and relax in luxury. Madonna’s influence and design is seen and felt throughout this stunning new facility.

“Moscow is one of my favorite cities and my dancers and I are looking forward to celebrating at this beautiful club’s official August 6th opening,” commented Madonna.

Mark Mastrov, chairman of New Evolution Ventures (NeV) who is in partnership with The Material Girl and her manager Guy Oseary in this endeavor, stated, “The official opening of Hard Candy Fitness Moscow not only enhances the brand’s global presence but solidifies our standard for excellence, innovation and distinction in the international fitness market. We’re honored to have her attend our official grand opening event.”

Madonna’s personal trainer Nicole Winhoffer is also scheduled to attend the VIP gala. Following the festivities at Hard Candy Fitness Moscow, the celebration will continue at a highly anticipated after party at SOHO ROOMS.

“We are thrilled to open our doors to the Moscow community and share the unique experience that makes Hard Candy Fitness not just a gym but a fitness destination unlike any other,” said Irina Razumova, CEO of Hard Candy Fitness Moscow. “We’re committed to bringing Madonna’s dedication to fitness, supreme style and ‘No Sweat, No Candy’ philosophy to life within our four walls.”

Hard Candy Fitness Moscow incorporates high end design and finishes to the brand’s signature “Addicted To Sweat” group programming based on Madonna’s own workout regime. Club highlights include a group fitness studio with a specialized dance floor, the first anti-gravity yoga studio in Moscow, a first class pool and spa, and the industry’s most advanced workout equipment.

Hard Candy Fitness will celebrate its debut in South America this summer with a club opening in Santiago, Chile. A second location in Russia is planned for St. Petersburg, Russia later this year. The brand is expected to continue its expansion into destination cities around the world.

For more information about Hard Candy Fitness Moscow visit

SOURCE: CNW Press Release & Hard Candy Fitness

Monday, June 25, 2012


Katy B has defended Madonna’s decision to experiment with dubstep on her latest album, saying that everyone has the right to try whichever style the want.

Madonna has faced criticism from critics as well as fans of electronic music for what they see as The Material Girl jumping on the dubstep bandwagon whilst it is the flavour of the month. However, speaking exclusively to Gigwise, Katy said that she herself may not have made dubstep tunes were it not for the fact it was the music her friends were making at the time.

“The thing is to stay a relevant artist you have to evolve. If she went and made ‘Like A Prayer’ again it would be a bit boring. To stay interesting you have to work with your contemporaries. I think everyone jumps on a bandwagon in some ways, it just depends on what level,” she said.

Adding: “When I first started writing songs I was jumping on a bandwagon a bit, even if it was a bit lower down the food chain so to speak. I guess Madonna is doing the same thing but just with the whole world looking at her. As long as she’s passionate about it, that’s all that matters. She’s been making dance music before I was even born.”

Madonna has found a particularly strong enemy in the shape of Deadmau5, the DJ and producer labelled her ‘funky Grandma’ last week and previously slammed her for promoting drug use in electronic music circles.

Source : GigWise

Sunday, June 24, 2012


1. “21″ Adele – 7,505,000* (total: 24,000,000)
2. “Up All Night” One Direction – 1,865,000* (total: 2,550,000)
3. “Born to die” Lana Del Rey – 1,854,000
4. “Mylo Xyloto” Coldplay – 1,672,000* (total: 5,560,000)
5. “MDNA” Madonna – 1,460,000
6. “Making Mirrors” Gotye – 1,374,000* (total: 1,600,000)
7. “Wrecking Ball” Bruce Springsteen – 1,370,000
8. “Talk That Talk” Rihanna – 1,310,000* (total: 3,300,000)
9. “Greatest Hits” Whitney Houston – 1,290,000* (total: 11,200,000)
10. “19″ Adele – 1,262,000* (total: 5,700,000)

11. “Tuskegee” Lionel Richie – 1,192,000
12. “Sorry For Party Rocking” LMFAO – 1,170,000* (total: 2,700,000)
13. “El Camino” The Black Keys – 1,105,000
14. “Nothing but the Beat” David Guetta – 1,092,000* (total: 2,950,000)
15. “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded” Nicki Minaj – 960,000
16. “Liones:Hidden Treasures” Amy winehouse – 920,000* (total: 2,650,000)
17. “Doo Woops and Hooligans” Bruno Mars – 915,000* (total: 5,350,000)
18. “Old Ideas” Leonard Cohen – 840,000
19. “Plus” Ed Sheeran – 795,000* (total: 1,000,000)
20. “Ceremonials” Florence + The Machine – 750,000* (total: 2,100,000)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Amazing HQ Photos Of Madonna On The MDNA Tour!!

Thank You Madonna, For Still Being Madonna!!

From the brilliant piece by Michelangelo Signorile on the Huffington Post:

Daytime TV host Wendy Williams got herself all worked up over Madonna's flashing of her bare breast two weeks ago during a concert in Istanbul, asking, "Okay old lady how desperate can we get?" The women on "The View" also weren't having it, and neither were Star Jones and ad man Donny Deutsch on the "Today" show. But I think they're all missing the point, and definitely not getting the context.

Yes, Madonna is striking out at the ageist critics who say woman of her age should act a certain way. In that sense she's doing what she's always done, pushing buttons about how women are supposed to behave. Now it's simply about how 50-something-year-old women are to behave. And yes, she has great breasts, on a par with those of many 30-year-olds, so why shouldn't she flaunt them?

But more significant is context, lost on the critics entirely. Madonna didn't show her nipple in New York or Los Angeles or Miami. She did it in Turkey, a predominantly Muslim country where many women do not show much of their bodies in public, and where women's rights are under attack by a conservative government, sending many marching into the streets in recent weeks.

Back in the 1980s, when Madonna burst on the scene, the U.S. was in a scary place on the issue of homosexuality. For a generation of gay men, Madonna was our antidote. As our friends died around us during the callous Reagan era, as conservatives like William F. Buckley Jr. called for putting tattoos on people with AIDS, as Senator Jesse Helms was writing laws against us, Madonna was pushing back culturally. She struck at the Catholic church. She flaunted sexuality. She crashed through stereotypes about gender. She did in those very oppressive years what Lady Gaga does for gays more overtly in this much more gay-accepting time.

So, by assertively flashing her nipple in Istanbul, Madonna was, in the cultural realm, doing something similar for the women of Turkey, perhaps helping to liberate them just a little bit. And what would she follow that up with? A few days later, last week in Rome, she flashed her butt to the crowd. I happened to be in Rome, and I got a chuckle when some in the Italian media actually took note that Madonna's ass was facing the Vatican. Was she mooning the Pope?

Last night I appeared with PR guru Howard Bragman on Joy Behar's new show on Current TV, and Howard made the point that Wendy Williams scored simply by having her name in the same headline with Madonna's.That may be true. But Madonna always scores bigger in these battles, and with her, so do we all.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Thursday, June 21, 2012


That’s the MDNA Tour effect on the new Madonna album that jumps up five places from last week’s #11 and storms back in the Top Ten of the official Album chart compiled by Fimi/GfK.

Girl Gone Wild jumps up 10 places in a single shot and also re-enters the Top Ten of the Top Digital Download chart this week moving up from #18 to #8

Trans Singer Says She's Identified With Madonna Since Childhood!

Transgender musician Laura Jane Grace says she was mesmerized by Madonna as a child and identified with her on two levels—as a performer and as a female, during an interview with MTV News.

Grace, formerly known as Tom Gabel of the punk band Against Me!, came out as transgender last month in Rolling Stone. She told the publication she feels it's important to be a role model because of the visibility of the band and the rarity of openly trans musicians.