Monday, October 17, 2011

Madonna's Aura Is All Around Me...

From Sergio Kletnoy's weekly column:

Thursday 9:45 p.m.:


I’m at the "Boom Boom Room" for an exclusive performance by "Florence + the Machine" to celebrate her Interview magazine cover.

I spot Madonna’s right hand (and left), her long-time publicist, Liz Rosenberg.

I had to take a moment and breathe… slowly.

I down my glass of Belvedere and walk up to Liz… My pulse is rushing, my heart racing…

Here’s the conversation:

Me: Hi, Ms. Rosenberg…

Liz: Yes?

Me: I never do this, but I have to… I am the biggest Madonna fan.

Liz: Looks at my tee, grabs (OMG) my arm and says, there’s no Madonna on your t-shirt, there are no Madonna tattoos…you’re not a fan.

Me: Trust me, I am. My first memory of you is a "New York Times" profile, in the early nineties, with a photo of you in your office, feet up on your desk and the wall behind you covered in Madonna magazine covers. I know all about the all-mighty Liz.

Liz: OMG, that was over 20 years ago…

She asked my name, where I work, and I told her about my column and the fact that I write about her and Madonna every week.

She told me to email her… DYING!

Madonna’s aura is all around me.

We ended up watching the entire Florence performance next to each other, and as Florence was singing “Shake it out, shake it out…” I felt like she was singing to me… Telling me to shake it out and breathe… So close, I can almost taste it. (P.S. Love the scrunchie, Liz.)

source: fashionweekdaily

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