Thursday, March 3, 2011

All I Know Is At Age 52 She's More Beautiful Than She Was At 25!

All I Know Is At Age 52, She’s More Beautiful Than She Was At 25Liz Smith Talks

MadonnaMADONNA DID not attend the 83rd Academy Awards ceremony last Sunday. She has never been nominated for an Oscar, but she did win a "Golden Globe" for “Evita” and performed twice, memorably, on the Oscar telecast itself.

However, as usual, Madonna did appear at the "Vanity Fair" after-party. Sometimes she lingers, sometimes she just goes to be photographed and lure VF partygoers to her own soiree. The latter was the case this year.Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone showed up at the "Sunset Towers" hand in hand with her tall, beautiful 14-year-old daughter, Lourdes. The younger Ciccone wore an adorable miniskirt. She has great legs. Mama Ciccone was got up in what resembled a semi-transparent negligee with a faux-fur chubby (as we called them back in 1940’s) thrown over her shoulders. Mama has great legs, too. The gown was iffy — though I’m sure it was couture and cost a fortune. Still, I would have enjoyed seeing Madonna strut her peek-a-boo nightie across the Kodak Theater stage.

Why not? Most everybody else was playing it so safe. (Except for Cate Blanchett.)I will say that from the neck up, Madonna looked gorgeous. Everybody talks about the “work” she’s had. Maybe. All I know is at age 52, she’s more beautiful than she was at 25. And now that she is not touring, she’s put on a couple of flattering pounds.

The icon is still busily editing her film “W.E.,” which presents a new and intriguing look at the legend and influence of Duchess of Windsor. I can tell you that they loved what they saw of it in Berlin recently.Madonna is an inventive, inspired director.

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