Wednesday, May 4, 2011

7 Reasons Why Madonna Shouldn't Have Felt 'Fat' At The Met Gala!

7 reasons why Madonna shouldn't have felt 'fat' at Met Gala

US Magazine says Madonna claims she looked "fat" at the Met Gala last night in her blue Stella McCartney gown. Now we understand that everyone has their "fat days" now and then, but the Material Girl has been one of the hottest gals in Hollywood for decades, and, at 52, she's still got it -- whether she thinks so or not.

Here are just a few of the reasons why:

1. She's #10 on our list of the 50 Most Beautiful Women Over 50
2. She's super into fitness and even started her own gym in Mexico City last year
3. Have you seen her arms?
4. She dates guys a fraction of her age
5. Her dress is made of the most unforgiving fabric ever.
6.She's on a macrobiotic diet, which must automatically make you hardcore and hot
7. Did we mention she's 52? So, Madonna: You're wrong.


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  1. Well i think all she needed was a better dress. Here is one of my designs :)