Thursday, July 29, 2010

Madonna and Lola To Appear At Macy's On Sept 22!

The new junior girl's clothing line, Material Girl, created by MG Icon, the joint venture between Madonna and Iconix Brand Group, Inc. will launch on August 3 exclusively at Macy's stores across the country. It was announced yesterday that Madonna and 13-year-old daughter, Lola, who are very involved creatively in the Material Girl brand, will make a special appearance at Macy's Herald Square in New York to celebrate the launch on September 22.

Madonna's oldest child, Lourdes Leon, aka "Lola", meets regularly with the design teams to work on the collection and blogs frequently about her experiences on "Material World, a fashion blog for the Material Girl" at A multi-media marketing campaign for Material Girl will feature actress and musician, Taylor Momsen, handpicked by Madonna and Lola. Momsen currently stars in The CW hit show, Gossip Girl and fronts the rock band, The Pretty Reckless. The fall campaign follows a highly successful teaser campaign asking the question, "Who's That Girl?"

The campaign was shot on the streets of Brooklyn, New York by famed photographer, Tom Munro.

"That's A Wrap"!!

Madonna wrapped up shooting for the day for new Wallis Simpson project "W.E." Madge then had a little trouble getting on Roman Abramovich's yacht "Luna," and devoured a chocolate snack to curb her hunger. Directing works up an appetite!

Madonna In Action: Directing On The Set Of W.E. (July 29/10)!

Macy's Launches "Material Girl" By Madonna On August 3rd!

Special giveaways to customers who shop the new collection early on Aug. 3 in select Macy’s stores

Chances to win Madonna-autographed tees at select Macy’s beginning at 10 a.m.

Actress and musician, Taylor Momsen, to appear in fall campaign Macy’s today announced that the new Material Girl collection, designed in collaboration with Madonna and her daughter Lourdes (Lola), launches on Tuesday, Aug. 3, exclusively in 200 Macy’s stores across the country and on

Customers who shop first will enjoy special giveaways and a chance to win Madonna-autographed tees at select stores (see participating store list at bottom).The first 200 customers to line up at six Macy’s locations will receive a free bandeau top from the Material Girl collection and a $10 Macy’s gift card to shop the collection that day. Customers can also celebrate Madonna by dressing in their favorite look inspired by the Material Girl herself. Die-hard fans who line up between 10 a.m. – Noon on Aug. 3 will also have a chance to receive a Madonna-autographed Material Girl tee at select stores.

In addition to the bold fashion and accessories the Material Girl collection offers, Macy’s will host Madonna-inspired events in select stores on Aug. 3 to engage eager fans and fashionistas. Customers are invited to join in the fun as select Macy’s host afternoon dance parties featuring Madonna beats, exclusive giveaways and delicious treats.“The launch of ‘Material Girl’ at Macy’s on Aug. 3 will create a frenzy among young style-setters who will want to be the first to have this bold new fashion brand from Madonna and Lola in their closets,” said Martine Reardon, executive vice president of marketing, Macy’s. “Madonna is a legendary fashion icon, and Lola has a great sense of style that reflects her global fashion view. The national unveiling of this collection will be an incredibly exciting moment.”

To celebrate the launch of Material Girl on Aug. 3rd, singer/songwriter Taylor Momsen, the celebrity muse and face of the Material Girl marketing campaign, will make a special appearance at Macy’s Herald Square in New York City from 5 to 7 p.m. Lucky consumers and fans will be able to watch Momsen in a live acoustic performance in the juniors department on the 4th floor followed by a photo opportunity with a $50 Material Girl purchase. Additionally, select Macy’s stores across the country will host Madonna-esque in-store events to engage and entertain loyal fans and fashionistas nationwide. Macy’s Herald Square’s world-famous Broadway windows will also be transformed into a “material world” filled with hot new product from the Material Girl collection.A fast-fashion juniors collection, Material Girl will span multiple categories including apparel, footwear, handbags and jewelry. The brand is designed to appeal to today’s Material Girl – a spontaneous and fearless individual who invents her own fashion trends and is never afraid to make a bold statement.

The brand caters to her eclectic taste in music, dance and Hollywood. Designed for affordability and replenishment, the collection will retail from $12.00 to $40.00, comparative with pricing strategies at juniors specialty stores.If you want to be a Material Girl, or want more information on the line, Lola’s blog and a chance to meet the Material Girl herself in NYC, visit

Macy’s Material Girl Launch Party / Giveaway Locations include:

7303 S.W. 88TH ST
MIAMI, FL 33156


151 W. 34TH STREET
NEW YORK, NY 10001



3333 BEAR ST
(Macy’s South Coast Plaza will NOT have Madonna autographed t-shirts)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Madonna In France Ready To Film Some W.E!!

France wednesday july 29/10

Madonna In London July 27/10!

Sexy, Chic, Rebel, Wild Child! Fantastic!

Madonna Shoots Taylor Momsen: Behind The Scenes Of "Material Girl" Shoot!

Madonna Keen On Tour!

Mad keen on a tour By 3am 28/07/2010

It seems only five minutes since the end of her last world tour - but Madonna is getting ready to do it all over again.Instead of putting her feet up with a pack of macrobiotic biccies and a lemon and ginger brew, the star has been road-testing dancers for a gruelling sixmonth tour. It kicks off late next autumn, when Madge will be 52. And, befitting a middle-aged lady, the theme is "urban street".Watched by her toyboy Brazilian lover Jesus Luz, 23, the singer held auditions for dancers last week at London club Aura.She brought along her own DJ, Deejay MissDi, to provide the tunes while she videoed the action on her phone.Cordoning off an area of the club, a string of dancers performed for the star as she graded each and every one of them, Louie Spence-stylee.She's nothing if not a perfectionist. And she's no slouch either. Madge's yearlong Sticky and Sweet tour finished last September and she's keen to be back on the road.

However, the as-yet-unnamed tour, part of Madonna's £60 million deal with concert promoter Live Nation, is expected to net her in excess of £100million.Motivation enough for anyone.We're told: "It's going to be her biggest, most unexpected tour to date. She is going back to her New York City roots, with a street/ hip-hop feel, and wants to make it a physical, danceheavy set of gigs."Madonna is in peak condition so the gruelling aspect of life on the road isn't a problem. She also road-tested dancers at her fave London club, and had her lover, Jesus Luz, give his opinion."The dancers have been told the pay is £50,000 for a sixmonth run, culminating at London's O2 arena. Sounds great. But if you miss it, there'll be another one along in a few minutes.

Read more:

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Madonna ,Lola and Taylor Momsen On Access Hollywood!

Model Liberty Ross Has Joined Madonna's W.E.!

Model Liberty Ross soon will add a new title to her résumé, with Madonna’s help. The Los Angeles-based Brit will try her hand acting in Madonna’s directorial debut, which will begin filming later this summer in London. Though it’ll be her first time on the big screen, portraying a Thirties New York socialite seemed natural to Ross, considering how deeply she always immersed herself in fashion shoots. “I put my heart and soul into each character,” she said. Some things she wanted to keep to herself, however, like the title of the movie, whose wardrobe is being organized by Arianne Phillips. “I don’t want to jinx it and I don’t want Madonna to fire me,” she confessed.

Madonna On The Set Of W.E. July 27/10!

Working The Track Suits!

Madonna In London July 26/10!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Madonna On 'The Roots" "The Blackest White Folks We Know" List!

Glee Working On Second Madonna Episode For Next Season!

The Glee crew took questions from the audience and revealed some key bits of the coming season, so read below for more.

The Madonna episode was one of the highest-rated all season for Glee, she was thrilled with the episode and Murphy is planning a second Material Girl go-round, he says. “We don’t know when we’ll do it but we will do it.” While most episodes take eight or nine days to film, the Madonna episode took 12. “It went over budget very early on. I told the studio what I told the kids: ‘Do it for Madonna,’ ” says Murphy, who added that the Vogue video featuring Jane Lynch took an entire day by itself. (Did you know? Many of the props used in the Sue Sylvester rendition of "Vogue" were used in Madge's original music video. Murphy said they were found in an old prop house.)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Madonna and Lola In the New York Post!

Madonna Still Loves Britian!

HOME is where the heart is and Madonna’s is well and truly stuck in Blighty. We’ve all heard how much Queen Madge adores our shores but this time she’s set to quit the US and hop across the pond for good. During her marriage to Guy Ritchie, 41, the pop diva lived in England but moved back to New York when they divorced in 2008. An inside source revealed: “Guy says she talks about their home in Wiltshire, the kids and their friends in London. She seems nostalgic for her old life. “She had built up a big circle of friends and fell in love with London. “She’ll always love New York but she feels more at ease in London. The person she spends most time with is her daughter Lourdes.” The Material Girl, 51, is currently over here to direct new flick W.E. and its location is one of the main reasons she chose to do it. Our source added: “She is really enjoying directing her new film and feels like she is back home. “Lourdes has a cameo in the film so she gets to work with family and friends. “And she’s always talking about the places she likes to visit when she’s in London. “At the end of the day, this is where she wants to be.” Ya can’t argue with that. We look forward to having Queen Madge back in town.

Madonna Planning A Live Aid Concert In Malawi!

Madonna is planning a huge Live Aidstyle charity concert in Malawi which will be shown on TV around the world.

The 52-year-old Material Girl singer has called in favours from showbiz friends including U2 frontman Bono to perform at the Walk Out of Poverty gig in September.

A source at her Raising Malawi charity said last night: “Plans are in place to make this the biggest fund-raiser the world has ever seen.”

More than 60,000 fans will get free tickets for the concert at a stadium in Blantyre, poverty-stricken Malawi’s largest city, but TV rights and merchandising will rake in millions.

The source added: “Madonna is throwing everything into it. She knows the bigger the event the more money will be raised.”

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Joe Henry (M's Brother-In-law) On Madonna!

What about producing an album for Madonna?

Don’t think we haven’t talked about it. When she’s ready to make that shift, it’s easily done. I think it’s just a matter of her getting to the point creatively where she is completely at peace with swimming in different water. I believe we’ll get there. And I’ll be terribly excited about it when it happens.


Madonna Leaving Aura NightClub In London! (July 22,10)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Madonna's Secret!

WHO would have thought that the ring around Madonna’s finger has the same component for the formula that has kept her eternal youth?

But first, thanks to the late Cleopatra of Egypt—the legendary icon often described by scholars as beautiful, ugly, or “somewhere in between”—for opening up the possibility of making this century-old composition into a beauty secret.

“This has been the buzz about what kept (the 51-year-old pop singer) Madonna’s skin youthful,” says Betty Yu, beauty consultant of Skin Glow: Facial Skincare and Skin Whitening Center, on the out-from-Hollywood treatment called Stem Cell Skin Therapy that is known to use 24 karat gold leaf to reprogram damaged skin cells.

Yu and her lean team of dermatological practitioners have been privately trained in Manila and abroad to learn the contemporary means of operating the gadgets and taking care of the skin.

“During the training, I was informed that the gold mask has made Madonna’s skin young. It’s the same element in making pure gold accessories,” she states. Thus, she adds that it has no allergic reaction to the skin because it’s completely non-toxic.

Once the gold element has penetrated the skin, it will accelerate the cell growth of the basal layer to regenerate healthier skin. It is also considered as an immunosuppressive agent that will slow prevent sagging.

At the same time, it decreases inflammation and melanin secretion. With its radical eradicator, the element averts pre-mature aging process.

“In 1992, French archeologists dug out the mystery of the youth for Egypt in the 14th century. The records showed that Queen Cleopatra assigned her servant to produce a special mask made of pure gold. By wearing this mask to sleep every night, she maintained her beautiful face for long years until she died,” Yu shares.

Not a surprise, after all. It was Cleopatra who also discovered lipstick by crushing carmine beetles that produced a deep red pigment.

Augmenting the gold treatment is the collagen induction system, stimulating the skin to produce new collagen by the use of a roller with very fine bristles. This improves the penetration of therapeutic active ingredients.

However, the procedure can only be done by licensed dermatologists, skin surgeons, medical assistants, nurse and certified therapists.

Reinvent Your Business: Just Copy Madonna!

CALL it what you want, but few pop stars and fewer businesses have understood the intricacies of Madonna’s genius of reinvention and the inevitable end of the business cycle. What is it about Madonna Inc that has allowed it to consistently reap profits for over 18 years on the trot? And is there something we in business can learn about branding from the chameleon of pop music? Gasp! That’s what the audience would do, every time Harry Houdini cheated apparent death. Madonna seems to have used the same bag of tricks. Reinventing herself in almost clockwork fashion, she has transmogrified herself successfully into virgin, material girl, boy toy, dominatrix, media maven to working mum. And made big bucks all the way. Most businesses experience growth, both intellectually and physically, yet every business seems to run on summer growth. Never changing, never evolving, they hope Jack Frost will give them a wide berth when the cold days roll along. That doesn’t always happen and when the business peters out, it’s ‘‘ let’s blame the economy’’ time, when what they’ve done is failed to plan for the end of a business cycle. Take, for example, a big law firm in Auckland. Lots had changed within the firm. It had grown considerably over the years and believed that its outdated logo was the hallmark of the firm. Simple research showed otherwise. The clients hated it. Fuddy-duddy, they called it. Yet the partners and other lawyers were as competent as ever, if not more so. A simple logo change, some internal and external fix-its and voila, they could do little wrong. The firm had simply failed to track public opinion that had gone against them. Once they realised it, they could mend it. Once they fixed the logo (among other things), they were reborn. Are we suggesting you reinvent the wheel? Madonna doesn’t think so. Like a hardcore brand specialist, Madonna has actually stuck to her brand like glue. If you look carefully, she stands for RADICALISM. Everything she’s done has taken her one step higher on that scale. Coke, too, tried to reinvent itself, but failed miserably. Why? Because Coke owns the word ‘‘classic’’. People loved their Coke. It was owned by us sugarwater drinkers and no one, not even Coca-Cola Inc, was going to change it. Yet Coke has reinvented itself in several other ways. Its packaging has gone from sexy bottle to cans and then to 2 litre bottles without much drama. Let’s face it. It’s not just about reinvention. It’s about realising which part of your business needs to be reinvented and then having the common sense to leave the rest alone. Chinese gooseberries were going nowhere till they were renamed kiwifruit. Then, this humble, nondescript looking fruit somehow took on the flavour of an exotic, lush green country. The reinvention wasn’t earth-shaking; the results were. Madonna does just that. While her radicalism has seen an outward change in every avatar, the core change isn’t overly dramatic or complex. Too many marketing people change 20 things all at once. Confused customers don’t care. Gradual progression they can handle and want. Dramatic change scares the heck out of them, often causing them to switch brands suddenly and permanently. For your business, there are several avenues that you need to magnify and reinvent. The main areas that you need to look at are: Your communication: Logos, newsletters, emails, etc. Do they really meet your clients’ needs? Have you got so busy doing things that you’ve forgotten to reflect your true worth to your clients? Your customer loyalty: Are you stretching these parameters? Are they getting less or more loyal? If yes, why? If no, why not? What do you need to reinvent and re-analyse? And do you have a customer loyalty programme at all? Your failure analysis: This is a biggie. If you’re not analysing and welcoming failure, you’re going to be stuck on your island for so long that you’ll sink once global warming gets worse. If you want to double your success rate, you’ve got to double your failure. The key to reinvention is simple: You’ve got to die a thousand deaths and come out on the other side. Simplicity is the key. Your brand image is money in the bank. Don’t ever change it. Wear the mini only if you can carry it off. Remember there’s a market for minis and gowns simultaneously. While you’re reading, Madonna will be hard at work on the next step. Isn’t it time you got to work too? Sean D’Souza is chief executive of Psychotactics and an international author and trainer. He is the author of The Brain Audit — Why Customers Buy (And Why They Don’t).

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Listen To Me Baby!!!

Girlie Show 93!

Madonna In Bomb Scare As She Films New Movie!

Madonna was hit by a bomb scare as she shot her new movie in London last night.

The singer-turned-director was heading to The Grand Hotel in the capital to shoot some scenes when a suspect package was found nearby next to a bus stop.

Police were called and the area was cordoned off while the bomb squad examined it before the package was revealed to be just an empty suitcase.

Madge, 52, was also spotted out and about during the day in The Abingdon pub in Kensington filming her new movie W.E.

The film revolves around the love affair between King Edward VIII and American divorcée Wallis Simpson, along with a contemporary romance between a married woman, Wally Simpson, and a Russian security guard.

A source told The Daily Mail: "Mrs Simpson is played by Andrea Riseborough and Wally
Simpson by Abbie Cornish."

"They are two very strong female parts. This is a film about the strength of the so-called weaker sex."

"It's fitting that Madonna's directorial debut should be this way - and is no coincidence."
"Guy made no secret of his views of Madonna as a dreadful director when they first went to Malawi together and she made a documentary about it. This film almost feels designed just to show Guy who's boss."

Madonna's daughter Lourdes, 14, is also set to make her acting debut with a small role in the film.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Madonna In the UK Press "The Evening Standard"!

No Fine For Me, Westminster: Madonna Staff Party In London!

Seems it's not just teenagers who party when left alone in the house - Westminster council officers paid a visit to Madonna's London home after complaints about noise. They found staff Expressing Themselves in a karaoke party. The singer was presumably on Holiday, but this didn't stop them Getting Into The Groove and Causing a Commotion. It was a Borderline case, but the Ray Of Light was that officials gave the Material Girl One More Chance and just served a noise abatement notice instead of issuing a fine. Let's hope the staff Live To Tell the tale when Madge gets back.

Natalie Dormer On Madonna's New Film W.E.!

"The film will focus on the Queen Mother when she was a thirty-something, lively, charming and wise, at that time hardly spoke in public, but pulled the strings with undoubted ability," says Natalie Dormer ( 28 years).

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bin Laden's Son Wants To Meet Madonna!

In a recent British tabloid interview, Osama bin Laden’s 29 year old son Omar Bin Laden has expressed a desire to come to America to meet...

Madonna because of her impressive dance skills. He believes Madonna is a graceful and skilled dancer for her age.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Rare "Body Of Evidence" Interview 1992

Confession On A Dance Floor Remix and Revisited!

Alternate Fan Made Cover!

From Hats To Starring In W.E. With Madonna!

STEPHEN JONES is no stranger to a film set - he's worked on the hats for Coco Avant Chanel and Elizabeth - but now he's become an actor in his own right.

The Liverpool-born, London-based milliner has been recruited by Madonna to work on her latest film, W.E., based on the life of King Edward VIII (played by James D'Arcy), and Wallis Simpson (played by Andrea Riseborough).

"Madonna is directing it and she asked me to do the hats for it," he tells us. "And somehow I've ended up starring in it, too."

So, is he nervous? Is he busy learning his lines? "It's too early for me to really tell you anything in detail," he told us coyly. "But really I think I'm more alarmed than anything."

What we do know is that the film is currently shooting in London with Arianne Phillips in charge of costumes.

She's the best there is," says Stephen. "I saw Tom Ford the other day and he told me he couldn't have done A Single Man without her. Then I told her that he'd said that and she almost burst into tears."

Friday, July 16, 2010

Shabba- Doo On Working With Madonna!

You’ve choreographed and staged all musical sequences and numbers for the Madonna: Who’s That Girl?

World Tour and danced for Michael Jackson’s video. How was the experience of working with them? Both of them – MJ and Madonna– are very special people and my encounters with both have been different. But both of them want to present the highest level of their ability. I also choreographed Lionel Richie’s All Night Long video and subsequently provided choreography for the world tour and starred in the concert too. None of them accepts mediocrity. They all have the urge to do much more than what is expected.

This is what I’ve been able to absorb by working with them. I could have done something ‘normal’ too – could have shot the movie in Chicago. But then that’s not pushing the creative envelope. I worked on the Madonna: Who’s That Girl? tour in 1987. Besides great songs and her mind-blowing performance, what I found interesting was Madonna’s childlike behaviour. During sound checks, Madonna would skip across the stage like a kid, with her hands in the air. I want to work with her again. As far as MJ goes, just like there’ll never be another Gandhi or Martin Luther King, there’ll never be another Michael Jackson. During the shooting of Black Or White, when Michael was called to shoot, he would come to the sets wearing an oversized white shirt. He’d be very shy on the stage, with that ‘I wanna run right now’ expression on his face. All of a sudden, Michael would say ‘ok’ softly to indicate that he was ready – and then he’d perform. I swear, when I saw him perform with that unbelievable energy, I was moved. When I was young, I’d tell my friends, ‘I can beat MJ. If I ever get a chance, I’ll teach him a lesson.’ When I saw him perform that day, I couldn’t help saying, ‘MJ is number one and I’m number two.’ I was brought back to reality."

Madonna On the Set Of W.E. In London!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Madonna For Dolce & Gabbana Behind The Scenes Collage!

Madonna's Mansion Makeover!

UPPER EAST SIDE—The scaffolding is down at Madonna's $32 million mansion on East 81st Street, revealing the brand new windows. (So much more is planned.) The Material Girl-related reference our tipster decided to go with was, "Madonna's townhouse finally expresses itself," but we would've also accepted "Madonna's house gets into the groove," "Madonna's house causes a commotion" or "(Courtney) Love don't live here anymore."

Macy's Is Getting Ready For Madonna's "Material Girl" Line!

Coming 8/3/10