Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Madonna Halloween!

Enjoy your Halloween!

Madonna Latte!!

The Best Kind Of Latte!!

Madonna at K Center Oct 28/11 HQ!

Can You Give A Girl A Light?

Madonna At The Olympics...

Madonna is to play a huge concert in London next year to coincide with the 2012 Olympics.

The 53-year-old singer will perform to 60,000 fans in Hyde Park next July when the UK capital will host the prestigious sporting event. A source close to the ‘Hung Up’ hitmaker – who recently took a break from music to direct new movie ‘W.E’ – told The Sun newspaper: “Madonna is planning a huge comeback and was determined to do it at Hyde Park while the Olympics are on.

“She’s been out of the limelight musically for a while but is ready to jump back into the saddle and thinks there’s no better time to do it than when London hosts the Olympics.”

Earlier this week, it was also revealed Madonna is to perform at next February’s Super Bowl, where she will headline the annual NFL match after beating off competition from Lady Gaga.

A source said: “When Madonna heard Gaga was in the frame, she knew she had to step up her efforts. She is going to deliver the kind of show never seen before in NFL history.”

In headlining the prestigious sporting event, Madonna is following in the footsteps of stars including the Rolling Stones, Black Eyed Peas, Justin Timberlake and the late Michael Jackson.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

William Orbit & Martin Solveig Tweet Madonna!

From William Orbit’s Twitter…
Madonna has phenomenal understanding of both the minutiae of music and the big picture. Zooming in, zooming out. 4ever amazing. Plus VISION!!!
From Martin Solveig’s Twitter
@WilliamOrbit Nice to meet you man, enjoy a bit more studio time and see you soon.
From William Orbit’s Twitter…
@msolveig Great meeting you too Martin! What a week!
From William Orbit’s Twitter
Working with Madonna is a treat. Fantastic tracks and vibes. Going deep. She’s ON IT !!! This is THE album!

Madonna At The K Center In NYC October 28/11 Pics!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Madonna: ''Zooming in, zooming out''!

''Zooming in, zooming out''

"Madonna has phenomenal understanding of both the minutiae of music and the big picture. Zooming in, zooming out. 4ever amazing. AND VISION"

William Orbit, today on Twitter.

Madonna Showed Interest In "NERVO"

Madonna is hard at work on her follow-up to 2008's "Hard Candy".

So, what will this album sound like?

In a recent interview with Swedish "Sveriges Television", she simply stated:

"It will be more good music."

Fair enough, Madge, you needn't say more!

Recently another possible detail about the hotly awaited record surfaced – some of that good music may just come from Aussie sister DJ-duo "NERVO" (Liv and Mim).

The girls, who spent their summer as an opening act on Britney Spears' have written songs for some of the biggest artists in the business, including David Guetta, and could possibly be adding Madonna to that list.

"That one, you know, it’s another one we’ll see if the stars align", Liv said.

"But she’s expressed interest in a song of ours, and she’s working with William Orbit, who’s an incredible producer, and who she’s worked with in the past."

And if the singers do end up on the album, they will have William Orbit to thank:

"He actually was the one who pitched her the song of ours – pitched it to Madonna – and fingers crossed! Now that we’ve spoken about it, of course, it’s not going to happen", Liv joked.

"NERVO" were tight-lipped on what song the Queen of Pop is interested in, but just the thought of working with Madonna would mean everything to these girls:

"It would be amazing. Madonna is iconic", Liv said.

"It would be an absolute career high!"

You can watch the short video here!

source: newsroom

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Madonna and Lola Material Girl Chat!

Madonna Exclusive New Album Update and Other News!!

Some sources have confirmed that the producers of Madonna's upcoming album, by now, are William Orbit, Martin Solveig and Benny Benassi, adding, that the sound of the album is pop/dance style, with nine tracks produced so far.

In addition to this, sources say that the first single has already been chosen.

Nicki Minaj and MIA are reportedly the two voices on the song, which Madonna will perform at the "Super Bowl 2012".


The photographers responsible for the cover of Madonna's new album are Mert and Marcus (who also did the the photo shoot for "Interview" magazine back in 2010).

This photoshoot will have been finished by the end of this year; in addition to this, the two photographers and Madonna have done the campaign for the Queen of Pop's new perfume - "Truth or Dare".

Regarding music, Madonna will include a new track on "W.E." (a ballad), which she provides her own voice for.

However, it has not yet been decided, if this song will appear on the new album, or if it's just going to be an exclusive soundtrack for the movie.

Finally, the new photo shoot for "Harper's Bazaar" has been done by Tom Munro.

Confirmed Madonna To Do SuperBowl!

Sources have confirmed to that Madonna's performance at the Super Bowl is definitely a go and confirmed! but Tribe can bring you some more exclusive juicy bits on the performance!
At present time Madonna is set to perform five songs and among them the first single from the new album that has already been chosen and we've been told it's perfect for the event, as it reminds of a cheerleader song. The new single and the album as well will feature two vocal guests: MIA and Nicki Minaj.

Madonna is set to have three music guests on the SuperBowl stage, and supposedly two of them are the new single's guest singers mentioned above.

Super Bowl XLVI takes place in Indianapolis on February 5, 2012.

Some great times are coming for Madonna fans! just stick to, home of Madonna fans, for more exclusive reports on her new projects!

Madonna: Celebrity Tribute In "Marie Claire" November 2011 Issue!

Looking back at the ‘50s and embracing the pop stars that are still very much loved is a great way to reminisce over the past, as seen in the "Marie Claire" November 2011 issue.

Amber Gray has captured every poise and grace that definitely revisits memory lane.

Masha P. is portrayed as so many different pop stars from the ‘50s right through the 90s.

She is, for instance, styled as the 1980s "material girl" Madonna.

These revamped pop star looks simply take one back to the good old days.

With a whole bunch of colors splashed onto the pages and various cuts and designs swinging by, Masha certainly brings justice to the shoot.

This white, black and blonde gal has given viewers a good dose of the "Beauty Eras Collection" in the "Marie Claire" November 2011 issue.

source: trendhunter

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Madonna’s Borderline on Time’s 100 All Time Best Pop Songs!

Our critics pick the most extraordinary English-language pop recordings since the beginning of TIME magazine in 1923. Here are 100 (unranked) songs of enduring beauty, power and inventiveness
Artist: Madonna
Year Released: 1984
When “Borderline” was released as a single in February 1984 I was 11: not quite old enough to be in love with a boy, just the right age to fall in love with a pop song. We fell en masse, the girls in my Catholic middle school, and as much as we could look like Madonna — lacy bows, mousse-mussed hair, fingerless gloves — while still pulling off the uniform kilt, we did. (Maybe the kilt didn’t hurt, actually.) What was it about “Borderline” that hooked us? That slightly adenoidal, approachable voice; the look Madonna had in the video of a cool big sister crossing over into womanhood, deciding what kind of woman she wanted to be; the tantalizing frustration not just of being in love but of constantly having one’s love pushed over the borderline. Madonna went on to sing more-clever songs (“Material Girl”), more-showy songs (“Like a Prayer”), more-sexy songs (“Justify My Love”). But “Borderline,” her first top-10 hit, captures the essence of her pop appeal, its freshness, simplicity and vitality.

Madonna Is "Smirnoff"'s BFF Or How To Win The "Material Girl"!

Just how big is "Smirnoff"?

The top-selling vodka brand in the U.S. can call no less than Madonna a BFF.

On Nov. 12th, 2012, the pop goddess will host a dance-off at the brand’s "Nightlife Exchange Party", the winner of which will get a chance to be in the singer’s next tour.

With $232 million in sales each year, the company controls 21 percent of the U.S. vodka market, so it’s not as if "Smirnoff" needs to go crazy to stay on top.

Yet, that fact didn’t stop marketing duo Simon Burch and Michelle Klein, of "Smirnoff"’s parent company "Diageo", from launching one of the most innovative campaigns that the liquor industry has seen in years:

"We had a brand idea called 'Be There', which is a philosophy about getting out and having amazing nights", says Klein.

"We’d been working on it for about a year, and we wanted to take it from being a philosophy into a manifestation that people could actually touch and experience."

So Klein and Burch challenged "Smirnoff"’s team of creative, digital, and social agencies, led by "JWT" (which was also behind the brand’s popular "Fridgetender" campaign), to bring "Be There" to life.

"We tore up the rules of how we would go through the normal process of coming up with brand ideas", says Klein.

The result was the aforementioned "Nightlife Exchange Project", a sprawling social media campaign that encouraged people all over the world to swap nightlife experiences on Facebook and vote on their favorites, which were then revealed during a night of parties in major cities.

This year, Klein and Burch expanded the project from 12 to 50 cities worldwide (and recruited Madonna, of course).

And the efforts of Klein and Burch have paid off in making "Smirnoff" more than a very famous friend: the "Nightlife Exchange Project" also helped quadruple "Smirnoff"’s number of Facebook fans.

We’ll toast to that.

source: adweek

Madonna "Erotica" Artwork!

Thanks to @its_so_cooll

Madonna's Iconic Sale!

Madonna’s black bustier, worn on the star’s Who’s That Girl tour in 1987, has been sold at an auction for £45,000 – way above its pre-sale estimate of £4,000 to £5,000.
Custom-made by LA-based store Trashy Lingerie, the piece was originally worn with fishnet tights and has previously been exhibited at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Ohio and The Frederick’s of Hollywood Museum in LA. It was auctioned off last weekend in Beverley Hills.
The costly bustier gives Miranda Kerr’s £1.6 million Victoria’s Secret bra a run for its money, of which the model will wear at the label’s annual fashion show on November 29.

Madonna Says There's No Such Thing As Perfect Love...

Turns out that Wallis Simpson wasn't always the intended subject of Madonna's "W.E."

In a "Q&A" after the film's London premiere on Sunday, Madonna revealed how researching Edward convinced her it was Wallis's story she had to tell:

"I was…trying to understand why a person in such a powerful position would give up something like that for love […] Men are power-seeking creatures by nature, and most of them are fighting their way to the throne […] I was trying to uncover what I perceived to be this great romance and, in the uncovering of the story, I saw a whole other point of view. I saw what [Wallis] went through, I saw how she ran away from it, how she saw the writing on the wall [...] I think it was important to tell the story from her point of view. That was the conclusion I came to at the end of all my research."

And researched she did:

Despite spending three years swotting up, though, she has been accused of playing fast and loose with history:

"I never set out to make the quintessential historical biopic of the abdication…or the true story about what lies behind the romance of Wallis and Edward. I thought it was important…to remind the audience that this is the story seen through the eyes of a young woman, who's searching for love and the meaning of happiness."

Her own search for the perfect Wallis she described as a "long, arduous journey":

"[…] I had brought up Andrea's [Riseborough] name several times, and many people frowned at me, because they said she's too young, and that she can't play that kind of age range. I saw her play Margaret Thatcher [in the television movie "Margaret Thatcher: The Long Walk to Finchley"] , and I thought she was so brilliant...So I met her, and when she walked into the room, to me, she was the Duchess. She had dressed in the way the Duchess had dressed, and done her hair and her make-up…[Andrea had] the combination of steeliness and fragility that [Wallis] had. I was thrilled, because, in my head, I was thinking 'Oh my God, I've found her.'"

The script, which she co-wrote with Alek Keshishian, who directed the "In Bed with Madonna" documentary, took nearly two years to hone:

"[Alek and I] sat in a room and threatened each other, if we didn't get off our 'BlackBerrys'. We…spent weeks together writing, then we'd go away and read the drafts…then email them to each other, and then we'd spend time together again writing. It went on like that for a year and a half. I love the process of writing."

She described filming, though, as "tough" - unsurprising, given the shoot took in three countries, 43 locations and 83 costumes (some custom-made by Vionnet and Dior, labels the Duchess used to wear).

Technically, she was inspired by the long tracking shots of the Edith Piaf biopic, "La Vie En Rose".

Asked what she hoped people would take away from the film, she said:

"I think, one important thing is that there is no such thing as perfect love, and if you think so, then you are in for a rude awakening. And that real love requires compromise."

source: telegraph

Madonna Lands "Super Bowl" Gig!

HAPPY days in the Madonna household, sources say.

At the third time of trying, the "Material Girl" has landed the biggest gig of her life – performing at the US "Super Bowl".

Madge, 53, will headline the annual "NFL" match on February 5th, 2012.

Fresh from the London premiere of "W.E.", Madge is again focusing on her music.

The source says: "She is going to deliver the kind of show never before seen in 'NFL' history."

source: dailymirror

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Madonna's "W.E." Receives Standing Ovations At "BFI London Film Festival"!

By Liz Smith

IT’S NOT easy being "misunderstood on a global level", as Madonna remarked to a reporter over the weekend at the London premiere of her movie "W.E.".

The pop icon-turned-director was actually speaking about identifying with the heroine of her film, Wallis Simpson, the Duchess of Windsor.

But she was having her own local misunderstandings just as she was talking:

Fans who had waited for hours to see Madonna were apparently angry that she didn’t spend more time on the red carpet.

They booed her.

Well, I’ve seen the crowd boo stars who stood twenty minutes outside — because they always want more, more, more. (Apparently, five fans out of several thousand were annoyed. As our London source tells us: "They were totally hysterical for her, in a good way!")

The atmosphere was friendlier in the theater.

"W.E." received a standing ovation, and the audience — perhaps because they were Brits — seemed to pay keener, appreciative attention to the film, rather than dismiss it out of hand because of Madonna’s involvement.

Madonna looked glamorous and appropriate in black velvet.

source: wowowow

Madonna "Lady Who"???

Thanks to @danny_1978

Great job!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Sean Lennon Performs "Material Girl".

Madonna Arriving At "JFK" Airport NYC October 24th, 2011.

Madonna Spotted At Heathrow October 24/11!

Madonna: "Lady Who"!!!

Queen Madonna Ciccone attended the London Film Festival premiere of her feature film, W.E. today October 23, 2011 when, at the start of her film, a fan shouted: “Who needs Lady Gaga?” To which she responded: “LADY WHO?” ♥

Madonna Looked Very Ray Of Lightish At The London Film Festival: Then & Now!

M in 98 and last night in 2011!!

Simply Stunning!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Madonna's Film To Have The Biggest Impact!

London Film Festival artistic director, Sandra Hebron, talks to DS about the

Madonna Looking Stunning at The London Film Festival!

Madonna Attending The Premiere Of Her New Film "W.E." In London October 23rd, 2011 - More Pictures -

Madonna Looking Stunning Today In London At W.E Screening!

Madonna Attending The Premiere Of Her New Film "W.E." In London October 23rd, 2011

Madonna holds the record for top-selling female artist!

Madonna: Celebrity World Records

Celeb World Records: Madonna holds the record for top-selling female artist and for most costume changes in "Evita".

It's no secret that celebrities are often the most, the best, the biggest, the loudest and other superlatives.

But were you aware that some of them actually hold "Guinness World Records" for these feats?

Madonna: Of course, the Donner stands tall even among the music greats who have taken home "Guinness Records":

- The 2011 edition of the "Guiness World Records" features Madonna as the "Top-selling Female Recording Artist", with album sales up to December 2009 of 75 million in the USA and 200 million abroad.

- Madonna was also recognized by "Guinness" in 2000 for having the most costume changes: she broke the record with 85 in Evita.

source: postchronicle