Friday, March 16, 2012

William Orbit filming an EPK for Madonna's MDNA today!

Both Madonna's manager Guy Oseary and co-producer William Orbit had the chance to spend a few words and interact with the fans who got in touch with them on the social networks to share their thoughts on the promotion of MDNA.

They both reassured the fans - Guy invited to do not think in traditional while William said they were perhaps not following the promo 'rule book', but Madonna and Guy Oseary know what they’re doing and they are doing it with panache.

A new hint of what's in store comes again from W.O. himself, as he shared on Facebook:

"Filming an EPK for MDNA today. All the other contributors have done their bit so I can’t not do it. Being up all night in the studio right before not the ideal, but i got tinted glasses".

In case you don't know what an EPK is, an electronic press kit is used in the media as an equivalent of a traditional, printed press kit, but benefits immensely from the fact it can be filled with images and multimedia content, making some EPKs brilliant pieces of art themselves.

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  1. if you want to know about What is an EPK ....then want to say that it's An electronic press kit is a traditional promo package in digital form. An electronic press kit, also known as an EPK, always contains bio info about the musician and info about releases but can also include press photos, videos, info about upcoming tour dates, backline requirements and more. It is easier to cram info into an electronic press kit than a traditional promo package, and EPKs help keep costs down because there is not postage required to send them. However, be aware that not everyone you wish to target with a press package is open to receiving EPKs - be sure to find out the preferences of the people you are contacting.