Monday, June 20, 2011

Joe Henry Rumored To Be Definitive Collaborator For Madonna's New Album

At the gathering of program director’s meeting in Chicago this weekend, the hot topic was Madonna.

The big talk at the meeting was Madonna’s upcoming album, and the possibility of Jim Steinman as a collaborator.

Apparently, Madonna wrote some songs with melody ideas and sent them to Mr. Steinman, who was very impressed. Madonna, despite what some say, does write her own lyrics and melodies, but relies on producers to come up with the music.

Some of the program directors thought the idea was interesting, while others thought that Jim Steinman would be cheapening himself.

Even if Mr. Steinman doesn’t come through, one of the definite collaborators for Madonna’s next album is going to be Joe Henry, who co-wrote two of Madonna’s most loved songs: "Don’t Tell Me" and "Jump".

source: Peter Buchanan

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