Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Dick Tracy" To Open "Hero Complex Festival 2011" In Hollywood!

Fourteen-time Oscar nominee Warren Beatty – the very definition of the Hollywood hyphenate as world-famous leading man, an acclaimed director and an elite producer — will be the opening-night guest for the 2011 "Hero Complex Film Festival" to celebrate his 1990 hit "Dick Tracy" and talk about the film future of a square-jawed character who is celebrating his 80th anniversary as an iconic crime-fighter in American pop culture.

Beatty directed "Dick Tracy", which was nominated for seven Academy Awards and won three.

He also starred as the title character, leading a stellar cast that included Al Pacino, Madonna and so forth.

The legacy of the film and Beatty’s aspirations for the property have been back in the news, which will be part of the onstage discussion following the screening of the film.

Tickets are now on sale for the "Hero Complex Film Festival", which runs June 9-12 at The Chinese 6 Theatre in Hollywood (the venue previously known as Mann Chinese 6).

source: LA Times

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