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Hats Off: Madonna Recycles her Image and Harks Back To Her Eighties Style On Classic Open Your Heart Video With Hat!

Hats off: Madonna recycles her image and harks back to her Eighties style on classic Open Your Heart video with a hat

By Jody ThompsonLast updated at 1:10 PM on 26th April 2011

She's been a fashion trendsetter all her life - and it seems that Madonna has taken to following her own lead and re-visiting her favourite looks if her latest outfit is anything to go by.
The star was spotted out and about in New York last night wearing a hat that brought to mind her outfit at the end of the video for her 1986 classic hit Open Your Heart.

The 52-year-old singer had teamed her black trilby with a black leather jacket, ripped jeans and a checked shirt, which all seemed to hark back to the Eighties.
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Hats the say to do it: Madonna was spotted in New York last night wearing a hat similar to the one she wore in the Open Your Heart video

Perhaps it was being back in New York that sparked her nostalgia, seeing as she was living in the Big Apple when she hit the big time.

Released in November 1986, Open Your Heart was the fourth single from her True Blue album.
At the start of the promo, a 28-year-old Madonna plays an exotic dancer wearing a silk black basque with what would become her trademark conical bra with golden nipple tassels in a peep show club.

Who's that girl? It's thought the be-hatted star is in New York for meetings about her forthcoming movie W.E.

Looking back: Along with the hat and ripped jeans, the star's outfit seemed quite Eighties-inspired

In circumstances not made clear in the promo, she befriends a little boy backstage - played by child actor and model Felix Howard, who was just 13 at the time.
At the end of the story, she escapes from the club with the boy looking androgynous, and like him, wearing a baggy grey suit and black trilby.

Raunchy: The start of the Open Your Heart video sees Madonna playing an exotic dance in a peep show club

Strutting her stuff: At the start of the promo she is wearing a basque with a conical bra which would go on to become another trademark look

They then literally skip off into the sunset in a picture of innocence.

It was Madonna's fifth No. 1 on the U.S. Billboard hot 100 chart and a No. 4 hit in the UK.
In the 21st Century however, Madonna is busy putting the finishing touches to her movie W.E. and it's thought she was having meetings at NBC's New York studios about the film.

The Daily Mail

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