Monday, April 25, 2011

Madonna, a Handbag & A Dog..

Guy Ritchie had to beg for years to buy his London pub, "The Punch Bowl", according to Gregory Foreman, 22, the son of the barkeeps who sold it to the movie director/Madonna-ex."He came in about three years before he bought it, kept telling my dad it wanted it, and this went on for years, he kept offering more, and finally my dad said, 'we'll take that,'" Foreman says.Ritchie ended up buying the second-oldest pub in Mayfair, built in 1750 and, naturally, haunted (isn't everything in London?).

Foreman spent his teen years living with his parents in the apartment above the pub, and now he works there with his girlfriend.He says Ritchie is a prince. "Thorough gentleman, I don't have a bad word to say about him," Foreman says, although Ritchie lives mostly in the country and isn't in as much as he used to be.But Foreman's first time meeting Ritchie and Madonna, when he was a teen, was a near disaster:After coming home from school, his mum told him the couple were in the pub and go down to meet them.

He pretended to take his dog for a walk and "a wee," then stopped to chat with Guy and Madge. But while they were chatting, the dog peed on Madonna's fancy handbag. He was rattled but Madonna, "she was so cool about it. She said she could get another."

source: usatoday

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