Saturday, April 27, 2013


Madonna, who at the time of this cover had her first three albums sold millions—was in the midst of a marriage to Sean Penn.

Her interview with writer Chris Chase (who called her “tough but fascinating”) focuses on her love life, but only as a side note to the career success she’d built for herself, portraying Madonna as the take-charge badass we know her as today.

For example, on her work ethic, she tells Cosmo:

“The musicians yell at me because when they take a meal break, I’m looking at my watch the whole time. ‘Okay, thirty minutes is up, get back in the room.’ I hate taking breaks, people come back lethargic, the energy’s down. I mean, I bring my soy milk and my apple and my rice chips to the studio, and I just want to keep working straight through.”

I mean…that quote is basically the word-equivalent of a power suit.

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