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Madonna Japan 1985.

Heibon Punch Magazine

Willow Smith Loves Madonna!

Durning a recent TV appearance, Willow wore a shirt with The Queen Of Pop On IT!

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Coffee Talk With Linda Richman, Babbs, and Roseanne!


Kirsten Dunst On Madonna.

“Paparazzi don’t have as much interest in you when you’re not wearing big sunglasses and carrying a 5,000 dollars bag. I have no interest in wearing a tracksuit every day like Madonna does, but I understand why she does it.” Kirsten Dunst

(BlackBook Magazine)

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A Madge Christmas For Malawi!

It was a very Madge Christmas for the 25,000 orphans in Malawi.Madonna shipped boxes and bales containing toys, chocolate and sweets to six orphanages in the birth country of her adopted daughter, Mercy. Along with the goodies, the 52-year-old star included a handwritten note that read "To my Malawi children on Christmas and Boxing Day.

I wish I was with you. See you soon, M."Officials at Madonna's charity, Raising Malawi, distributed the items and other miniature Christmas cards signed by Madonna and children Lourdes, 14, and Rocco, 10.

The notes read: "Mercy, David, Rocco, Lourdes and I send you a blessed Christmas to all of you!"Also in the bales were new clothing and items that Madonna, Lourdes, Rocco and Mercy have outgrown and can no longer use.Madonna also threw an open-air party at Consol Homes, an orphanage near Lilongwe, the town where she teaches a Kabbalah spirituality class to children.Over 1,000 people from the surrounding villages were invited to celebrate with the 2,500 orphans and underprivileged children.

"Madonna says she always enjoys the traditional dances the villagers perform for her when she visits," Yacinta Chapomba, director of Consol Homes, tells Us. "She asked us to invite as many villagers as possible for the Christmas party."

source: usmagazine

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Holiday (Christmas Bells Mix)!

Madonna Tops Them All.

Madonna tops list of most-mentioned celebs in UK print media over the last decade

by Krissy Storrar,

Daily Mirror 23/12/2010 Madonna has been crowned the most talked-about celebrity of the noughties.The 52-year-old has had her name mentioned in UK print media more than any other star since 2000.Brian Merron, of researcher Kantar Media, said: “This shows why she’s hailed as a legend.” X Factor judge Simon Cowell was the most talked about in 2010.Decade’s top 10: 1 Madonna, 46,017. 2 Simon Cowell, 29,888. 3 Robbie Williams, 28,563. 4 Kate Moss, 28,056. 5 Britney Spears, 27,588. 6 Victoria Beckham, 25,833. 7 David Beckham, 24,953. 8 Michael Jackson, 24,688. 9 Paul McCartney, 21,556. 10. Kylie Minogue, 19,694.

Read more:

The Eyes, The Lips, The Face!! Fantastic!!!

Listen up Pop wannabes, this is how a True Icon Does it!!!
Madonna in London December 22/10!

M Leaving A London Eatery December 22,10!

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MTV Top 10 Transformations!

Madonna Queen Of Re-Invention On MTV!

Mo #1 on MTV Europe

“There can be only one Number 1… Madonna! She is the queen of transformation and is always reinventing herself, both musically and visually. She is the greatest cameleon of pop. A fact no one can dispute. Most succesful female musician ever.”

Madonna, Queen of Re-Invention on MTV

Wyclef Jean
I love Madonna. She is the trend and the trend is not her. She can change the trend whenever she wishes. She constantly pushes the envelope. She’s always ahead of her time.Every pop girl that you see that is doing something different… you like “hmm, that’s kinda different… hmm, they remind me of Madonna.”She’s the top of the line queen when it comes to the reinvention, big time.

Leona Lewis
She does it the best really…The one look that stands out most in my mind is the cones. That’s probably the one that I remember Madonna for.With her music, she changes her look, her style and everthing kind of works, kind of together.I just think that Madonna is so innovative, very creative and always looking to the next thing. That’s probably why I admire her so much.I think she’s very inspirational.

Keri Hilson
(R&B artist – worked with Kanye West and Ne-Yo)The “Like a Virgin” look; it was like a wedding barbie punk thing going on. I loved that Madonna, that’s the eighties Madonna that I remember.She’s pushing her fifties and looks great, sounds great. I think that she’s still pushing the boundaries. I respect that, that she’s still able to be herself.

James Molloy
(Hair & Make-up Stylist)I think Madonna’s image is always iconic. She always goes towards that real statement look. She doesn’t really do things by half. It’s always the full 100%. This is what I’m doing, this is how I’m looking. I love what she’s doing now. She’s fifty, rocking this beautiful look, still looks amazing.

Johnny Wujek
(Katy Perry’s Stylist)Madonna definitely made “pop icon legend” status. She’s been through so many looks and phases.

The Best In Pop Culture 2010!

Madonna decided to whip the world in shape in 2010 by opening up her own line of luxury gyms. The "Material Girl" led one of the first dance classes at her new "Hard Candy Fitness" Center in Mexico City on Nov. 29. In 2011 Madonna plans to expand her gyms to ten other locations all around the world as well as new music, and a tour.

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Micheal Parkinson:"Madonna Was Absolutely Brilliant"!

It was a moment that stands out in Michael Parkinson’s 37 years of interviewing the rich, the famous, the powerful, the talented and the bizarre. After years of pursuing her, in 2005 Madonna finally agreed to appear on Parkinson. She appeared at the top of the stairs in skin-tight jeans, boots and with her muscular arms on display in a sleeveless red top. Her blonde hair was blow-dried to perfection and as the Parkinson theme tune played she confidently took her seat opposite her host.Here’s what the host had to say about the Queen of Pop…

“We were in talks with her people for about 20 years but it always came back that she’d only talk about this and she’d only talk about that and she won’t talk about that.And we said, ‘well, it’s our show and we are never told what to say by any of our guests. And when Madonna is ready to talk to us on those terms it will be wonderful to interview her’. In 2005 we finally had a call, saying, ‘Yes, she’ll do it’. And we did a one-woman show and she was absolutely brilliant.

And there was a marvellous moment for me which defined the entire business of interviewing stars. We had a technical breakdown and these girls appeared, all her minders, with these little miners’ lights clipped to their foreheads. They had various jobs, such as looking after her hair, her make-up, her clothes, etc.But, as I stood back, I watched one of these girls with real fascination because I couldn’t make out what she was doing. She had a long, thin stick in her hand and at the end was a cotton bud. And she was following Madonna around. And then, at one point, Madonna turned towards her, stood still and the girl put the cotton bud up Madonna’s nose to look for bogeys.And I thought that’s the job I want when I retire to be Madonna’s bogey finder!”

Source : The Herald SunRead

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Madonna Mixed By DJ Enferno!

M.A.D.O.N.N.A. - Mixed by DJ Enferno by djenferno

Track Listing

1) Give It To Me (DJ Enferno Cream Edit)
2) Vogue (DJ Enferno G6 Edit)
3) Into The Groove (Sidechains Remix)
4) Ray Of Light (DJ Enferno Depeche Edit)
5) Hung Up (DJ Enferno Blue Monday Edit)
6) Like a Prayer (DJ Enferno ONE Edit)
7) Revolver (DJ Enferno & KToonz Remix)
8) 4 Minutes (Junkie XL Remix)
9) Dance 2Night (Peter Rauhofer Remix)
10) Celebration (Benny Benassi Remix)
11) Miles Away (Morgan Page Remix)
12) It's So Cool (DJ Lobinha Basic Up Mix)
13) Music Shake İt (Ramus Mash Up ft Thomas Gold)
14) Jump (Axwell Remix)
15) Holiday (The HitMen Remix

The Most Surreal Thing Ever!

What other films do you have on the horizon?

I’ve actually got four movies coming out this year. Crazy! One, called The Convincer, is going to Sundance, Isolation is touring festivals in Europe, and then I have this Madonna movie.

Pardon? Madonna?Yep, I did a movie called "W.E.", the story of Wallis Simpson and Prince Edward, written and directed by Madonna. It’s a great script and story, but to be honest I mostly wanted to hang out with Madonna for a couple of months. She made me a man when I was 12 years old.

I remember the exact video, “Open Your Heart.” The best part is I got to dance with Madonna to Madonna music, which was the most surreal thing ever. It’s like watching "Dog Day Afternoon" with Al Pacino. That’s next on my list.

Statement From Madonna On Her New Music!

Its official! I need to move. I need to sweat. I need to make new music! Music I can dance to. I'm on the look out for the maddest, sickest, most bad ass people to collaborate with. I'm just saying......"

Madonnasorce: Madonna.Com

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"Madonna's Albums Are Hot"!

Madonna's Albums Are Hot!"

We must also ensure the subject of presentation; Madonna is constant because she comes here every three years, and her albums are hot."

Jacques Aubé ( Vice-President and General Manager at "evenko" (formerly "Gillett Entertainment Group" ) on the fact that there are nine times more events at the "Centre Bell" in Montreal, Canada than 10 years back.

Queen Of Stage!

Don't Feel Sorry For Me.......

Cool Fanmade Broken Pics.

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Rolling Stone Magazine "Queen Of Cardio"!

Madonna and Marc Jacobs Give Back At "Holiday Toy Drive"

Fashion designers Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein and Narciso Rodriguez co-hosted the 10th annual and largest "Toy Drive" to date at David Barton Gym Astor Place on Friday evening.

Jacobs arrived with an entourage of young men toting Marc Jacobs shopping bags, which included Barbies, a Radio Flyer wagon, a globe and a Nintendo DS....Earlier in the day, Madonna dropped off toys in support of the initiative. source: popeater

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Andrea Riseborough Bonded With Madonna..

Next up is Wallis Simpson in "W.E.", directed by Madonna. What was it like to be directed by a pop idol? "Of course I knew who Madonna was," she says, "but when I met her I was just having a cup of tea with someone because I wanted to see how interested we both were.

She's a total geek about it, just like me. We bonded over geekiness."

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"Tiny Bubbles" Rare Madonna!

Cohen Wants Madonna!

Cohen wants Madonna

TV Guide Magazine sat down with Andy Cohen to find out what makes him tick.TV Guide Magazine:
Who would be your dream guest?

Andy Cohen: Madonna. Look, I’m a big gay guy.
TV Guide Magazine: Wait…what?

Andy Cohen: I know, isn’t that a shock? I love divas. Madonna, Mariah, BeyoncĂ©, Britney.

TV Guide Magazine: You were Madonna’s date to the premiere of A Single Man. How was that?

Andy Cohen: Definitely a bucket list moment. I don’t want to say too much about it because then I’ll never get asked again.

Imagine Studio Demo.


The Eyes, TheLips, The Face!!! Pure Goddess Perfection! No one comes close!

Madonna and Gucci!

Madonna strolling through an airport this week with her fly Gucci Bag, is she telling us something?

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Jean -Paul Gaultier On Madonna and Lady CaCa..

Jean-Paul Gaultier gave an interview to UK newspaper Telegraph.Unexpectedly, he compares Madonna and Lady Gaga…

Telegraph: Did you realise how important the corsets you designed for Madonna’s 1990 world tour would be at the time?
Jean-Paul Gaultier: No. I was a fan of Madonna’s so I was pleased to collaborate with her for that reason – not because it would be good for my career.

Telegraph: What do you think about Lady Gaga?
Jean-Paul Gaultier: I think she’s talented and very inpolitically incorrect, which I love. But I also think that she read up on Madonna’s life and learnt it like the Bible.Read more:

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Madonna New Music News.

Madonna's New Music

It seems that Madonna will really change the pace of her new album, asked about her inspirations for the new album she said that is re-inventing her music so it fits the current changes on pop music.

To the delight of some and sadness of others, she said that the footprint Hard Candy will not be felt more in this next job, and left the idea that yes you can do some duet for this new production.

The album still has no release date, it is expected to be available on the summer of 2011 and a new world Tour.

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Madonna's Got Something Other Women Don't!

Madonna's Got Something Other Women Don't

Madonna literally changed the way women dressed. She created the style direction of the 80's and through MTV, we saw her use music videos as her platform to show her provocative personal style. Her instinct to radically change her hair, makeup, body, and selection of clothing was more than just a look transformation. Her ability to keep us interested even until today is a credit to her ability to leave us curious about what she was up to which meaning we were never left feeling tired or bored with Madonna.

source: huffpost

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Nicky Minaj Wants To Work With Madonna!

For the promotion of her latest album “Pink Friday”, Nicki Minaj performed “Right Thru Me” on the “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” show. Afterwards, fans and paparazzi were waiting outside to catch a glimps of the rising star. When asked who she’d like to work with next, she immediately responded “Madonna!”.

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Love It... Or Leave It!!!

The Queen above in 84 and below this week in 2010!
Fantastic and doing it right!

Madonna - David Guetta "Revolver" Remix Nominated For A Grammy.

Madonna - David Guetta "One Love Club Mix" Nominated For Grammy

David Guetta's "One Love Club Remix" of "Revolver" made the list in the "Best Remixed Recording" category."Revolver" (David Guetta's One Love Club Remix)David Guetta, remixer; Madonna Warner Bros.

The 53rd Annual Grammy Awards will be held on "Grammy Sunday," on February 13, 2011, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Kelly Osbourne Talks Madonna On Her Twitter.

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Video Of M At Her Hard Candy Gym Opening!

M's Letter On World Aids Day!

In 1991, Madonna took out a full page ad in Billboard Magazine to get people in the record industry involved against the fight against AIDS.