Friday, January 4, 2013

Valentino Gets In Trouble For Blasting Madonna Too Loud at His Swiss Chalet'


Valentino may be an octogenarian, but he still knows how to party.

According to Page Six, Valentino got in trouble with the Gstaad police after several neighbors complained he was blasting Madonna too loud at his chalet. Was he just blasting Madonna tracks? Maybe the Immaculate Collection (“Holiday” obviously, but also “La Isla Bonita” perhaps)? Or was it actually Madonna herself, because she was reportedly there too, along with daughter Lourdes and Anne Hathaway. Ah, #richpeopleproblems.

Valentino, clearly, did not comment on this report. We’ve reached out to Valentino’s reps as well but don’t expect to hear anything. Still, we kind of hope this is true because now we have a model for what to aspire to be like at 80.

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