Thursday, April 11, 2013

Madonna Address President Banda's Lies and Stands Firm On Her Beliefs!! Bravo!

"I was very happy to visit with the children of Malawi earlier this month and to see with my own eyes the ten new primary schools in Kasungu province that Raising Malawi and buildOn completed this past year. These schools are now educating more than 4,800 children with girls attending in equal numbers. These children who were formerly learning outside on the ground, in unsafe buildings or not at all, now get to attend classes on a daily basis. My children and I were overjoyed to visit these schools and see what amazing progress has been made. I will continue to follow through on my commitment to help educate the children of Malawi. I’m saddened that Malawi’s President Joyce Band Malawian has chosen to release lies about what we’ve accomplished, my intentions, how I personally conducted myself while visiting Malawi and other untruths. I have no intentions of being distracted by these ridiculous allegations. I came to Malawi seven years ago with honorable intentions. I returned earlier this month to view the new schools we built. I did not ever ask or demand special treatment at the airport or elsewhere during my visit. I will not be distracted or discouraged by other people’s political agendas. I made a promise to the children of Malawi and I am keeping that promise."

Brava!! Such class amidst such turmoil!! We love it.

Seriously, if we didn't have more faith in humanity, we'd say it seems like Madonna was almost begrudged for her willingness to help the nation.
The misunderstanding over the terminology still doesn't change the fact that Madge remained committed on her mission to benefit the children of Malawi. Plans were adapted to better fit the needs and the locale, but sometimes life just throws a wrench in business plans. We move forward with the changes, because that's life!
We support you Madonna! When it comes to helping children, we know your heart is pure!

Thanks PerezHilton

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