Monday, June 6, 2011

Madonna - A Pop Icon Turned Into "Barcode Art".

Artist Scott Blake has been turning pop icons, cultural figures, world leaders and rock stars into unique works of art - unique because these giant portraits are made entirely out of barcodes.

And because the images are made of barcodes, they can all be scanned.

"I knew I'd go on to all those legends whom we know just by their first name - Elvis, Madonna, Marilyn."

Here are two Madonna artworks with the respective commentary by the artist himself:

I collected 107 barcodes from the musician's CDs to render this image of the pop star.
Date created - August 30th - 2001.

For this portrait of Madonna I used the cover images instead of the barcodes from her music CDs. I gathered all the thumbnail size images from "Barnes and" when I was collecting the UPC numbers. This image definitely looks like a photomosaic, but each tile still only represents one value.
Date created - December 3rd - 2001.

You can check out the entire gallery at ""

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