Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Douglas signed a publishing deal with Warner/Chappell in early 2012, and started scooping up opportunity in the mainstream pop world. “Heart Attack” was his first Top 10 hit as a songwriter, to be followed by “Talk Dirty,” Derulo’s “Wiggle” and work with artists like the Backstreet Boys and Hilary Duff. Douglas spent part of last summer in Ibiza with David Guetta, living in the superstar producer’s house and working on tracks for his recent album, Listen.

The recent high-water achievement for Douglas was working on “Ghosttown,” one of the songs featured on Madonna’s upcoming Rebel Heart studio album. The songwriter says that the song, which was released along with five other Madonna tracks following a demo leak last month, was written in three days after Madonna personally requested some studio time.

“She liked ‘Talk Dirty,’ actually, and so they put me and [co-writers] Jason Evigan and Evan Bogart in with her and we had this great session,” says Douglas. “I was incredibly nervous for obvious reasons, but she showed up, was super personable and was ready to work. I basically checked it off my life bucket list.”

Source : Billboard

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