Monday, February 6, 2012

Neither "Giants" Nor "Patriots" - But Madonna Was Top Search & Trend!

We're 24 hours removed from "Super Bowl 46", in which the "New York Giants" defeated the "New England Patriots" 21-17.

But it was neither the "Giants" nor "Patriots" that people were searching for most last night on "Google" during the game.

It was Madonna.

"Google" has revealed the "Super Bowl" search trends.

Overall, the top trending searches on "Google" during the game was:

- Madonna.

Above all the players, Madonna took the spotlight as the most-searched term during the game.

Madonna's halftime performance was also a hot trend on "Twitter".

During the halftime show, there were 10,245 tweets-per-second, good for third on "Twitter"'s all-time list.

source: searchenginewatch

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