Saturday, February 25, 2012

Exclusive: Madonna "Girls Gone Wild" Single Review!

Madonna’s upcoming single, "Girls Gone Wild", will put her comeback back on track.

It is an absolute club banger and will rank up with "Vogue" and "Ray of Light" as one of Madonna’s best dance tracks.

The song begins with Madonna reciting some sort of prayer, before singing about being a good girl gone bad.

However, there is a deeper meaning to the song — it is sort of autobiographical.

It’s about a good catholic girl, who decides she doesn’t want to play by the rules anymore.

Does that sound familiar?

Madonna’s crisp vocals—very reminiscent of her 1993 hit "Deeper and Deeper".

Those who thought Madonna lost her way after listening to "Give Me All Your Luvin’" will be pleased:

"Girls Gone Wild" hasn’t been officially released yet, but we should start hearing it any day now.

source: examiner

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