Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Madonna Is Marilyn Monroe With Women's Emancipation!

Harvey Weinstein says Marilyn Monroe's future would have looked a lot like Madonna.

At Sunday's world premiere of the Weinstein Co.'s "My Week With Marilyn", which stars Michelle Williams as the late film icon, we asked Weinstein to name a modern celebrity whose fame will be as lasting.

Weinstein responded with her Madgesty's name:

"She's the most extraordinary modern celebrity that we have", Weinstein said at the Dior-sponsored premiere, adding:

"Madonna is Marilyn Monroe with women's emancipation."

We think he makes a viable point, but we should also point out that the marketing-savvy Weinstein is also releasing Madonna's sophomore directorial attempt, "W.E.," on Dec. 9th, 2011.

source: nydaily

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