Saturday, August 13, 2011

An "Oscar" For Oscar? Madonna's W.E Oscar Talk!

Oscar Isaac

On Friday night, "Chicanos Unidos Arizona"'s Cecilia Maldonado was invited to a special Phoenix screening of the film "W.E." directed by Madonna.

Manuel Longoria from "Nuestros Reconquistos" tagged along for the event, and both of them said the movie, about King Edward VII and American divorcee Wallis Simpson, was one of the best films they have seen in the past couple years.

The big news for Latinos is that Oscar Isaac, a Latino of Guatemalan and Mexican descent, puts in an incredible performance as a Russian security guard 'Evgeni', and is receiving buzz for a "Supporting Actor" Academy Award nomination.

"A major award for a Latino would be celebrated by people in American lands that will soon be taken over by Mexico", says Jorge Serrano of "Take Back Aztlán".

Madonna's movie opens up in December, but eager Latinos can see it at the "Toronto Film Festival"("TIFF").

source: Miguel Perez

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