Sunday, April 3, 2011

Madonna Would make Fun Of Me Because I Preferred Being In The Kitchen..

Madonna Would Make Fun Of Me Because I Preferred Being In The Kitchen... Debi Mazar, the pushy publicist on "Entourage" and Ray Liotta’s squeeze on the side in Goodfellas, was once a fixture on South Beach. She marveled at the Art Deco architecture even before the decaying buildings were splashed in fresh coats of pinks and blues. And "I loved everything Morris Lapidus", she says. Back in the day, you clocked Mazar out with Madonna at all kinds of glitzy soirees and VIP-heavy dinners. Mazar was an elevator operator at New York’s "Danceteria" in the early 1980s when she met Madonna, then a broke club kid with delusions of becoming a pop star. They became fast friends, and as Madonna’s fantasies started coming true, Mazar became her makeup artist and even appeared in several Madonna videos, including "Papa Don’t Preach", "Justify My Love" and "Deeper and Deeper". Even after Madonna reached superstardom, she was as tight with Mazar as she was back when they were struggling and hanging out at "Danceteria" and "Paradise Garage" as disco gave way to house and new-wave music. "I was on that South Beach scene with her, but I never felt like I fit in", Mazar says. "I was a working actor by then, but I never bought into all that fame stuff. I remember being at Versace’s place and Stallone’s place when there these crazy parties filled with big stars all being congratulatory of one another. I always felt like a fly on the wall at these incredibly decadent parties, which were wonderful to see. But I just didn’t feel like a part of it. "When Madonna hosted famous friends at her Coconut Grove house, Mazar spent most of her time in the kitchen. "I’d get there and open the refrigerator and say, "Let’s see what we have in here today." And I would start cooking. I enjoyed cooking. But Madonna would make fun of me because I preferred being in the kitchen with the help than in the living room with the stars. "source: miamiherald

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