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THE STATE OF POP: Madonna's Rebel Spirit Rages On

The true test of a great artist is their ability to adapt and evolve with the times. Especially those of Pop music, a genre littered with the bones of those who found it just a little too difficult to grow their brand into something that lasts forever. But one artist has found a way to wrestle us to the ground to accept that she's not going anywhere anytime soon. No matter how hard we try to bury her in blond pop replacements, Madonna is forever.

And this is why:
... a slew of others that have come and gone who have studied the book of Madge to the very letter. A book of self reinvention, self promotion, self liberation, and especially the chapter on how to use their sexuality; not as a prop for men to ogle over and use it at their discretion but to use it as a weapon of total and utter female domination and control. These artists have come in the wake of the greatest of them all, and in a way are Madonna's true legacy to pop music. She's created The Powerful H.B.I.C, in her very own image.

And in no way is she slowing down. Her newest adventure brings us to arguably her most exciting era ever. Madonna is on a mission of freedom! Her life's journey of "express yourself, don't repress yourself" is showing it's full face now thanks to the horrors of real world problems, especially the events of 2012: Pussy Riot and all that the Anti Gay propaganda in Russia that birthed her ArtForFreedom project that is sure to become a major theme in her next project.

Madonna's rebel spirit hasn't died or slowed with age and time. If anything it's become more enraged more agitated and much much MUCH more inspired. Relevance no longer exists in the margins of Billboard Magazine or in the airwaves of radio. Those are the dark ages. Its now about how fast and how well your message comes across to the masses, and Madonna is ready to Let. Us. Have. It, as it were for the very first time.

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Madonna and Katy Perry Together For V Magazine's Summer Issue!

After a long and arduous winter, it’s time to bask in the sunshine. V want you to have a fulfilling summer season, and for that reason we’ve packed this issue with the best of what’s to come: faraway festivals (for the avid music fan) and the most enticing reads, exhibitions, movies, and so forth. Of course, who better to cap off this season of everlasting glow than the eternally youthful Material Girl, accompanied by pop’s reigning princess of the charts? In a worldwide exclusive, V Magazine and Steven Klein come together again to capture Madonna and Katy Perry in their element, under the sartorial eye of Arianne Phillips. Here, they delve into the importance of being creatively liberated, in a celebration of music, fashion, and artistic freedom. After all, isn’t that what summer is all about?

Pre-order your copy now and get it in your hands by Memorial Day!

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Madonna L'UOMO Vogue Cover Story...

L’UOMO VOGUE | Cover Story | Madonna

Art for Freedom by Madonna. The cover story from May-June 2014 L’Uomo Vogue

Google’s rough translation of Italian Vogue’s web site:

For some years now, with the Internet or a kind of maturity we have achieved against the media, the social role of celebrity has changed. Not exercising less charm, but it requires them to greater transparency.

As a result, many have rediscovered the ancient art as public awareness and used their media power for social purposes. An example? Madonna, who is not only the greatest pop icon of our times, but the most committed to the fight for human rights, as evidenced by his continued public statements, the humanitarian efforts in Malawi and the more recent projects, Secret-projectrevolution and Art For Freedom.

Secretprojectrevolution is a short film co-directed by Steven Klein , calling for a “revolution of love […] the revolution of thinking for themselves, to have their own opinion and not caring about what people say.”

The film has an autobiographical tone and reflects the many struggles against stereotypes which Madonna was the star in her life. “How can you make art without getting caught?” said Miss Ciccone. “I like to compare myself to Frida Kahlo: everything she did was a self-portrait.”

It had to be the advertising campaign for her own line of lingerie, but Secretprojectrevolution has become a manifesto against oppression. At the base there is a dark sensual choreography, which depicts acts of masochism shot in the depths of an abandoned prison in Buenos Aires.

Madonna says there now the role of the oppressed now the executioner, accompanied by political messages on the control and punishment. “Sometimes we are victims of oppression, others imprison ourselves,” he says. “This film is an example of the paradoxical world where we live. “

Art For Freedom is an evolution of the film. It is a digital platform in collaboration with Vice Media that hosts video, photos, illustrations and documentations of performances that speak of intolerance and persecution. “There was a time when art reflected what was happening in society,” says melancholy . “Artists like Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Richard Pryor and Jean-Luc Godard made ​​political statements through their art.” The aim of Art For Freedom is “to encourage people to believe that the art can produce a change in world ” , but it is also a cry against the commodification of creativity.

His profound source of inspiration is the writer and activist James Baldwin , who spoke at length about the responsibility of an artist in society. “Leaving consumed by corporate branding, promoting and taking care of the approval of others only what is acceptable and popular, kill the our art and what is unique about him, “says Madonna .

Early in his career, in New York, Madonna was part of the artistic community of the East Village, was a friend of Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring, who have raised social issues through art in a direct way, like many artists in the Art For Freedom. “Attend Keith and Jean-Michel has influenced me in a profound way,” he recalls. “Their approach to art was to make it accessible to people on the subway, on the streets, was not elitist, you did not need to pay, go to a museum or a gallery or staying with wealthy people, could be anyone.”

Art For Freedom fighting against stereotypes, bigotry and discrimination in favor of civil rights and acceptance of differences. “There are no enemies, tyrants, fascists and dictators, people who destroy the lives of other people or take away their freedom: how Putin or the prime minister of Venezuela, “is the soul star. “In fact, the enemy is within us. Conscious or not, we are constantly in the state to discriminate and judge others. The first thing we need to change, then, is ourselves . They said all great leaders, from Gandhi to Martin Luther King, John Kennedy, Nelson Mandela.”

After the arrest of Pussy Riot, during a concert in St. Petersburg in 2012, Madonna gave a speech in defense of gay rights. That night, 87 people were arrested and the star was ordered to pay a fine of one million dollars. Other times it’s been booed, criticized and threatened with death, but there is nothing that can stop it. “They are willing to sacrifice everything in the name of human rights,” he says, “except my children.”

Her next album will be connected to Art For Freedom and we can expect to see more and more involved and engaged. “I have no choice. There is no way to go back to this point. This is my role in the world , this is my work as an artist: I have a voice and I need to use it. “

Away from the walls of museums, which increasingly aim to go beyond pop star, Madonna and the statements of its determination echoing the words of Baldwin, are intended for artists hoping to make them aware of their potential as agents, if they wish, to change Social and guidance of a more demo cratic and civil.

L’Uomo Vogue, May-June 2014 (no. 451)

Fashion Assistant Esther Matilla, Rika Watanabe.

Manicurist Naomi Yasuda @ Streeters .

Hair stylist Andy LeCompte @ The Wall Group for Wella Professionals.

MakeUp Artist Gina Brooke for Intraceuticals.

Personal Stylist Arianne Phillips.

Fashion Editor Rushka Bergman

Photo by Tom Munro



1/6 Madonna - Three-piece suit and shirt. Giorgio Armani. Tie. Title of Work. Gloves Georges Morand. Socks Capezio. George Esquivel shoes.

2/6 Madonna - Jacket. Thom Browne. Versus Versace shirt. Gloves Georges Morand. Thomas Pink Tie. Clutch Turnbull & Asser. Tie Pin Lynn Ban.

3/6 Madonna - Jacket and pants. Thom Browne. Versus Versace shirt. Gloves Georges Morand. Thomas Pink Tie. Clutch Turnbull & Asser. Tie Pin Lynn Ban. Miu Miu boots.

4/6 Madonna - Jacket and shirt. Dolce & Gabbana. Corset Garo Fire. Pants Nicolas Andreas Taralis. Earrings Lynn Ban. Tie Title of Work. Gloves Agnelle.

5/6 Madonna - To the left. Bordelle Lingerie. Eugenia Kim hat. The Way We Wore Gloves. Capezio tights. To the right. Wolford Body. Zac Posen corset. Ruff ruffian. Gaspar Gloves Gloves. Rings. Delfina Delettrez and Tasaki by Thakoon. Capezio tights. Shoes Trussardi.

6/6 Madonna - Briefs Atsuko Kudo. Necklace Moschino. The Way We Wore Gloves. Capezio tights.

Madonna For LUOMO Vogue The Pics!

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Madonna Goddess.

At Keith haring's Bday party.