Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tribute Paid To Madonna's "Humanity"!

Madonna won hearts in France as she visited injured survivors and the family of a stagehand who died during an accident which saw her concert date in Marseille cancelled.
The city’s mayor paid tribute to the US pop star’s “humanity” as she visited the home of 52-year-old French victim Charles Criscenzo’s family in nearby Aix-en-Provence yesterday, before visiting his colleagues being treated in hospital.
The black-clad US pop star landed at Marseille-Marignane airport and sped off with a bodyguard in a black Mercedes to the house where Criscenzo lived.
A security perimeter had been set up to keep media away.
Two men, Criscenzo and 23-year-old Briton Charles Prow, were killed on Thursday and eight more workers were injured in the accident when part of the stage being built at the city’s Stade Velodrome collapsed.
The accident happened when a crane toppled over as the men were preparing the venue for yesterday’s concert, which was immediately cancelled.
Madonna – whose two adopted children arrived with her in France but left the airport in another car – went on to visit three injured workers still being cared for in two Marseille hospitals.
One, an American, was in a serious condition, according to local health officials.
Met at the hospital by city mayor Jean-Claude Gaudin, Madonna made no comment before escaping the crowd to see the injured stage hand and making her way to a second hospital.
Speaking for the city, Mr Gaudin said “we are very touched that a singer of her stature and talent has demonstrated such extraordinary human qualities”.
The singer was not given permission to visit the stadium – the home of Olympique Marseille football club – with an accident investigation under way.
source: afp

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Madonna Arriving to Her After Party in Milan with D&G and Jesus Luz!

Madonna at Her After Party in Milan with D&G and Jesus Luz!

Exclusive: Madonna Filming New Music Video In Milan!

Madonna has started filming her new music video in Milan last night at the dolce and gabbana party at the Gold restaurant. She surprised guests by showing up at around one in the night with camera crew and she was filmed dancing with her tour dancers til four in the morning. Jesus Luz was there dj-ing. More scenes are supposed to be filmed between Friday and Saturday also in Milan, at Dolce and Gabbana's Metropole, the former cinema venue now used for fashion shows and events.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

She's Not Me!

Die Another Day Sticky and Sweet Tour Version HQ!

Madonna's New Clothing Collection!

Madonna's new clothing collection is for "seven-year-olds to 77-year-olds".The 50-year-old popstar is teaming up with French fashion designer Christian Audigier - who has an eponymous label and is also behind the Von Dutch and Ed Hardy labels - on a new range, and is determined to make it suitable for all age groups.Christian told BANG Showbiz: "Madonna and I are working on a new project called The Material Girl Project and I'm going to be a partner with her on it."It's going to come out, in September, when it's back to school time. So we are working on different designs and samples right now, so we're going to have most of that done at the end of the summer.It's going to be for everyone, all ages. We're going for everyone, from seven-year-olds to 77-year-olds. We're not excluding anybody."Christian - who is currently in London to launch his new range of champagne and wines - has been thrilled with the way the '4 Minutes' singer has thrown herself into the collaboration, claiming she is full of ideas and has a clear vision for the line.He explained: "Madonna is a good choice because she comes into it a total pro. If I need to listen to music, then I go and see Madonna because she is the best, so this is the same thing."Does she have loads of ideas? Oh, of course. I had a meeting a month ago with her and she is really all about the detail. She knows exactly what she likes and is always proposing ideas to us. After that she decides whether she wants to add shoes or other things. She's like me, when it's a, 'Yes,' it's a big, 'Yes.' When it's a, 'No,' it's a definite, 'No!' I like people like that, a lot of people are really critical but never give a solution. She is not like that."

Dark Beauty 1982


Move Your Body!


Madonna Kiss Mix!!

Special Mix By Madonna's Friend and On tour DJ Paul Oakenfold to "Celebrate" the start of the second leg of her UK Tour! Enjoy!


Monday, July 13, 2009

Madonna's "Celebration"- New Single and Double Album!

“Celebrate”, the lead single from Madonna’s upcoming Greatest Hits package “Celebration” is set to hit radio waves around the world on July 28th!

Poles Protest Holy Day Concert by Madonna.

A Polish ultra-religious movement Tuesday said it planned prayer sessions to protest a concert by US superstar Madonna in Warsaw on August 15, which is when Roman Catholics honour the Virgin Mary.
“We’re going to continue our crusade with daily prayer sessions outside Warsaw city hall from August 1,” said Marian Brudzynski, head of the Committee for the Defence of the Faith and Tradition.
“We’ll start with a group of a few hundred people, but I’m convinced that the square in front of city hall will end up filled with pious Poles,” he said.
Brudzynski, an independent local councillor who previously represented the far-right and ardently Catholic League of Polish Families, has been pushing Warsaw city hall to ban Madonna’s first-ever show in Poland.
Concert organisers said the 70,000-ticket event was already all but sold out.
Madonna has often angered faithful Christians in the past not only with her racy shows but also with on-stage antics such as a mock crucifixion scene.
Even though her real first name is Madonna, that also offends some Christians because it is an alternative term for the mother of Jesus, the Virgin Mary.
The Virgin Mary holds a special place for Roman Catholics, who every August 15 mark the Assumption, celebrating her being taken bodily to heaven after her death.
The Virgin Mary is particularly important in Poland, where more than 90 percent of the population of 38 million people are professed Roman Catholics.
Her shrines have long been a symbol of the country’s survival in the face of centuries of foreign invasion, and she was even declared queen of Poland 350 years ago.
source: afp

A Night On The Town in NYC Early Summer 09!


Madonna for Louis Vuitton "New" Edit.