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Exclusive Info And Update On Madonna's MDNA Album!! Some Changes and Editions!

The Deluxe Edition is confirmed to have 17 tracks - but only one is a remix, four extra tracks are all brand new songs!

As you already know MDNA will be published in two different formats. The Standard edition is confirmed to include 12 tracks, 4 more new songs and the "Party Rock Remix" of Give Me All Your Luvin' will be exclusive to the Deluxe Edition.

The physical release of the "MDNA" Deluxe Edition will be a 2 CD set. Disc One will be the same of the Standard edition, and the bonus tracks will be available on Disc Two.

Overall, 5 songs in the new album are produced by William Orbit, and 7 tracks are signed by Martin Solveig.
Bennyand Alle Benassi were know as the contributors of two songs, but "Best Friend" brings their share up to 3.
The last song in the lot is produced by Hardy "Indiigo" Muanza. And Madonna, of course.

There have been small tweaks in both the song titles and the tracklist, the latter does not appear exactly as the one listed in the pre-order page on iTunes. "Girl Gone Wild" is now listed with the new title, but more importantly there has been a swap between two songs in the Standard and Deluxe edition.

"B-day Song" will now be exclusive to the Deluxe Edition. Please note that the song does include a featuring by "M.I.A.".

On the other hand, "Love Spent" leaves the tracklist of the Deluxe Edition to join that of the Standard release.

The tracklist is still considered subject to change as manufacturing of the physical release has not started yet, leaving a window open to last minute changes."

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Madonna: "Best Friend" Bonus Track On "MDNA" Deluxe Edition!

"Best Friend" is a brand new song co-produced by Benny Benassi, and it will be exclusive to the "Deluxe Edition" of "MDNA".

As of now, there will appear only one remix on the Deluxe edition, "Give Me All Your Luvin'" LMFAO Remix.

source: twitter

What To Expect From Madonna's "I'm A Sinner"! The Details!

Madonna teams up with William Orbit for “I’m a Sinner.”
For sure, the track has WØ written all over it!

The song’s a catchy happy sexy delightfully psychedelic 60′s-inspired pop song in the continuity of William Orbit’s previous creations with Madonna.

Oddly it opens up the same way “Die Another Day” did, but takes a very different and familiar direction… Think “Beautiful Stranger” meets “Ray of Light”, and believe it or not, the sound remains very fresh and new!

The lyrics are fun and serious at the same time, with Madonna taking responsability for being a sinner, even saying she likes it.

She cites saints (Jesus, Mary, St Christopher, …) and talks bible.

Girl Gone Wild by Madonna – First Official “Justin Cognito” Remixes!

Yesterday, VEVO released a radio edit of “Girl Gone Wild”, Madonna’s second single off her upcoming album MDNA.

Now that the song has been released, the first official promo remixes are also making the rounds…

Girl Gone Wild – Justin Cognito Remix (3:38)
Girl Gone Wild – Justin Cognito Extended Remix (4:48)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Madonna MDNA Promo Pics and Cd's!

Madonna Shooting New Video In March!


Kazaky *Official* American Fan Page
Kazaky plan to appear in Madonna's new video shooting will take place in London in March .

Madonna Drops New Single 'Girl Gone Wild"!

Madonna Drops New Single 'Girl Gone Wild'

Pop icon's inner dance-floor vixen comes out on second MDNA single.
By Jocelyn Vena (@jocelyn1212)

Madonna kicked the party off with "Give Me All Your Luvin', " and she's keeping it going with her second MDNA single, "Girl Gone Wild." The thumping song, released Monday (February 27), proves that this era of Madonna will certainly be focused on pumping out dance-floor anthems.

"Girl Gone Wild" is all about the heat of letting loose and dancing, certainly themes that Madge fans will find familiar. Produced by Benny Benassi, the track, though fun and funky, is a bit darker than her first single, which seemed to pay homage to the '80s version of the pop icon in its bright nature.

"I got that burnin' hot desire/ And no one can put out my fire/ It's coming right down through the wire/ Here it comes/ When I hear them 808 drums/ It's got me singing," she proclaims on the catchy, sing-along chorus. "Hey, ey, ey, ey/ Like a girl gone wild/ A good girl gone wild/ I'm like, hey, ey, ey, ey/ Like a girl gone wild/ A good girl gone wild."

The song chugs along thanks to more dance-floor confessions from the singer, which include, "The room is spinning/ It must be the Tanqueray/ I'm about to go astray/ My inhibition's gone away/ I feel like sinning/ You got me in the zone/ DJ play my favorite song/ Turn me on."

The video was shot earlier this month and was directed by fashion photographers Mert and Marcus, who also shot the colorful artwork for the album. It had been rumored that Britney Spears would be featured on the track, but that rumor was shot down by Madonna herself.

MDNA will drop on March 26. It features production from collaborators like Martin Solveig and William Orbit, Demolition Crew, Alessandro "Alle" Benassi, Hardy "Indiigo" Muanza and Michael Malih.

Madonna: "Girls Gone Wild" Lyrics!

It's so hypnotic
The way he pulls on me
It's like the force of gravity
Right up under my feet

It's so erotic
This feeling can't be beat
It's coursing through my whole body
Feel the heat

I got that burning hot desire
And no one can put out my fire
It's coming right down through the wire

Here it comes
When I hear them 808 drums

It's got me singin' hey-ey-e
Like a girl gone wild
A good girl gone wild
I'm like hey-ey-e
Like a girl gone wild
A good girl gone wild

Girls they just wanna have some fun
Get fired up like a smokin' gun
On the floor till the daylight comes
Girls they just wanna have some fun

A girl gone wild
A good girl gone wild
I'm like a girl gone wild
A good girl gone wild

The room is spinnin'
It must be the tanqueray
I'm about to go astray
My inhibition's gone away

I feel like sinnin'
You got me in the zone
DJ play my favourite song
Turn me on

I got that burning hot desire
And no one can put out my fire
It's coming right down through the wire

Here it comes
When I hear them 808 drums

It's got me singin' hey-ey-e
Like a girl gone wild
A good girl gone wild
I'm like hey-ey-e
Like a girl gone wild
A good girl gone wild

Girls they just wanna have some fun
Get fired up like a smokin' gun
On the floor till the daylight comes
Girls they just wanna have some fun

I know, I know, I shouldn't act this way
I know, I know, I know, good girls don't misbehave, misbehave
But I'm a bad girl anyway
Forgive me

Like a girl gone wild
A good girl gone wild
I'm like hey-ey-e
Like a girl gone wild
A good girl gone wild

Girls they just wanna have some fun
Get fired up like a smokin' gun
On the floor till the daylight comes
Girls they just wanna have some fun

A girl gone wild
A good girl gone wild
I'm like a girl gone wild
A good girl gone wild


Written by Madonna, Jenson Vaughan, Benny Benassi and Alle Benassi
Produced by Madonna, Benny Benassi and Alle Benassi

New Madonna Girls Gone Wild Promo Pic.


Madonna GGW Lyric Video Details!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Inside Madonna's Oscar Party!

There's gonna be a Weinstein party and a Vanity Fair party this weekend. Both are HARD tickets. But the HOTTEST pAArty in town is without a doubt going to be Madonna's annual Oscar pAArty!! Our source tells us the guest list includes Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Britney Spears, Natalie Portman, Sean Penn (heyyy ex-hubby), Tom Hanks, J.Lo, Tom Cruise, and SO MANY MORE!! Unless of course you're Elton John…

Exclusive: Madonna "Girls Gone Wild" Single Review!

Madonna’s upcoming single, "Girls Gone Wild", will put her comeback back on track.

It is an absolute club banger and will rank up with "Vogue" and "Ray of Light" as one of Madonna’s best dance tracks.

The song begins with Madonna reciting some sort of prayer, before singing about being a good girl gone bad.

However, there is a deeper meaning to the song — it is sort of autobiographical.

It’s about a good catholic girl, who decides she doesn’t want to play by the rules anymore.

Does that sound familiar?

Madonna’s crisp vocals—very reminiscent of her 1993 hit "Deeper and Deeper".

Those who thought Madonna lost her way after listening to "Give Me All Your Luvin’" will be pleased:

"Girls Gone Wild" hasn’t been officially released yet, but we should start hearing it any day now.

source: examiner

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Exclusive Details On Madonna's Girls Gone Wild Video!

“Girls Gone Wild” opens up the way “Like a Prayer” (the album) closes: with an “Act of Contrition” spoken by Madonna.

The snippet included in the iHeartRadio MDNA megamix doesn’t really do the song justice.
The beat of this song is simply insane!
It’s the most danceable pop song you’ve ever heard!
We can expect the remixes to kill everything.

It’s all about a good girl wanting to have fun on the dance floor (“in the zone”) accepting her status of bad girl… and it’s a little autobiographical too: “I know good girls don’t misbehave, but I’m a bad girl anyway”.

Still, towards the end, Madonna whispers “Forgive me”…

Madonna's Fashion Evolution...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

VEVO will have an exclusive lyric video for Madonna’s next single, “Girls Gone Wild,” this Friday!


VEVO will have an exclusive lyric video for Madonna’s next single, “Girls Gone Wild,” this Friday. Who loves ya, baby? (2/22/12)

Jean Baptiste on Madonna's Upcoming MDNA Album!

From Jean Baptiste's Facebook

When we were making "Fleshtone" I was picturing Madonna listening to it in her ipod while working out. When I found out she loved the album I felt validated. now pretty soon I'll be working out with my ipod listening to "MDNA" which I worked on. That shit cray!!!

Madonna & Lola Arrive At "LAX" Airport Los Angeles February 22nd, 2012

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How Madonna’s Second ‘MDNA’ Single ‘Girls Gone Wild’ Came Together!

“Girls Gone Wild,” the second single from Madonna’s “MDNA,” was born from the remote union of two Italian producers and a Canadian writer, all signed to Patrick Moxey’s Ultra Music.

Moxey says…

“Obviously it’s huge for us.
We have both the producer and the top-line writer; that’s 100% share.”

The mid-tempo, four-on-the-floor party track is a tougher take on the style of Madge’s 2005 effort, “Confessions On A Dancefloor,” produced by Stuart Price: It’s undeniably dance, but with stronger electro than house markings. (“MDNA” in totality will probably be more diverse, featuring the production of disco house champion Martin Solveig on four tracks, and the darker, trance-ier William Orbit on five.)

Moxey traces the song’s beginning back to early 2011, when Ultra Records artist Benny Benassi was preparing to release “Electroman,” his fourth studio album. Moxey thought his aggressive style would “work well with some of the major American superstar artists,” so he requested additional tracks from Benny and his longtime production partner, Ale (Alejandro) Benassi, also his cousin.

Benassi is best known for single “Satisfaction,” a robotic take on the Rolling Stones original, which snagged a high-profile Wendy’s synch back in 2003. Since then, he’s made his mark with a hard-hitting electro-focused singles and DJ sets that nonetheless mesh with different genres, snagging a “Best Remix” Grammy in 2008 for Public Enemy’s “Bring The Noise.” (Skrillex just took the same award this year for his take on “Cinema,” a Benassi original.)

Moxey selected a few tracks and shared them with Jenson Vaughan, a young top-line writer based in Vancouver. Vaughn had done extensive work with U.K. producer Ian Carey, on collaborations with artists like Timbaland, Kelly Rowland and Snoop Dogg.

Moxey adds…

“I was really attracted to his lyrics.
And I feel Benassi in my bones, because those bass-driven tracks are so inspiring.
It’s a bit like cooking, like, ‘Ooh, what would this sound like together?’”

Vaughn returned a demo just a week later, which Moxey shared with Benassi’s European co-manager Paul Sears, who in turn sent it to Guy Oseary, Madonna’s manager. Soon, the Benassi boys were on their way to London (from their home of Parma, Italy) to record with Madonna.

Moxey reports…

“She loved them.
Benny is such a quality person;
I think that made it all flow so much easier.”

Two tracks from that session — “Girls” and “I’m Addicted” — made it onto “MDNA,” with “Girls” opening the album.

Moxey says…

“A brilliant way to have hits is to create hits.
When you have very talented people around you, you just make the introductions, and maybe give them some direction. It’s the essence of the A&R process, but it’s so natural — it’s not contrived.”

Looking toward the release of the “GGW” video, Moxey says he isn’t concerned with a reported lawsuit from Joe Francis, creator of the “Girls Gone Wild” series of co-ed flasher videos…

“When I looked at ASCAP, I noticed there were approximately 50 records called ‘Girls Gone Wild.
This guy just thinks too much of himself.”

Source: Billboard

Monday, February 20, 2012

Madonna: "W.E." Costumes On Display At The "FIDM" Museum In Los Angeles!

Here are close-ups of the costumes from "W.E.", which were done by Arianne Phillips and are among the five "Oscar" nominees for "Best Costume Design".

Besides Edward's suit, on the left, here we have two garments worn by actress Andrea Riseborough, who played Prince Edward's love, Wallis Simpson.

Center is a 1930s black dinner suit, including a jacket adorned with a white leather scroll motif inspired by Schiaparelli.

On the right is a 1930s Vionnet-inspired beaded, silk chiffon gown.

"Wallis Simpson was studied SO much, and of course, I studied her, so I LOVE that we have this!" Kevin Jones, curator ( pictured above ), said.

"To have an embroidered gown like this is phenomenal in a film today."

All of the costumes can be seen the "FIDM Museum & Galleries" in L.A.

The movie exibit runs just through April 28th, 2012, but there are always costumes on display at the museum.

Check out

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The Directors Of Madonna's "Girl Gone Wild" Video Confirmed!

The directors for "Girls Gone Wild" video are Mert and Marcus... They also photographed MDNA album...

Via Guyoseary

Madonna Is The Act With The Most Global Top 10 Hits Of All Time!

After the first full week at retail Madonna's "Give Me All Your Luvin'" makes a big jump from No.22 to No.7 (up 78% to 209.000 points).

It's Madonna's 43rd Global Top 10 smash so far (at the moment the years 1985 and 1986 are still missing).

So, Madonna is the act with the most Global Top 10 hits of all time.

source: unitedworldchart

Madonna Is The Act With The Most Global Top 10 Hits Of All Time!!

After the first full week at retail Madonna's "Give Me All Your Luvin'" makes a big jump from No.22 to No.7 (up 78% to 209.000 points).

It's Madonna's 43rd Global Top 10 smash so far (at the moment the years 1985 and 1986 are still missing).

So, Madonna is the act with the most Global Top 10 hits of all time.

source: unitedworldchart

Madonna to shoot Girls Gone Wild music video this coming week!

Talking with Ryan Seacrest a few days ago, Madonna revealed that she would have shot the music video for Girls Gone Wild soon. Madonna fans learnt this way that the second single from MDNA is Girls Gone Wild, co-produced with Italian DJ Benny Benassi.

And now, Madonna's manager Guy Oseary tweeted that Madonna is shooting Girls Gone Wild video this coming week.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

New Madonna MDNA Promo Pic!

Madonna MDNA Album Promo And Info Update!

This is ugly guys. The song is going to continue to do well, face it. MDNA is NOTHING like this song. Even Solveig said they would've changed the lead single had Nicki and M.I.A. not been involved...all of the promotions tie into this as well. There won't be a lot of performances of GMAYL, but there will be performances from the album. Everything is incredibly quiet, on purpose.

Mixes from Price, Orbit and Solveig do exist, and I'm assuming are the bonus tracks on the deluxe version. I've been told they are incredible, some just feature Madonna. From what I've been told this album is very much like Like a Prayer. Some truly amazing songs that will touch and hit close to home with a lot of people, some songs that will make you think, WTF?, and some songs that will just make you move."

" I can reveal that everyone involved with GMAYL was devastated at the leaking of the track, and unlike past times, another choice was made for release. Unfortunately both M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj had worked their releases and promotions around GMAYL and the Super Bowl as well. W.E. wasn't meant to conflict with the album. Nothing has been announced, but she will be doing promo concerts and appearances, a lot in the U.S. "

Friday, February 17, 2012

Madonna GMAYL Promo Football!

Universal/interscope released some inflatable promo footballs for Madonna´s Super Bowl performance, a collectors item.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Madonna crowned 'Greatest' Woman in Music!!

Madonna is already dubbed the Queen of Pop, so fans of the iconic singer probably aren't surprised that she tops VH1's "100 Greatest Women in Music" list.

The network's weeklong countdown wraps up Friday and features the greatest female artists of the last twenty years who have released music from 1990 to today.
The list includes the likes of P.J. Harvey, Sheryl Crow, the Spice Girls, Miley Cyrus, Cher, Aaliyah, Ke$ha, Florence and the Machine, Liz Phair, M.I.A. and the White Stripes drummer Meg White, to name a few.

As the countdown comes to a close, it seems that Madonna is the only lady who can top the list. Also making the top 10 is Pink, Mary J. Blige, Christina Aguilera, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Adele, Lady GaGa, Beyoncé and Mariah Carey, who landed at #2 on the list.

Britney Spears narrowly missed the top 10, landing at #11. The other girls in the top 20 are Rihanna (who just made it at #20), Kelly Clarkson, Missy Elliott, Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez, Alanis Morissette, Alicia Keys, Gwen Stefani and TLC.

"MDNA": Next Single "Girls Gone Wild" or "Turn Up The Radio"?

Madonna is scheduled to start filming the video for her next single "Girls Gone Wild" coming February 21st, 2012.

However, San Diego’s "Z90.3" claims that the next single will actually be "Turn Up The Radio".

Whatever song Madge chooses, it will surely become her 39th Top 10 hit.

source: examiner

Models Wear Madonna For Coitus Magazine!


Madonna's "GMAYL" Becomes Her 38th "Hot 100" Top 10 As A Solo Female Artist Putting A Male Band In Their Place For The Fourth Time!

Almost 30 years after her arrival on "Billboard"'s charts, Madonna continues to feel L-U-V from her fans.

On this week's "Billboard Hot 100 Songs" chart, her latest single, "Give Me All Your Luvin'", featuring Nicki Minaj and M.I.A., bounds 13-10 in its second chart week.

The first single from Madonna's 12th studio album, "MDNA", due March 26th, 2012 (which sports an "L-U-V, Madonna!" cheerleader chant), becomes her 38th "Hot 100" top 10, pushing her further ahead of runners-up the "Beatles" (34).

Madonna first reached the chart's top tier the week of June 16th, 1984, when "Borderline" rose to its No.10 peak.

She had last ranked in the region with "4 Minutes", featuring Justin Timberlake and Timbaland, the week of June 28th, 2008.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Madonna On Acceptance and Love!


Focused on the last twenty years of music history, what artist ended up being named the "Greatest Woman In Music" for their career accomplisments over the last 20 years?

The one and only...

01. Madonna!

Don’t forget to watch the 100 Greatest Women In Music special on VH1 each night this week at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

#20-#1 will air on Friday, February 17th, 2012.

source: vh1

Monday, February 13, 2012

Nicki Minaj "Meeting Madonna Changed My Life"!

The presence of a legend helped inspire Nicki Minaj in new ways, making her more focused than ever.

"Meeting Madonna changed my life. Working with Madonna changed my life. Rehearsing with Madonna for two weeks changed my life", Minaj professed.

"I saw how much Madonna sacrificed and how much she rehearses and rehearses and rehearses and rehearses, and everyone there was like 'We got it.'. But she was like 'No, I want you to know this choreography in your sleep'."

"This performance was it, and this is the first performance that I'm proud of in my entire career", Minaj said of her "Super Bowl" halftime performance, aside Madonna and M.I.A.

Minaj had some words in regards to M.I.A.'s brash hand gesture during the halftime show, feeling at first "disappointment" beause of "respect for Madonna".

"I'm a cuckoo lady too, but I would never be able to do it off the strength of Madonna. There are fines that go into these things, and I just thought 'Oh my God. I hope they don't penalize Madonna'. Madonna knows the artist that M.I.A. is, and it was her decision to take the risk with all of us. We were kinda all firecrackers, and she took that risk. She's done some crazy things becoming the icon that she is, so, I think that's why she was able to forgive M.I.A.", she said.

"I love M.I.A., and I don't want to say anything that is the wrong thing, but me, personally, I couldn't see myself doing it, just for the respect for Madonna", Minaj admitted.

"I wouldn't want any backlash to come back on Madonna."

source: billboard

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Nicky Romero New Madonna Remix For Give Me All Your Luvin!

Madonna's M.D.N.A. iTunes highest sales in history!

Clear Channel’s worldwide multi-platform promotion of Madonna’s new single 'Give Me All Your Luvin'' helped to propel the iconic superstar’s album MDNA to no. 1 on iTunes and drove record-breaking advance sales. Last Friday, February 3, Clear Channel, a leading global media and entertainment company, world premiered Madonna’s highly anticipated new single and video, 'Give Me All Your Luvin’,' across its full range of media platforms, including radio, outdoor, online and mobile. As part of the campaign, Clear Channel used extensive on-air and online promotions to drive listeners and Madonna fans to iTunes, where they could buy the new single and pre-order MDNA, scheduled to be released in March. The campaign, which marked a first-of-its-kind worldwide promotion by Clear Channel, helped make MDNA the biggest one-day pre-order in iTunes history and by day three, MDNA ranked at No. 1 in iTunes stores in 50 countries.

'Clear Channel Media and Entertainment’s global reach on the Madonna launch was unprecedented, and we couldn’t be more excited about our partnership,' said Brenda Romano, President of Promotion Interscope Geffen and A&M. 'Their willingness to work with us on every element of the simultaneous, multi-platform campaign - everywhere Madonna fans are - exceeded our expectations and was instrumental in driving pre-sale of Madonna's new album MDNA.' 'You cannot overstate the impact that Clear Channel's Madonna campaign had on the Madonna pre-order on iTunes during Super Bowl Weekend, as we experienced the largest first day pre-order ever for an Interscope artist,' said Gary Kelly, Vice President of Sales Interscope Geffen and A&M. 'We felt the amazing power of Clear Channel worldwide, they clearly have the muscle to create an event program,' said Guy Oseary, Madonna’s Manager. 'The results speak for themselves...we are very happy.'

Clear Channel Media and Entertainment, with its 238 million monthly listeners in the U.S., has the largest reach of any radio or television outlet in America. The new single aired simultaneously across more than 100 Clear Channel radio stations in major U.S. markets including Z100 and KTU in New York and KIIS FM in Los Angeles as well as Clear Channel stations in Australia and New Zealand and via Global Radio’s Capital FM Network in the UK. At the same time, the full-length, four-minute music video of 'Give Me All Your Luvin’' ran on Clear Channel spectacular digital billboards worldwide, including in iconic, high-visibility locations like New York City’s Times Square, Las Vegas, London’s Piccadilly Circus, La Defense in Paris, Oslo Central Station in Norway, and Helsinki, Finland. The campaign was also displayed across more than 1,600 Clear Channel-owned digital billboards around the world, and a 'Madonna Radio' online channel was available on the homepage of and on the company's individual local radio station websites. 'We’re thrilled to help contribute to the success of Madonna’s new album MDNA,' said Tom Poleman, President of Clear Channel National Programming Platforms. 'Our goal was to use Clear Channel's multi-media platform to create a massive international pop culture event on a scale that's never been done before. And we're excited to see how quickly and passionately our listeners responded.'

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Martin Solveig Talks Madonna...

Martin Solveig: Madonna has succeeded where Michael Jackson has failed
This week, Martin Solveig gave an inteview to French radio station, Europe1. He talks about his collaboration with Madonna on MDNA, his opinion of her as an icon and an artist, and calls her the “master” while Lady Gaga is her “disciple.”

How did you meet Madonna ?
MARTIN SOLVEIG: With a phone call. I was really impressed. It was her manager. I thought it was a joke, because my team and I prank each other a lot. I actually thought it was my Australian agent pulling a prank me.

Tell us about meeting her for the first time ?
MARTIN SOLVEIG: We actually met on Skype. I was in an airport and everything was planned to go smoothly… but obviously, I had problems with the internet connexion. So, I raised my arm like I was trying to adjust an antenna. I was completely paralyzed. She’s such an icon, a figure of music…I said a lot of nonsense in the first five minutes… I usually don’t get starstruck, but this time, I absolutely was…

How do you call her ?
MARTIN SOLVEIG: Everybody calls her M. She likes it when things go fast.

How did you direct her artistically?
MARTIN SOLVEIG : I learnt from her manager that she liked how I dared to direct her during our first recording session. When you sing and record at the same time, it’s not easy to really to get an idea of the result. That’s my job, this is what I do, I’m a writer and a producer and had to tell her “this take was right, this one wasn’t.”

Do you find her intimidating?
MARTIN SOLVEIG: Very intimidating. She’s a very strong woman and I love that about her. It took me a little time to see her as an artist and not as an icon lingering in her trailer with her Grammy’s and her million record sales…

Were you a fan? What do you think is her legacy to the world of music?
MARTIN SOLVEIG: She has left her landmark in music and fashion in every era. In the 80s, in the 90s. And she has succeeded – what I think Michael Jackson has failed to do – to still be relevant in the 2000s working with Mirwais and Stuart Price. I’m more a fan of those albums than the ones she released when she started. And THAT is impressive to me.

Do you think Lady Gaga took her crown ?
MARTIN SOLVEIG: No. I think she’s a disciple. There’s a master and a disciple. It’s very simple. We all have a role model, don’t we?

What about your single leaking last November…
MARTIN SOLVEIG: Some of her fans are very talented hackers who got into her computer, took her pictures…
I told her about that already. I couldn’t send anything sensitive to her email. It remained the first single because we had two guests M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj. Otherwise, we would have released another single.

Madonna out at the K Center With Rocco and Family pics!

Feb 11/12

Friday, February 10, 2012

Madonna With Carson Daly Live On Amp Radio 2/10/12

Madonna Confirms "Girls Gone Wild" As Second Single! And No Britney Duet!

In an interview today with Ryan Seacrest, Madonna revealed that "Girls Gone Wild" will be the second single off "MDNA", and that the video clip will be shot within the next few weeks.

Today Madonna denied rumors of a collaboration with Britney Spears on this song.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

New Madonna Truth Or Dare Ad!

Madonna Super Bowl XLVI Halftime Show, Different Angle/shot Version!

Madonna to chat with 102.7 KIIS-FM's Ryan Seacrest On Friday!

102.7 KIIS-FM tweeted that this Friday, February 10, Madonna will be at On Air With Ryan Seacrest:

"HUGE show Friday! The one & only Madonna will be @OnAirWithRyan! We’re talking Super Bowl, world tour & everything in between !"

If you're Madonna, you can wear whatever the heck you want. The pop diva chose lipstick red.

We're mostly used to seeing Madonna in black: black Dolce & Gabbana, black Stella McCartney, and at the Super Bowl halftime show, black custom-made Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci.

But for the cover of her 12th studio album, MDNA, the undisputed Queen of Pop went in a more fiery direction: a screaming, train-stopping red number from Antonio Berardi. The slinky, scarlet shift with padded shoulders is slightly futuristic, and she matches it with red lips and red fingerless gloves, recalling vintage '80s Madonna.

The cover photo was shot by Mert and Markus, a photography team known for their Louis Vuitton campaigns, and who seem to have eclipsed Steven Meisel and Mario Testino as the most sought-after fashion photographers in the business. The look was styled by Madonna's Oscar-nominated stylist Arianne Phillips, who created the costumes for M's new movie W.E.

Madonna's Record Breaking Numbers!

It's been a record breaking week for Madonna. Along with 117.8 million viewers - the largest viewership for a halftime show in Super Bowl history - and three million more viewers than the game itself, the pre-orders for the Material Girl's upcoming MDNA album ascended to the top spot on iTunes stores in 50 countries and was the largest one day pre-order of any album in iTunes history, it was confirmed today by her record label Interscope. Commented Madonna, "Thanks for all the L-U-V!! from around the world."

A key part of the album release included a first of its kind worldwide promotion by Clear Channel, a leading global media and entertainment company, which premiered Madonna's highly anticipated new single and video, "Give Me All Your Luvin'," across its full range ofmedia platforms, including radio, outdoor, online and mobile on Friday, February 3. As part of the campaign, Clear Channel used extensive on-air and online promotions to drive listeners and Madonna fans to iTunes, where they could buy the new single and pre-order MDNA, scheduled to be released globally March 26.

Below are some of the astounding numbers that add up for Madonna this past week.

50 - Number 1's Pre-orders for Madonna's MDNA album on iTunes (biggest one day pre-order in ITunes (biggest one day pre-order in iTunes history) hit the top spot at iTunes store in 50 countries!
11,000,000 - YouTube downloads of new Madonna video…and counting. The most searched subject on YouTube and Google during the Super Bowl
13 - Madonna's new single catapults to the #13 spot on Billboard's Hot 100 Chart
56 - "Give Me All Your Luvin'" marks Madonna's 56th appearance on the Hot 100 according to Billboard's Keith Caulfield
117.8 Million - Peak audience viewership during Madonna's halftime performance - largest in Super Bowl history - up 4.7 million from last year - surpasses Michael Jackson's 1993 halftime performance - and exceeds by 3 million the number of people viewing the 2012 Giants/Patriots game.
47.1 Million - Households saw Madonna's Super Bowl Performance
#6 - Trending at No. 6 on European Airplay Charts
#2 - iTunes Single, jumped from previous spot 11 after the Super Bowl
2500 - Spins in less than 48 hours at Top 40 radio
25 - "Give Me All Your Luvin'" single's chart debut
51 - Global Tour Dates Announced by Live Nation 1600 - Clear Channel Digital Billboards Around the Globe aired Madonna's "Give Me All Your Luvin'"

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Madonna has a huge debut on the Hot 100 Chart!!

Madonna has a HUGE debut at No. 13 with her Give Me All Your Luvin', after just 72 hours before the chart was closed. Expect Top 10 next week!
Kelly Clarkson's Stronger will hit #1 on next week's HOT 100 chart. Adele drops to #2 with her latest. Flo Rida is at #3, Rihanna # 4.

Glee eyeing another Madonna Episode, this time featuring Madonna herself!

Ryan Murphy is hoping to do another Madonna tribute episode on Glee, and this time around he wants Madonna herself to make a guest appearance! Murphy recently dished about his plans during a visit to Bravo’s Watch What Happens After Show. Glee previously tackled Madonna during its first season with the popular episode, “The Power of Madonna.”

"I want to do another Madonna episode, but I want Madonna to be on it,” Murphy told host Andy Cohen. "She says she would do it."

No word on what Madonna songs would be included this time around, however the first Madonna episode featured hits from Madonna’s catalogue including “Ray of Light,” “Express Yourself,” “Borderline/Open Your Heart,” “Frozen,” “Like a Prayer,” “Like a Virgin,” “Justify My Love,” “4 Minutes,” “What it Feels Like For a Girl” and “Vogue.”

Madonna wouldn't mark the first pop superstar to appear in a tribute episode of Glee: Britney Spears made a cameo in her season two episode, “Britney/Brittany.” Madonna may be intersted in a guest spot, but the singer certainly has a busy schedule.


Andy LeCompte On How He Styled Madonna's Curls For An Event She Made The Most Watched In History Of TV!

Still reeling from Madonna’s "Super Bowl" performance?

We can’t get over how flawless the "Material Girl"’s hair stayed, thanks to hairstylist, Andy LeCompte.

"Madonna’s look demanded something fit for a Queen", LeCompte said.

"We played with the tightness and looseness of the curls, as well as the amount of volume to see what would work best."

He started by blowing out the pop star’s hair, and then wrapped two-inch sections around a medium-barrel curling iron.

He tousled and lifted strands slightly at the root to create volume.

The secret weapon:

A generous spritz of the "Wella Professionals Stay Firm Finishing Spray" ($15; kept her Madgesty’s curls in place in front of 111.35 million viewers.

source: instyle