Sunday, July 5, 2015


“IT’S AMAZING, all the talk of my ‘required’ retirement. When I was thirty, it was all, ‘when is she going to quit?’ Then 35, 40 and beyond. This absurd assumption — that once you reach a certain point you have to stop doing what you love doing.”

Madonna back in 2008.
That’s Madonna, talking to me about six years ago! She meant it then and she means it now — more now than ever.

During this chat, Madonna said: “Look, Liz, I’ll quit when you do!”

I said; “Okay, you and I will be the last girls standing at the rodeo.”

M: “You mean when we’re not straddling the saddle?”

JUST IN case nobody picked up on the fact that 56-year-old Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone is not going to wedge herself into a black evening gown and begin crooning standards, the pop icon’s latest video put an end to that fantasy.

Gathering together a batch of guest stars including Kanye, Beyonce, Chris Rock, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Madonna romps through a minor song, “Bitch, I’m Madonna” with major implications.

Critics have had a fine time pointing out that her album “Rebel Heart” has not been a raging success, and that she needs to stop doing what she’s doing.

Well, Madonna blithely showed that hit album or not, at the snap of her fingers she can not only command any producer in the world to work with her, but she can command the world’s hottest pop stars to come play in her backyard.

“Rebel Heart” is a hot mess, but was probably affected by the hacking of all her songs, forcing her to rush the album out. (There are 25 tracks!) But “RH” contains about eight great numbers, so why complain? The video, “Bitch, I’m Madonna” — which has the star rampaging through a nightclub — is a kind of joyful hot mess. Just relax and have fun. (The people who rain on her parade are usually twenty years younger and much less agile!)

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