Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Israeli man arrested for hacking Madonna’s computer

An undercover investigation by the Internet crime unit of Israel’s anti-fraud police resulted in the arrest of a Tel Aviv man suspected of hacking into several musicians’ computers over the course of several months.

The suspect allegedly stole unreleased tracks and sold them online.

The investigation began after a complaint by a representative for the singer Madonna. The investigation continued in cooperation with the FBI, which led to suspicion of a wider hack of several international artists.

A man, aged 40, accused of hacking Madonna’s computer and selling unreleased songs he found on it which resulted in their leaks months ahead of an official release was arrested in Tel-Aviv this morning. A hearing to extend his arrest will take place later today in Rishon Leziyon, Unit ‘Laahav 433′ of the Israeli police announced. Madonna was forced to release six songs early due to the leak.

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