Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Martin Solveig Talks The Leaked Single And Madonna!

When Madonna took to social media earlier this month to beg fans to stop posting a leaked track from her upcoming album, no one was more troubled than French producer Martin Solveig.

“We had a terrible leak ... and everyone is very upset about what happened,” said Solveig, who is one of an elite few producers working on the massive Madonna 2012 release. The flap unfolded two weeks ago when a demo version of the Solveig-Madonna track “Give Me All Your Love” hit the blogosphere, much to Madge’s chagrin. The Material Girl tweeted that “real fans” wouldn’t have leaked her music before it was finished. The dance-pop track allegedly also will feature M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj, but Solveig, who plays Royale on Friday in his first-ever Boston show, said he can’t talk about the track. But he did say working with Madonna is a dream come true.

“I would have considered this as impossible,” he told the Herald from a tour stop in Miami. “People ask who you would dream to work with. To me working with Madonna was not really something I could do. When I got the call, first I thought it was a joke. And then when I realized it wasn’t, I was real-ly overwhelmed. The collaboration has been an enormous joy and an enormous surprise.”

Solveig, 35, is the latest Euro-pean DJ to cross over into the U.S. pop world, joining the likes of David Guetta, Afrojack, Avicii and other top dance-music artists. In addition to his work with Madonna, Solveig (born Martin Picandet) had a hit last year with “Hello,” one of three tracks with indie darlings Dragonette on his latest full-length release “Smash.” The disc first dropped this summer in Europe. While Solveig has benefited handsomely from the blogosphere and the press over the Madonna leak, at the end of the day, he says dance music is all about the live performance.

“The interesting part is, always to come to the show because there’s surprises,” he said. “And there’s dancing, which is something you don’t have on the Internet."

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Madonna on The Cover Of "Society" Magazine.

The November 23 issue of Austrian magazine "Society" features a beautiful Madonna image on the cover and an article about the Nightlife Exchange Project inside.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

M.I.A Confirms Working With Madonna!

_M_I_A_ M.I.A
summond to NYC by bitchesses > MADONNA and @NICKIMINAJ > cofffffiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee it iz a good day to get me tho trustttt bitches

From her Twitter page.

Friday, November 25, 2011

W.E. For Your Consideration Ads!

Flashback Madonna and William Orbit On Keyboard Magazine 1998!

Natalie Dormer On Madonna!

"Madonna is a brave and inspirational woman," Natalie Dormer told The Mail Online. "She is everything you can imagine and more."
Natalie Dormer play Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon in Madonna's movie W.E.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Madonna Being A Great Friend To Demi Moore!

Demi Moore has enlisted the help of pop superstar Madonna as she prepares to begin her potentially tricky divorce proceedings from husband Ashton Kutcher. The couple will reportedly battle for their combined $240 million fortune, and the Hollywood actress is looking for all the advice she can get.

The Queen of Pop, who reportedly used "spiritual guidance" as a means of getting through her divorce to Guy Ritchie, is said to be passing on some words of wisdom to friend Demi. A source told the UK's Metro newspaper, "She is calling Demi almost every day and sends her messages telling her to be proud of her strength and to know that she fought to make her marriage work". The singer is apparently using her experience of being with younger men to help Moore through the split from Ashton, a man 15 years her junior. The insider continued, "Madonna has had many younger boyfriends so she understands their mindset. She has told Demi that Ashton's immaturity is evident and that she deserves someone who will fulfil her intellectually and emotionally". After a stormy few weeks that has seen Ashton at the center of cheating allegations, Moore finally announced she is to divorce the actor. At the time, the Two and a Half Men star told Twitter followers, "I will forever cherish the time I spent with Demi.Marriage is one of the most difficult things in the world and unfortunately sometimes they fail. Love and Light, AK".

Despite the split, Moore still remains known as "MrsKutcher" on Twitter, although fans have been advising her on ways to change the username.

Martin Solveig On Working With Madonna!

Martin Solveig Discusses the Making of SMASH Hit 'Hello' and Work with Madonna: "...

I’ve had this crazy opportunity to collaborate with Madonna on her new album and so that kind of thing is so crazy that it implies massive changes of organizations and stuff. And of course I went for it 100% because that’s probably the best artist you can work for as a producer and it’s such a great adventure.

Madonna on Movieline Magazine 1986.

Love it!

Monte Pittman on Madonna!

You started out teaching guitar to Guy Ritchie and consequently Madonna as well. Soon after, you appeared with her on Letterman and joined her band. This was only about 10 years ago and things have been flying for you since then. Have you taken the opportunity to reflect on the wild twists and turns in your journey to this point, or are you a ‘head down and keep pushing forward’ kind of person?
I just keep looking forward. The 11 year mark of the Letterman performance just passed and its hard to believe how fast the time has gone by.
You have been Madonna’s live guitarist and a co-writer since 2001. Please elaborate on your experience touring and writing with a breakthrough artist like Madonna.
It’s the best job in the world. There can be as many as 200 people on tour with you. You usually don’t get to meet them all. We all become a close family on the road and have a great time in each others company. You can see that in the performances.
What’s involved with Madonna’s live performance?
A lot of rehearsing. A lot of hard work. A lot of dedication. Pushing yourself way past what you think are your limits. Madonna, the band, the dancers, the crew all become one and we reflect that energy back and forth from the audience. It’s very exciting.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Pop star Rihanna wants to emulate Madonna!

The 23-year-old, who performed on yesterday's X Factor UK results show, is said to be looking to Madge, 53, for inspiration for her upcoming appearances.
A source told British newspaper the Daily Mirror: 'Rihanna loves Madonna's shows and wants to emulate the old-school formula.'
The We Found Love singer allegedly visited the Pineapple dance studios in London on Saturday to make sure that her routines are up to the same standard as the music icon's.
The insider added: 'Rihanna's dancers had found out all the details of Madonna's favourite dance moves and her dancers' routines at Pineapple from when they rehearsed there two months ago in an audition for Madonna's next live tour.'

Cyndi Lauper Praises Madonna!

Madonna Still Does It...

"Rolling Stone" caught up with Cyndi Lauper to chat about what inspired her and about her favorite female rockers from yesterday and today.

Did you feel a kinship with other female musicians who were kind of coming in around the same time as you back in the Eighties?

Well I had my alter-image, Madonna [laughs]. No matter what I did, there she was, and no matter what she did, there I was. And it wasn't similar, and it was never intentional. We inspired each other. I am inspired by her, because she still does it, and she looks great, and I'm always on a diet, I can never keep a diet, but she looks fantastic, she always does, so that's inspiring.

Do you think having her around made you raise your game as an artist?

No, in the Eighties I was really heartbroken that they would pit us against each other. Because I've always believed sisterhood is a powerful thing, and I just wanted to have a friend in the industry. Another rocker. But they always isolate you when you become popular, when you become famous, and then you're isolated all of a sudden. Nobody can get to you, I guess because everybody wants to get to you.

source: rollingstone

Madonna In NIN Magazine.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Madonna Outtake

Madonna 83 Curtis Knapp Outtakes!

A rare original photo sheet form the 1983 photo shoot by Curtis Knapp.

Madonna Out In NYC November 18/11 Pics!

Andrea Riseborough Talks Madonna

Andrea Riseborough in person is utterly unlike herself on screen. Even from film to film, Riseborough barely registers as the same person. In an interview with "The Guardian" Riseborough talks about her experience working on W.E. with Madonna.

What might have blown Riseborough's cover for good is her much-publicised role as Wallis Simpson in Madonna's forthcoming W.E. Given the notoriety of both director and subject, W.E. was always a risky proposition, but Riseborough didn't hesitate. "From the moment we had a cup of tea together for the first time, her passion for the piece was infectious. When you find somebody with that drive to want to share their vision with the world, and who's going to do that in a way you believe is exciting to be part of, and has a worth artistically, then I think it's crazy not to be a part of it."

Wasn't the prospect of working with Madonna also intriguing? "I'm intrigued by the prospect of working with any director," she replies. But Madonna's not any director; let's admit it. "No director's any director," she says. "Mike Leigh's not any director. Peter Hall's not any director. I can't have a preconception about what any of these people are going to be like. As we all know, and this relates back to Wallis, the public perception of somebody is such a very different thing to who they might be. And I would be naive to think different."

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Madonna Hard Candy Outtakes.

New Madonna Article in The New Billboard Magazine On Her Single Give Me All Your Love!

Benny Benassi not working with Madonna!

@ManCannibal: Are u recording w/ or for THE Emperial Queen of Pop Madonna?
@BennyBenassi: No ….mate is not real … Fake news
via Twitter

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Madonna Interview Magazine Outtake!

Jonas Åkerlund filming Madonna!

Jonas Åkerlund filming Madonna!

Swedish director Jonas Åkerlund is filming Madonna. He was filming Madonna also last night at Roseland Ballroom in New York.

There was a humungous camera filming the Queen of Pop as you can see on the pic below. Åkerlund was there overlooking it. Madonna danced for it. Some parts were similar to her Celebration video.
For a few seconds Madonna kind of sashayed through the crowd of dancers and performed for the camera.

Jonas Åkerlund's crew came out for about 5 minutes. They fixed Madonna's hair and makeup in the back of the stage before it.

Madonna In "Harper's Bazaar" December 2011 Issue - The Extended Interview!

The extended Q&A with Madonna for "Harper's Bazaar" December 2011 issue:

On "W.E.":

When I was really investigating the story of Wallis and Edward, I was struck by the idea that a man would walk away from something that is so symbolic of power. Men are such power-seeking creatures, and they usually kill people to get to the throne. And here’s a man who decides one day, that he’s going to leave the throne for love. Men usually say 'Okay, I’m taking this job, and you’re coming with me, and you support me, and that’s what I need'. So there’s one layer, where you can look at it and go, 'Oh my god, that’s so romantic, what a great sacrifice.' I thought it was also very courageous of him, because, surely, he understood the criticism that he was going to be exposed to. There’s just so many layers. Why would he walk away from this? Why couldn’t he have found another way to make the situation work? Why didn’t he see what the future was going to hold for him? Because, if you just look at it on a surface level, you go 'Oh god he’s weak. He’s a weak person'. But I looked at it, and I turned the page said, 'Actually what a brave thing to do.' I saw Edward as very punk rock.

On art:

I’m attracted to artists like Frida Kahlo, because her work was her life, her questions, her outrage, her suffering, her pain. Everything is in her work. It was all a self-portrait, but that doesn’t mean that everything that has to be taken literally. Really, it’s one of my big pet peeves in life, that everybody takes everything literally, whether it’s the Bible or a work of art or literature or a human being. You can’t take anything literally. And I was very influenced by Anne Sexton. Because of her sassiness, she was a provocateur. She was a housewife, who was married with children in the Fifties, repressed, but decided to go to school and become a writer against her husband’s wishes. Even her own teachers were telling her to stop writing such personal stuff. And she did it anyway. I loved her — I felt a kinship with her desire to break out of oppression and her search for somebody to connect with.

On starting out:

When I really started to take dancing seriously and saw myself as being a professional dancer, I decided to move to New York and leave that very provincial way of thinking in the Midwest behind. I wanted to go to New York, where all the eccentric, artistic people lived. At the time, my ballet teacher, who was a flamboyantly gay man, was really the first person in my life to encourage me to be different; to encourage me to follow my dreams. He was really the first one that said, 'Get out of here. And you are special, and you have something. Go follow your dreams.' And everybody needs that.

On gossip:

People get energy from it: it’s like a hit, like taking a drug. People like it when others are gossiping. When you hear a story about someone’s demise or some big faux-pas they made, everyone wants to tune into it, because it’s nice to know that someone else made a mistake. It makes you feel elevated for a moment. So, I educate my children about that human trait we have, that isn’t very attractive. I let them know that it’s going to happen to me, and possibly to them by default. But it goes into the folder of examination. It provokes many discussions about what’s real and what isn’t, about the society we live in.

On family:

Lourdes has her group of friends and she spends time with her father, who she adores [Madonna’s ex, Carlos Leon). He also lives in the city, and they take the subway together. She calls it 'my normal life', and I know that she enjoys it. She likes going to her abuela’s house — they still live in the same apartment that her father grew up in on the Upper West Side, a one-bedroom apartment. And they are really simple, humble people, and I’m so happy that she has that. My son, Rocco, is really into break-dancing. He has a crew that he dances with, and they’re kids from all over the city, Brooklyn, Queens. And my two youngest children are adopted from Malawi, and we discuss on a regular basis the orphanages they come from, and the other children, who didn’t get adopted, who might still be in the orphanages, or don’t even have an orphanage. We talk about the disparity in lifestyles, and we all go back there. I’m doing my best to keep them grounded.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Madonna Working IT!!!


Daily Mail:Madonna Looks Half Her Age!

If this is the result of giving up facial fillers, Madonna must be wishing she had got round to it a few years earlier.

The 53-year-old looked half her age as she appeared in hotpants, fishnet tights and over-the-knee boots.

The Material Mum, accompanied by 15-year-old daughter Lourdes, was judging a contest in New York to find a dancer to join her backing crew. Last week, she was reported to have told a friend that she had given up Botox and other cosmetic devices because she was worried about looking like a ‘freak’. Although middle-aged, Madonna is showing no hint of slowing down or even toning down her wardrobe.

As well as the hotpants and leather boots, she donned fishnet tights and a white shirt that revealed her cleavage bearing bra. She must have been in her element as she was surrounded by young men at the event and looked delighted.

However, her 24-year-old boyfriend Brahim Zaibat was close by to keep an eye on his lady love.

Madonna's Best Record Yet!

While fans eagerly await icon Madonna’s next album, her choreographers Rich and Tone Talauega dished to "OK!" about what to expect from what they call her "best" record yet, after getting a sneak peek from the singer herself.

"She kind of went back to her roots of electronic music in a way", Rich divulged to "OK!" of the 53-year-old’s new music at a special international dance competition hosted by Madonna and "Smirnoff".

"It’s definitely got a different twist to it. It’s very good."

While Madonna hasn’t released an album since 2008’s Hard Candy, Tone insists that her upcoming tracks are better than ever.

"This is a couple levels up from her last album", Tone gushed to "OK!" on Saturday night in NYC, while Rich added that, "this definitely has to be her best album".

Fortunate enough to have Madonna give the dancing duo "little listening parties", Rich and Tone both agree that the "Like a Virgin" singer "knows how to bring the energy together!".

Aside from working on her record, Madonna just finished up working behind the camera directing the film "W.E.".

source: ok