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Fantastic Madonna MDMA Tour Pics!!!

Madonna and Rocco MDNA Opening Night Pic!

Madonna Interview Tonight On "NRJ France" !

Madonna MDNA Tour Book Cover No WaterMark!


Madonna premiers a new version of her mega hit LIKE A VIRGIN reworked with Abel Korzeniowskis EVGENIS WALTZ from W.E..
In an unprecedented move, Madonna combines one of the most defining songs of her career with an emotional, classical piano piece composed for her film about the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.

Source : Abel Korzeniowski’s Facebook


The Material Girl’s parade of costume changes includes outfits from longtime collaborators Jean Paul Gaultier and Jeremy Scott, shoes from Prada and Miu Miu and pieces from Alexander Wang. Dolce & Gabbana made suits for the band and background vocalists, Fausto Puglisi created menacing bandolier vests and rams head masks for the backup dancers and even J Brand whipped up custom-made jeans.


As for the media dustup this week when Madonna supposedly lobbed a grenade at Lady Gaga by mashing up her own “Express Yourself” with Lady Gaga’s allegedly reductive “Born This Way” in rehearsals, it wasn’t just a ploy for attention and it’s part of the permanent show. At the end of the song, Madonna throws in the line “She’s Not Me,” from her recent song of the same name.

“Whether it’s an homage or a smack in the face or just being funny, I don’t know,” said Liz Rosenberg, Madonna’s spokeswoman. “People can decide what it means. Madonna isn’t one to explain herself.”

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Madonna and Guy O Meets with Israeli and Palestinian Peace Organizations on Eve of Tour Opening in Tel Aviv (1/1)

Madonna Human Nature MDNA Tour Pics!! Nice!

Madonna MDNA official TourBook Cover Pic!

The book, designed by creative director Giovanni Bianco, uses pictures that were shot by the incredible Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott.

It features new pictures from various photoshoots, like the MDNA album cover, MDNA Tour poster session and also from the “Girl Gone Wild” video shoot, including ones where Madonna’s lying down and wearing chains.

One picture that grabbed our attention is a close-up black and white shot where Madonna’s wearing a black leather cap. It reminds us of the “Justify my Love” cover shoot by Patrick Demarchelier, but is more feminine and sensual.

The front and back cover feature two similar, unreleased pictures of Madonna with her eyes respectively open and shut.

Madonna: The "MDNA World Tour" By The Numbers!

Madonna draws 4,000 tourists to Israel for "MDNA" concert premiere.

Fans pay up to NIS 5,000 for "VIP" tickets and accommodation package to attend Tel Aviv show; Conan O’Brian arrives especially to cover event.

This Thursday, tens of thousands of audience members will have the honor of being the first in the world to attend the latest concert tour by the Queen of Pop, Madonna.

The opening show of her "MDNA 2012 World Tour" comes three years after the singer finished her last worldwide concert tour, the "Sticky & Sweet Tour", with two performances in Tel Aviv’s "Hayarkon Park".

The set up for the show, which is produced by local promoter Shuki Weiss, together with "Live Nation" for an estimated cost of more than NIS 15 million, has taken two weeks so far.

A special 800-meter stage was built in Belgium.

It includes hidden stages, and its design will change for each song.

A special section, called the "Diamond", was built to protrude from the stage into the audience.

In addition, a tent city was built, including bedrooms, a game area for the singer’s children and a lounge for American television host, Conan O’Brian, who is visiting Israel especially to cover the show.

600 members of staff make the production team, 350 coming to Israel from the U.S. "" sold thousands of tourism packages, including accommodation and entry to the show.

In addition, dozens of journalists from all over the world are coming to Israel to cover the event.

"Diet Coca Cola", the Israeli show sponsor, offered some special deals on "Facebook", the winners of which are given the opportunity to upgrade their tickets to seats within the "Diamond" area, which is actually inside the stage.
The Hung-Up at 9:09 AM


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Madonna: Body Of Work - The Top 20 Fitness Icons!

The Vogue Maven: Madonna.

Look no further than her sweatastic "Super Bowl Halftime Show" to believe that Madonna is still calling the shots on what's hot.

But then she has always been ahead of the exercise curve, whether it be "Pilates" or vibrating "Power Plates".

Madonna, forever young, has even opened her own gym chain, "Hard Candy Fitness".

Her message to members:

"Build strength as far as the imagination will allow."

source: fitnessmagazine


Surely the ultimate client for any fashion designer must be the Material Girl herself, Madonna. For Sara Al Madani, the Emirati
designer and co-founder of Rouge Couture in Dubai, that dream may soon be realised. Rebecca McLaughlin-Duane caught up with the talented 26-year-old who, much like the Queen of Pop, takes anything but a conventional approach to her work

Tell me about your latest celebrity muse-inspired line?
We like to keep our clients entertained and one thing we always do is a Celebrity Fever collection. Previous ones have been inspired by Lady Gaga and Alexander McQueen, and we chose Madonna this time because she’s an icon and she’ll be in the UAE. The collection consists of 15 pieces; abayas and two beautiful but crazy party dresses. They are conservative, but with a Madonna style, meaning they don’t show any skin yet are very avant-garde. One of the dresses is red and sequinned all over, the other is silver. The collection is priced between Dh1,000 and Dh3,500.

What about the abaya you have designed specifically for Madonna?
When celebrities come to town or artists have a concert, they have access to something called a celebrity room, where during their downtime they can see all the gifts people and sponsors have sent them. So, although it is not promised that Madonna will wear our abaya publicly, it has been promised to reach her.

The design looks like a cape, because when Madonna comes on stage, before she reveals her outfit, she always has a cape on. It also has huge shoulders inspired by the 1950s and 1960s and a lot of leather, metal and spikes to the shoulders. It’s made from the signature material we produce ourselves called Rouge Silk.

How was it made to measure?
I know exactly what size Madonna is because, as with all celebrities, every detail from their average hair and even nail length is available via their agent, company or on their website. And yes, Madonna is tiny.

Will you be going to the concert and, if so, what will you wear?
Yes, and in the store we sell something called a travelling abaya – a shorter abaya. Of course, I spiked it up for myself to fit the situation!

Have clients responded well to the non-traditional, edgy collection?
Oh, yes. We actually thought clients would need some time to get used to it and wouldn’t start ordering it right away because it’s very strong – of course, while still being conservative. But in fact, before putting out the whole collection, when we had just two pieces out in the boutique, the clients saw it and started ordering it.

So, I’m glad that people here are adapting to fashion very quickly and accepting it. The women are very educated when it comes to fashion, unlike a couple of years ago when we used to educate the clients, now they educate us – which is a great challenge for us as designers.

Do you ever receive criticism for the designs you wear and, if so, how do you deal with that?
Sometimes yes, when I go out. Or in the store sometimes when new clients walk in I get looks from them. So, when I have the opportunity, I try to explain that what I’m wearing is still conservative and still black. Some accept it and some don’t, but I never get angry or react in a negative way because I’m a businesswoman who should always be setting an example. I wear my designs proudly and everyone has their own style.

The National

Madonna causes controversy with stage gun stunt!

The star has been seen aiming rifles at the audience during rehearsals

Madonna is back to her controversial habits as she rehearses for her upcoming MDNA tour, after being photographed holding a gun during rehearsals for the shows.
Practising her dance routines on stage at the Ramat Gan Stadium last weekend (May26), the singer proved that she can still shock her fans by wielding a gun during one of the routines.
In clips taken from the star's rehearsals for the show, which kicks off in Israel, the singer is seen aiming the pistol into the crowd, with her dancers holding machine guns and rifles.
Madonna has already caused gun controversy back in 2008, when she wore a pair of Chanel heels in the shape of guns. Inviting condemnation from British anti-violence group Mothers Against Murder and Aggression.
A leaked video from tour rehearsals shows Madonna performing a mash-up of her hit 'Express Yourself' and Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way'.

New Madonna MDNA Rehearsal Pics! New Outfit!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

MDNA Tour Pro Shot News Report!!

Madonna Grabs Boyfriends Crotch and Dances On MDNA Tour Pics!

Madonna on The Cover Of "TimeOut" Magazine Dubai!

Madonna graces the cover of "Time Out" Dubai, spring-summer edition.


These neon lunatics are …

A contemporary dance troupe, busting technicolour hip-hop moves and making a sizeable ruckus in their meteoric rise to fame. Fanny Pak is headed up by 26-year old Matt Cady who formed the crew while teaching at the Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio in Hollywood. There are now 10 of them, hailing from the US, Japan and Canada, following humble beginnings on the reality TV series America’s Best Dance Crew (ABDC), where they came third in the second season. Cady and fellow crew member Megan Lawson have choreographed the entirety of Madonna’s MDNA tour, bringing their aesthetic, sense of humour and rhythm to the stage.

Their credentials

For all the absurdity of their style, Fanny Pak are committed to who they are. That clearly rang true with Her Madgesty. Despite occasionally skirting the bottom end of the scoreboard for ABDC last season, Fanny Pak didn’t tone down their outrageousness. In fact, with the likelihood of being ditched from the contest mid-season, the crew actually went even more left-field, with a strange Bollywood-inspired, neon meltdown on stage. And, for all their wackiness, Cady does have the credentials of an ambitious young choreographer.

What to expect

Visually speaking, imagine if The Klaxons were teleported back to the late 1980s and told they’d got the colours right but rave was out and preppy was very much in. Irony is the name of the game; everything so passé that it’s adorable. We’re yet to see what Fanny Pak’s choreography brings to a Madonna gig, but the crew’s slot on ABDC dancing to Girls Gone Wild was a crazed whirl of synchronised flailing, spinning mirrors and big individual personalities. It’s theatrical, it’s Glee, it whiffs of Madonna’s Material Girl era. The crew are sure to do a fine job, come stage time.

The name

Well, the name refers to the little zip-up money pouch that was big in the 1980s for tourists to store their passport and foreign currency in while on holiday. In the UK, it’s better known as a bum bag. Or a fashion abomination that somehow got ironically cool. The keenly 1980s naff-chic of the fanny pack feeds into FP’s overall image of neon Frankie Says Relax T-shirts and lemon-coloured crewnecks. Incidentally, they hand out said garments to their fans and refer to each other as “Fannies”.

The background since their launch in 2008

Working on everything from a Kardashian dance-off to Toni Braxton’s music videos. FP came up with their own line of footwear for Milkshake Kicks!, an indie shoe company out of New York, in 2008. They worked with the Margot Fonteyn Academy of Ballet for a documentary, Fanny Goes to the Academy, and crafted an hour-long stage-show that debuted in Maine. The crew have also released their own album of tunes in 2009. District 78, which produces the music for ABDC, worked with the Fannies on this and introduced them to the likes of Taboo from Black Eyed Peas. Their debut EP hit the iTunes dance chart at number six. Its name? A Touch of Fanny


The website has a wealth of videos, semi-ironic photoshoots and even a shop that, for some reason, doesn’t actually sell fanny packs. Look the part by raiding the gift shops in out-of-date hotels.

Matt Cady and Megan Lawson of Fanny Pak will choreograph Madonna’s stageshow on Sunday and next Monday at the du Arena, Abu Dhabi.

SOURCE: TheNational

Sunday, May 27, 2012

More Photos From MDNA Tour Rehearsals!

MDNA Tour Song Descriptions!!

First you hear bells ringing, and than a prayer which is probably in Hebrew. Finally Girl Gone Wild starts. All we want to tell you – without ruining the anticipation – is that something big is moving from left to right. And Madonna is actually entering the stage from the side this time.

Act of Contrition / Girl Gone Wild - starts with church bells, then the hebrew chanting, part of the chant is “madonna, madonna, madonna”, as if they are parying to a god. The MDNA sign on top of the stage lights up in red.


Gang Bang
I did not really get a good view of the video screens yet at this point, so I didnt see the motel scene…. It was definitely a great pair of songs and the lighting was really dark spooky.

Papa Don’t Preach - only half is played. album version.

Hung Up - a more dramatic version of the song, similar to papa don’t preach’s sound.

I Don’t Give A – This is the song with that picture of madonna on a tall platform that was uploaded a few days ago.

Best Friend / Heartbeat (INTERLUDE)

Express Yourself Lots of energy – midway she sings born this way and then she’s not me (exactly what we already knew). It was a nice mix – basically showing you how the songs easily flow into one another.

Turn Up The Radio - She’s on her guitar, the video screens only show her. but it’s pretty much the same version as the album. Great energy.

Give Me All Your Luvin’ - More of a hip hop sounding version.

Open Your Heart - Basque production. Really beautiful! Not high energy like the album version, but more like a pseudo-ballad.

Masterpiece - Her voice sounded great here! She messed up something in the middle and shouted “Shit” at one point lol.

Justify My Love (INTERLUDE) - circus like. Those clowns we saw on those pics are featured here.

Vogue - Same sound and dancing as the superbowl.

Candy Shop - Not as bad as we all thought – I liked it, but still would have preferred another song instead.

Human Nature / Erotica - Human Nature was just like the album version.

Like A Virgin - I don’t remember hearing this…I’m using the setlist posted earlier.

Nobody Knows Me (INTERLUDE)

I’m A Sinner - Album version, nice choreography.

Like A Prayer - Again Basque production – Amazing sounding version. Very dramatic…probably my favorite version of LAP!

Celebration Lots of energy and lights, but Give it to Me was a much better ending IMO. Madonna does some Amazing dance moves!!

MDNA Tour Final Setlist!


Act of Contrition / Girl Gone Wild
Gang Bang
Papa Don't Preach
Hung Up
I Don't Give A
Best Friend / Heartbeat (INTERLUDE)
Best Friend
Express Yourself
Turn Up The Radio
Give Me All Your Luvin'
Open Your Heart
Justify My Love (INTERLUDE)
Candy Shop
Human Nature / Erotica
Like A Virgin
Nobody Knows Me (INTERLUDE)
I'm Addicted
I'm A Sinner
Like A Prayer

Monte Pittman's MDNA Guitar Picks!