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Observe this picture of Pop queen Madonna licking the side of Nas’ face. You can almost see the exact moment when he starts realizing what that tongue has done, where it’s been and how much soap and hand sanitizer he needs to correct the matter.

But with millions of albums sold, “The Material Girl” can still provide any rapper with the proper crossover appeal—even at the ripe age of 56. She can keep those “Vogue” raps, but when it’s time for a mean 16 bars, she knows how to enlist the proper heavy hitters. Hit the jump and check out Madonna’s history of run-ins with rappers.

- The Beastie Boys can attest to Madonna’s love of Hip-Hop. She brought the legendary trio on tour for her 1985 Like A Virgin Tour.

- Madonna’s 2009 greatest hits album, Celebration, featured a Lil Wayne cameo on the track “Revolver.” That would be the first of her YMCMB collaborations for those of you keeping track at home.

- The Chicago rapper was visited by Madonna backstage last year, and his social media profile rose exponentially.

- Proving her ear for relevant Rap sounds, Madonna enlisted Nicki Minaj on the single “Give Me All Your Luvin’” from Madonna’s 2012 album MDNA. Nicki also appeared on the track “I Don’t Give A.”

- After presumably being left on the cutting room floor from Madonna’s Hard Candy sessions, “The Beat Is So Crazy” was a match made in Interscope heaven between Madonna, Eve and Pharrell Williams. After being locked in the vaults, it was liberated in August of 2014.

- Hip-Hop doesn’t really claim Vanilla Ice, and rightfully so. But the motocross racer-turned-rapper also appeared in her Sex book, and by all accounts Madonna made Vanilla Ice one of her many boy toys.

- Calling now-defunct duo LMFAO rappers is a rather loose interpretation of the word. But they supplied Madonna with a remix of “Give Me All Your Luvin’” in 2012.

- In one of those random Grammy mash-ups, Madonna joined Queen Latifah, Macklemore, Ryan Lewis and Mary Lambert for a performance of “Same Love” at the 56th annual Grammy Awards.

- Check the credits for Madonna’s 2008 Hard Candy album, and you’ll see Pharrell Williams name a lot. Williams shares writing credits for half of the album’s 12 tracks, and the Neptunes are credited as producers on six tracks as well.

- When Madonna appeared as the featured performer during the Super Bowl XLVI halftime show, she wasn’t even the most controversial performer on stage. That distinction belongs to M.I.A., whom the NFL attempted to sue for $16.6 million after she flipped her middle finger to cameras on live television.

- Big Daddy Kane was featured in an incredibly provocative, staged ménage à trois photo with Madonna and model Naomi Campbell in her 1992 book, Sex. But Kane says, contrary to popular rumors, it was only a few pictures, and he never smashed.

- Madonna has posed with pics with Kanye West and Amber Rose in the past, and she recently caught up with West again at the Keep A Child Alive’s 2014 Black Ball. West and Madge actually made music together on the song “Beat Goes On” from her 2008 album Hard Candy.

- If you still care about that Nas versus Jay Z thing, then notice that Madonna didn’t actually appear on Jay Z’s “Justify My Thug,” but she is logging time (and face licks) with Nas. Score one for Nasir Jones.

Source : HipHopWired

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