Saturday, August 16, 2014

HAPPY 56TH BIRTHDAY TO :The Original Material Girl, QUEEN OF POP, the one & only…MADONNA!!!

What can one say about this is iconic woman who not only changed the world through her music and fashion but who also wasn’t afraid to be different, to be unique and think outside the box, to compete with boys and break the walls of gender roles. And her no-holds-barred example broadened the palette of what artists — especially female artists — could attempt. Liberate yourself, the rest will follow; and when she sings of sex, it was as in not a way of making her a possession for man, but she sang of sex as making her stronger and bolder.

From the mid 1980’s through today Madonna’s influences on the world, fashion, and most importantly the art of pop culture/music will always and forevermore stay current.

Madonna is: original, controversial, bold, raunchy, fashion icon, humanitarian, and let us not forget The Most Influential Female Recording Artist of All Time…and without a doubt is and forever will be the QUEEN OF POP!!!

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