Monday, September 19, 2011

Mel C gets It Right On Madonna and Lady Goober!

Singer and former Spice Girl Mel C picks her most inspiring singers - and Madonna is included in her top ten:
I go way back with Madonna. I remember being embarrassed by the lyrics to Like A Virgin as a child, but I was secretly blown away. She’s the artist who made me want to be a pop star, and as a kid I learnt all the songs and routines. She’s a performer who really pushed the boundaries.
People compare Lady Gaga to Madonna, but while I have a lot of respect for Lady Gaga, Madonna did all the groundwork for artists like her. She’s completely in control of her career, has an amazing work ethic and pays real attention to every aspect of her image.
Her videos have always been spectacular; her shows are massive events. I’ve seen her several times – the first was The Girlie Show in 1993. That was a really breathtaking show. If I had to pick one of her albums it would be Ray Of Light.

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