Monday, February 20, 2012

Madonna: "W.E." Costumes On Display At The "FIDM" Museum In Los Angeles!

Here are close-ups of the costumes from "W.E.", which were done by Arianne Phillips and are among the five "Oscar" nominees for "Best Costume Design".

Besides Edward's suit, on the left, here we have two garments worn by actress Andrea Riseborough, who played Prince Edward's love, Wallis Simpson.

Center is a 1930s black dinner suit, including a jacket adorned with a white leather scroll motif inspired by Schiaparelli.

On the right is a 1930s Vionnet-inspired beaded, silk chiffon gown.

"Wallis Simpson was studied SO much, and of course, I studied her, so I LOVE that we have this!" Kevin Jones, curator ( pictured above ), said.

"To have an embroidered gown like this is phenomenal in a film today."

All of the costumes can be seen the "FIDM Museum & Galleries" in L.A.

The movie exibit runs just through April 28th, 2012, but there are always costumes on display at the museum.

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