Thursday, June 2, 2011

Marc Jacobs: Madonna, I Don't Think Is Showing Any Signs Of Slowing Down...

Marc Jacobs, the American fashion designer - who has been creative director of "Louis Vuitton" since 1997 - recently talked to "WWD" about fashion and pop music:

"Just like in pop music and in the art world, people always want new work from the artist that they like..."

Madonna, I don't think is showing any signs of slowing down...

Marc - who was announced as the winner of the "Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement" prize earlier this year - admitted his company "Marc Jacobs", for which he is head designer, has improved with age.

He added to "": "Going through the learning process and working here and in Paris, I personally think we've built a strength in terms of editing.

"We're all in this because we love fashion and part of that love for fashion is being unapologetic."

source: contactmusic

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