Thursday, June 16, 2011

Madonna On Jean-Paul Gaultier: "His Creations Are Remarkable Political Positions..."

Cone Bra worn by Madonna during her "Blond Ambition World Tour" in 1990; on display at the "Musee Des Beaux- Arts" in Montreal.

A conversation with Jean-Paul Gaultier in advance of his new exhition "La Plan├Ęte Mode De Jean-Paul Gaultier" in Montreal:

"After the revolution of the "Women's Lib", women burned their bras, says the designer. Me, I wanted to show that they could seize the classic trappings of seduction without being victims of male desire", says Jean-Paul Gaultier.

Inevitably, the most powerful among them is Madonna, who personified the sexual revolution in corset-shells during her "Blond Ambition Tour" in 1990.

"La Ciccone" is the "feminine ideal" of "JPG":

"She has a hyper macho side!" he boasts.

Madonna herself, interviewed as part of the show by Thierry Maxime Loriot, says:

"His creations are remarkable political positions. I found it very challenging, and I like its confusion of genres, his way to mix the masculine and feminine."

source: l'express

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