Sunday, October 23, 2011

Madonna holds the record for top-selling female artist!

Madonna: Celebrity World Records

Celeb World Records: Madonna holds the record for top-selling female artist and for most costume changes in "Evita".

It's no secret that celebrities are often the most, the best, the biggest, the loudest and other superlatives.

But were you aware that some of them actually hold "Guinness World Records" for these feats?

Madonna: Of course, the Donner stands tall even among the music greats who have taken home "Guinness Records":

- The 2011 edition of the "Guiness World Records" features Madonna as the "Top-selling Female Recording Artist", with album sales up to December 2009 of 75 million in the USA and 200 million abroad.

- Madonna was also recognized by "Guinness" in 2000 for having the most costume changes: she broke the record with 85 in Evita.

source: postchronicle

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