Friday, July 8, 2011

Madonna - More About Rumored "Way Back Home" Demo

Here are some bits of the lyrics from the "Way back home" demo which is in the works at the moment.

Reportedly, the song already sounds great, though it's just a demo track for now.

Some say it's scheduled to be the first single out of the new album but this can't be confirmed yet, as well as it cannot be confirmed that it will actually make the final cut on the new album.

Apparently, the song is not a "Diagram Of The Heart" production, it may actually be Martin Solveig's.

Its lyrics evoke from the ones of "Let It Will Be" from "COADF".

"I've been in charge so many years,
A above the tears, above the fears."

"I've made the rules, I've cut the ropes,
While I was dancing, you made your prayer and made your hopes,
You thought that I was just a ho's
but finally I found my way back home."

Thanks To Superpop and Queen Madonna English.

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