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This Saturday marks the day that the true Queen Of Pop began her mission to “rule the world”, change the music industry and ignite her iconic career. Madonna released her first official single, ‘Everybody’, on 06 October 1982 – 30 years ago!

‘Everybody’ wasn’t an international worldwide hit upon it’s initial release, but did peak at No.3 on the US Dance Chart. It has since become a cult song, which fans (and non-fans) herald as a Madonna classic.

To honour Madonna’s 30 years of making us “Dance and sing, get up and do (y)our thing”, fans around the world are urging other Madonna fans, as well as music lovers who respect Madonna’s remarkable career, to download the single from an official seller (from the ‘Celebration’ album) and try to get the song to No.1 – yes, even if you’ve already got it – on Saturday 06 October!


Madonna: Her “MDNA” album continues to climb on the Billboard 200 after it reentered the tally a week ago, owed to sales generated by the buzz of her MDNA Tour reaching the U.S.

This week “MDNA” rises 140-94 with 5,000 sold. The bulk of those sales came from CDs sold via either Internet retailers like, through mail order or at the venues where her MDNA concerts were held. Most of those sales seem to be sparked by her tour stops along the east coast, in cities like Boston, New York and Atlantic City.

For example, while “MDNA” is the No. 94 selling album overall on the Billboard 200 (reflecting across the entire U.S.), it was actually the No. 21-selling set in Boston and the No. 29-seller in New York City.


Director PENNY MARSHALL teamed MADONNA and ROSIE O’DONNELL up on the set of baseball movie A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN because she thought the pop star could help keep the actress trim and in shape.

Madonna and O’Donnell became best friends while making the 1992 film and they have their director to thank – because Marshall figured Ro and Mo, as she called them, would be a good influence on each other.

The filmmaker recalls, “I said, ‘Mo, you keep food out of Rosie’s mouth and Rosie, you teach her how to play ball’.”

Marshall also told Madonna to relax her work-out regime on set – because she was too ripped.

She adds, “She was in great shape and she came with a trainer and I said, ‘You’ve gotta stop; your arms shouldn’t be this cut in 1943… They (women) didn’t work out that much.”

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Pop megastar Madonna spoke on a panel of musicians at a conference in 1984 about the importance of staying up with the times, specifically with the then new art form of music videos.

In response, John Oates of Hall & Oates said he resented the fact that an aspiring musician/songwriter had to worry about being an actor now.

Madonna was unsympathetic: “When you’re on stage, you’re acting. That’s a performance. So what’s the difference?”

That all-encompassing viewpoint is why she is the Queen of Pop. Madonna brings her “MDNA” tour to KeyArena Thursday and Friday. The New York Times called it an “extravaganza,” counting tightropes, stripteases and a (virtual) blood bath among its delights.

Perhaps overcompensating for not having a very good singing voice, Madonna has used every bit of camera attention she’s gotten since the 1980s to her advantage. She quickly acted in movies, and continues to act and direct (most recently directing the feature film “W.E.” in 2011). All the while, she courted controversy in the name of freedom, with her risque “Sex” coffee table book, with her antagonistic relationship with the Catholic Church and by adopting an African baby. Most recently, she stood up to the Russian government and publicly defended jailed punk rockers Pussy Riot on stage.

She was and always is pushing her brand (her name and personality) into new media, never letting music just be music. That blitz strategy and the soundtrack to it all, teenage dance jams mixed with adult themes — the essence of rock ‘n’ roll — make her a grandmother figure to Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, M.I.A. and Britney Spears, the current fleet dominating pop music.

When we talk about sexy stuff and film/music pieces of the 1980s and ’90s, Prince and Michael Jackson are the big names. But Madonna did what they did with the stigma of being female, which meant she was supposed to play nice. She never did.

Her new album “MDNA” finds the 53-year-old still not playing nice. But she’s also not dictating musical trends anymore. The music channels the body-slam bass and face-slapping snare drums of today’s club scene, which revolves around the drug Ecstasy (scientific name MDMA). The album is so-so. But her lyrics are good (“I tried to be your wife / diminish myself / and swallow my life”) and her live performances are reportedly great.

And they better be. Because tickets aren’t cheap. And her music doesn’t seem to be improving. And household name songwriters like Hall & Oates aren’t coming back in vogue. Can you name the people in Stargate, a team which makes songs for BeyoncĂ©? Not likely.

Now we don’t know songwriters’ names. We have pop stars. And they have arena shows.

And Madonna, since she’s the Queen, ought to have the best one.

by Andrew Matson

Thursday, September 27, 2012


The ‘Celebration’ singer is a devotee of Jewish offshoot Kabbalah and joined with other followers of the religion to celebrate the Day of Atonement, the holiest day in the calendar for Jewish people.

Madonna, 54, arrived at the city’s Park Avenue Armory wearing a bright purple sweat suit with the number 86 on them and a hat with the word ‘Vogue’ written on it.

A source told the New York Post newspaper: ‘Madonna was the last to arrive, and it seemed like they were holding up the ceremony to wait for her.

‘She came through a back entrance with her daughter, Lourdes, and was seated in the front row. Once she was seated, it could begin. All the men were in white but Madonna had a loud track suit on. Also there was her younger boyfriend [Brahim Zaibat], who arrived wearing cream.’

While her entrance may have caused a stir, the ‘Hung Up’ singer certainly focused during the service, and appeared oblivious to those around her, including fashion designer Donna Karan, who was seated nearby.

The witness added: ‘[Madonna] definitely set herself apart from everyone else. She is like the queen of Kabbalah.’

A statement on the Kabbalah website explains the religious day’s significance, saying ‘[During] Yom Kippur, we sit on the throne with Binah and remove the fog in our lives for the entire year to come.’

Earlier this week, Madonna was forced to clarify comments she made at a concert on Monday (24.09.12) in Washington, where she referred to the US president as a ‘black Muslim,’ despite him being openly Christian.

Madonna said she was ‘being ironic,’ adding: ‘Yes, I know Obama is not a Muslim, though I know that plenty of people in this country think he is.’


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MDNA Concert Poster Edited And UnEdited!


Pop star Madonna said on Tuesday she was being deliberately “ironic on stage” when she erroneously referred to President Barack Obama during her concert in the nation’s capital as a “black Muslim.”

A video clip posted on YouTube by audience members at the Verizon Center in downtown Washington captured the 54-year-old singer delivering a rousing, profanity-laced political speech about freedom during her show on Monday.

“Now, it’s so amazing and incredible to think that we have an African-American in the White House … we have a black Muslim in the White House … it means there is hope in this country, and Obama is fighting for gay rights, so support the man,” Madonna said.

Obama, campaigning to be re-elected on November 6, is widely known to be a practicing Christian.

Responding to a media furor unleashed by the YouTube video, Madonna issued a statement on Tuesday through her spokeswoman saying her reference to Obama’s religion was facetious.

“I was being ironic on stage. Yes, I know Obama is not a Muslim – though I know that plenty of people in this country think he is. And what if he were?

“The point I was making is that a good man is a good man, no matter who he prays to. I don’t care what religion Obama is – nor should anyone else in America,” she said.

Since Obama’s first presidential run in 2008, fringe groups and a smattering of opponents have espoused rumors that he is secretly a Muslim, similar to persistent but unfounded assertions by some political foes that he was born outside the United States.

Madonna has been outspoken in her support of the president, going so far as to rip off her shirt during recent concerts to reveal the word “OBAMA” inked across her lower back.

Source :NBCnews

Madonna Out In NYC September 25th!

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Madonna Has Mic To Vogue Boy 20 Years Later!

Thanks PerezHilton

REVIEW: MDNA TOUR CHICAGO (CHICAGO PHOENIX) Madonna kills it at United Center!

Madonna kills it at United Center

by Jason Radford

Balancing newer hits with vintage pop killers must’ve been difficult for the people who put together Madonna’s setlist for her recent tour. And at Wednesday night’s show, fans heard most of MDNA and managed not to skip a single classic. No fan left dissatisfied. Cutting many songs to only two choruses made room for more performance, more magic and more impact. So the two-hour set was jam packed with power, never enduring a dull moment in the nearly sold-out venue at the United Center.

With most of the crowd of fans from the Celebration generation, hits from Confessions on a Dancefloor and latest MDNA weren’t so enthralling. The stage was laced with black and white and red for “Vogue,” when the United Center finally filled with noise and motion. The show’s other peak happened as cheerleader Madonna stomped and twirled to “Express Yourself,” mashing partly with “Born This Way.” Whether in jest or in disdain, the moment wasn’t to be missed.

Opener, DJ Paul Oakenfold didn’t have much capacity to rev up the crowd, house lights still lit and top-40 remixes uninspired, so it was up to the Queen of Pop to energize the audience and get them excited.

“I haven’t had any Red Bull,” she said sarcastically, and paused. “This is all me and caffeine.” If this is Madonna high on caffeine, we never want to see her come down. She was revved up, and at age 54, showed no signs of slowing, even at the two-hours-long show’s finish. It was astonishing how she kicked just as high and never skipped a beat or paused to breathe. The diva went on stage after 10 p.m., but still livened the crowd, many of which had surpassed their bedtimes.

For the most celebrated pop star of all time, this woman acted less like a superstar and more like a voice with a platform. She’s known for her snooty character and fame-induced antics, but on Wednesday we were lucky to see a looser and more talkative Madonna.

Responding to fans in the front row, she joked “Hi, I love you too. Buy a T-shirt. I have four kids.” It’s rare for her to say much of anything to the crowd, and Wednesday’s attendees got to hear Madonna telling stories and empowering concertgoers with some words of advice: “Do me a favor and don’t vote for Mitt Romney.” She even said goodbye to the crowd after final song “Celebration” and a fiery dance break in high-tops. Madonna never says goodbye!

Holy Hell, was the “MDNA Tour” a spectacle. No image fell short of mesmerizing, no move was less than passionate and no lyric sung without meaning. Madonna clearly hired the greatest dancers, the most talented designers, and the best-equipped production team to put together this tour. She had multiple costume changes and set changes, from church scenes (“Girl Gone Wild”) to motel shootouts (“Bang Bang”) to avant-garde cabaret shows (“Like A Virgin”). The concept was ambitious, and though somewhat disconnected, extremely entertaining.

A Midwesterner herself, Madonna poked fun at our neck of the woods before slowing down to perform “Masterpiece,” another MDNA highlight. “I’ve always loved the way you people say words like ‘car,’ ‘shop,’ … “Madonna,” she embellished. At this point, the Queen had successfully engaged the crowd with her energy and amused folks with her sense of humor. Not halfway in, every fan’s dollar was well-spent. The rest was a shock-value show that couldn’t be priced.


Madonna has been nominated for the Eventful 2012 Fan’s Choice Award,
which will be presented at the Billboard Touring Conference & Awards Ceremony in October.

Visit to demand Madonna to perform in your city – as the artist with the most Demands will win the Eventful 2012 Fans’ Choice Award for “Best Tour of the Year”

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Iconic photographer Richard Corman remembers the first time he met Madonna. “[It was] in the summer of 1982 at her apartment on the Lower East Side,” he tells Rolling Stone. “Prior to entering the building, I had to call her from a phone booth from across the street as she let me know, under no uncertain terms, that I was not to enter the building without her alerting all of the tenants due to a lot of illegal activity going on, on the stoop and on the ground floor – which she had no part in.”

Once inside, the burgeoning pop star offered him black coffee and gum on a silver-plated tray. “That was the introduction,” he recalls. “A few minutes later, we were moving about her apartment and I was photographing her in her kitchenette, at the stove, on her desk chair.”

The proto-street-style photos that resulted from the spontaneous shoot have never been seen… until now. Last night at W Hotel Mexico City, the candid shots were unveiled to the public as part of a new traveling exhibit sponsored by the hotel group and Vitaminwater. Curated by Rock Paper Photo and Madonna’s manager, Guy Oseary, the installation presents Corman and George DuBose’s photography juxtaposed against Alec Monopoly’s custom graffiti art. The exhibition will hit New York’s W Hotel in December.

One enticing photo shows Madonna pouting prettily from a bench, sandwiched between a row of bemused eldery locals. Another portrays the denim-clad singer on a rooftop, hanging with some kids who are trying endearingly hard to look tough for the camera. This type of cross-generational camaraderie was an everyday thing for Madge, according to Corman. “She was absolutely the pied piper of the neighborhood, and all of the kids sang and danced with her on the rooftop almost daily. She carried her boombox up to the roof – the kids would hear the music playing and run upstairs to dance with her as she sang and listened to her demo tapes.”

Corman, who later shot the Talking Heads for a Rolling Stone cover story, calls the creative climate of the Lower East Side at the time “fearless.” There were many restless innovators, many talented people trying to make a mark. Still, the future pop queen managed to find her own dynamite niche in both style and sound. Says Corman, “She took it upon herself to inspire a sensibility that had never been seen before. She was, and to this [day] still is, an original.”

Corman adds, “Today, there would be an entourage of about 30 people around her. Back then, it was just her and I. It was simple; it was poignant. It felt like we captured something that was genuine.”

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Madonna at the United Center

It was a concert that opened with an act of contrition and closed with a robed church choir paving the road to a celebration. In between there was fake blood, pretend guns, the return of the infamous conical bra, whiffs of sadomasochism and poison-tipped political commentary, as well as allusions to the pop art of Roy Lichtenstein, movies by Oliver Stone and Stanley Kubrick, Brecht-Weil cabaret, Asian mysticism, Cirque du Soleil-style tightrope acrobatics, and Basque folk music.

Madonna was in town, and though she’s one of the most famous celebrities in the world – and also one of the priciest, as evidenced by those $355 seats – her first of two concerts Wednesday at the United Center had all the hallmarks of a cult artist indulging a serious art-pop fetish.

The easy route would’ve been a greatest hits tour, but even at 54 – something of a godmother to two generations of pop singers from Britney Spears to Lady Gaga – Madonna appears to get bored much too easily to do something that rote. She’s almost perverse in the way she tries to upend and reconfigure her songs to fit a theme, and this was no exception – a self-described two-hour, four-part “journey of a soul from darkness to light.”

Got that? Sometimes it wasn’t always easy to follow Madonna’s lead. Where’s this going, exactly? And how much of this was gratuitous shock theater rather than soul baring personal statement? But there was no denying the blend of art, artifice and sheer sensory overload. Besides the 16 dancers, four musicians and two backing singers, a stage that stretched into the middle of the arena and the sumptuous visuals made for something grandly watchable. It made every other recent arena tour that traffics in spectacle look rather puny in comparison. And somehow, a few emotional payoffs snuck through the dazzle, too.

Once regarded as a chirpy ingĂ©nue destined to burn up her 15 minutes and fade, Madonna has turned reinvention into 300 million worldwide record sales and nearly 30 years of stardom. She has taken a few knocks this year as her latest album, “MDNA” has tumbled down the charts soon after a muddled halftime performance at the Super Bowl.

Though the album was panned as a late, unsuccessful attempt to ride the coattails of the burgeoning electronic dance music movement, it was sold short. It was that rare recent Madonna album with an emotional center, with several songs zeroing in on the toll of her broken marriage, and that filtered into her performance Wednesday.

Her concert tours use music as just one of many elements in a multimedia scramble of dance, performance art, theater and video, and “MDNA” was no exception. The visually spectacular first segment was set in a Gothic cathedral with shafts of light piercing through the “windows” and hooded monks ringing a bell and burning incense, suggesting some strange hybrid of Kubrick’s ritualistic sex scenes in “Eyes Wide Shut” and a foreboding Medieval ceremony. The set morphed into a tawdry hotel straight out of Stone’s “Natural Born Killers,” with Madonna gunning down masked assailants with disturbing glee, smearing the joint with blood and curse-splattered bravado. The music rumbled with menace, Madonna’s voice Auto-tuned almost beyond recognition, the once-bouncy “Papa Don’t Preach” and the exuberant “Hung Up” slowed and twisted to a crawl.

A parade of drummers, some of them suspended from ceiling wires to make it long as though they were floating above the stage, exuberantly flushed out the bad vibes on “Give Me All Your Luvin’.” Segment 2 was more organic, and exuded a highly unusual quality for a Madonna tour: something like warmth. She still uses her guitar, which was often barely audible, as more of a prop than an instrument, and her voice remains thin. But her dancing was energetic, and at times astonishingly athletic. “Open Your Heart” inspired an ensemble performance that suggested a mating of gypsy kicks and hip-hop break dancing.

The next segment was all ice-queen Berlin cabaret, topped by an oddly moving, slowed-nearly-beyond-recognition “Like a Virgin.” Here was Madonna’s signature song (or at least one of them) sung from the perspective of a much older woman looking back on her life, trying to conjure up a feeling she could barely remember, let alone ever experience again. It concluded with a tortured, erotic ballet involving Madonna, another dancer and a corset. A vulnerable Madonna? You saw it here first.

After that, the singer sent her fans home dancing with the sound of sitars on “I’m a Sinner,” a choir on “Like a Prayer,” and an aerobics class sponsored by Kraftwerk on “Celebration.” Amid a fleet of fluorescent modules, she was briefly the dance-pop icon of the ‘80s and ‘90s again. Some of her fans would surely be glad if she stayed there for an entire concert. But for Madonna that would mean turning into a nostalgia act, and she’s not having it.

Greg Kot

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Golden Globes Quote Madonna!

Even the globes know what's up!!! Madonna forever inspiring!!

Tks to AmenMadonnaTumbler

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$10.9 mln claim against Madonna gay rights promotion to be heard Oct. 11

The Moskovsky District Court in St. Petersburg will hear on October 11 complaints filed against Madonna and her concert organizers for promoting homosexuality, attorney Alexander Pochuyev, who is representing the St. Petersburg activists that filed the claim, told RIA Novosti on Monday.

“According to our information, the court will hold the hearings on October 11,” he said.

The plaintiffs seek 333 million rubles ($10.87 million) in damages.

Madonna, who held a concert in St. Petersburg as part of her controversial MDNA tour, urged local residents to be friendlier to the LGBT community during her performance.

In mid-August, activists submitted to the Moskovsky District Court several lawsuits against the singer and the concert organizers. They claimed that they were offended by the statement supporting homosexuals. The court abandoned the claims, as violations had been made during their drafting and they had to be eradicated. Earlier in the week, the activists’ representatives said they managed to find the official address of the singer and the other information necessary for the court’s further consideration of the lawsuits.

Previously, St. Petersburg human rights activists said they submitted an application to investigators, asking that they bring Madonna to justice for inciting religious hatred, as she trampled on a cross during the concert.

The city prosecutor’s office earlier told RIA Novosti that all the applications concerning the alleged violations have been submitted for examination to the Interior Ministry’s regional department.

Earlier, Vitaly Milonov, a politician in St. Petersburg who drafted the city law restricting the promotion of homosexuality, said the performance was attended by NGOs that checked the concert’s compliance with morality regulations.

They recorded the event and said 12-year-old children were present, he said. Activists filed several applications with the police, seeking to declare Madonna in breach of the law. They claim that they were offended by her explicit support for homosexuality.

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No Plans For A 4th Single From MDNA!

All Madonna fans there are no plans at this time for a 4th single from MDNA!


Madonna tops her own theatrics again with creative show at Boardwalk Hall! Atlantic City Review!


Madonna tops her own theatrics again with creative show at Boardwalk Hall

Major headliners coming to Atlantic City is certainly commonplace. Bruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney, Lady Gaga, The Who, The Rolling Stones, Van Halen, Aerosmith, KISS, Phish, the Dave Matthews Band and Metallica — just to name a few — have all thrilled fans with their over-the-top live shows here.

But there’s something special — an increase in energy, excitement and overall buzz — when Madonna comes to town.

Some of it is respect. She’s the world’s best-selling female recording artist and most successful solo artist in history and constantly reinvents herself to remain relevant in the ever-changing, always challenging pop music industry.

Some of it is curiosity. What will Madonna do this time around?

But mostly, it’s because Madonna never, ever disappoints with her theatrical live shows. And Saturday’s latest offering — “The MDNA Tour,” named after her latest release — proved Madonna, at 54 years old, remains the greatest pop touring act in the world. And frankly, no one is even close.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer’s creativity was once again running rampant this time around as she did everything from staging a bloody shootout to being hogtied and abducted by masked dancers to offering a striptease, all while surrounding herself with stellar dancers, amazing production and even an entire drum corps suspended in midair.

A sold-out Boardwalk Hall was treated to what Madonna describes as a “journey of a soul from darkness to light,” but the bottom line is that Madonna is the ultimate show woman, the P.T. Barnum of pop theatrics who isn’t afraid to cross any line if it means entertaining the masses.

With numerous costume changes that had the remarkably fit and still-gorgeous star in costumes that included a badass gunslinger and baton twirler, Madonna’s energy is nothing short of impressive. Most 20-year-olds can’t perform for two hours like Madonna does.

But no matter how great Madonna’s showmanship is, no one would be there if her songs weren’t any good. And those not fond of “MDNA” might have been slightly disappointed with the night’s selections since about 10 songs from the new album were either performed, sampled or featured in an interlude, comprising about half of the night’s material.

Like the Material Girl’s most recent efforts, “MDNA” heavily taps into electronic dance music nicely melded with Madonna’s pop sensibilities. While not her finest effort, “MDNA” has some standouts, particularly the catchy opener “Girl Gone Wild” and “Turn on the Radio.” But “I Don’t Give A,” where Madonna unnecessarily trotted out an electric guitar, and “I’m Addicted” will be quickly forgotten for good reason: they are unmemorable ditties that barely work better live than the album tracks.

Of course any superstar who has been performing for more than 30 years is going to have a catalog so vast that fans will be unhappy with was left off the setlist. And on the “MDNA” tour, in particular, Madonna made it pretty clear that this was not a greatest hits tour.

The songs she didn’t play — including “Music”, “Ray of Light”, “La Isla Bonita”, “Frozen”, “Material Girl”, “Lucky Star” and others — are testament to the amazing career Madonna possesses.

And even though Saturday night seemed a little lighter than past tours when it came to delivering hits, there were still plenty. She offered crowd-pleasers such as “Papa Don’t Preach”, “Holiday”, Vogue”, “Express Yourself” and “Like a Prayer,” but some of the other hits were re-tooled to give fans something a little different.

For example, “Express Yourself” was mixed with excerpts from Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” — perhaps to show the audience how similar they are — along with “She’s Not Me” from Madonna’s “Hard Candy” album. And “Like a Virgin” contained samples from Abel Korzeniowski’s “Evgeni’s Waltz.”

The most impressive reinvention was “Open Your Heart,” which she performed with the Basque group Kalakan that included excerpts from Kalakan’s “Sagarra jo!” The Spanish band also made other contributions throughout the show, including “Masterpiece” and “I’m a Sinner,” both from “MDNA.”

Although not the greatest singer, Madonna has personality in her vocals that definitely make up for any deficiencies. And she remains a great dancer with a keen sense of quirky choreography that works for her and her dancers.

The production was better than any Broadway show you will see. With a crisp video screen that stretched wide across the stage and tall above the performers, the multimedia experience made the show seem more like a live movie than a concert.

The dancers were worth the price of admission themselves. Early on, the male dancers showed off remarkable moves in high heels and later bounced on and jumped off stretchy ropes and freaked people out when by contorting their bodies.

The only gripes about Madonna were things not related to her show. In typical Madonna fashion, she had Boardwalk Hall management keep the temperature of the hall pretty toasty — about 80 degrees — which is really annoying when she made the crowd wait until about 10:30 p.m. to take the stage, leaving the crowd waiting well over an hour after opener DJ Paul Oakenfold left the stage.

The MDNA Tour is poised to become one of the top-grossing tours of all time. And with good reason. Madonna remains not only on top of her game but makes everyone else try to raise theirs. One of her most creative and artistic tours ever, she will have a hard time topping this. But don’t ever bet against her.

Scott Cronick

Thursday, September 13, 2012


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(HQish version)

After 30 years Richard Corman’s never before seen photos of Madonna grace the cover of Fancy Magazine
and sell out in one day! The photos and Richard are creating quite a buzz, be on the look out for more of Richard’s rare Madonna portraits!

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REVIEW: MDNA TOUR OTTAWA (OTTAWA SUN) Madonna wows crowd at Scotiabank Place!

Madonna wows crowd at Scotiabank Place

The fans who shelled out upwards of $300 for the hottest ticket in town know that Madonna puts on less of a concert than an all-out event, and none went home disappointed from a sold-out Scotiabank Place show that stretched well into the midnight hour.

Of course, with all the international headlines left in the wake of her MDNA tour — with the swastikas superimposed over political faces, the flaming crucifixes, the boob flashes, feigned violence and calls for revolution — it seemed like everyone was waiting to see which pot Madonna would stir next.

Truly, it just doesn’t qualify as a cause celebre anymore until Madonna’s scrawled in lipstick across her backside.

But other than a “No Fear” tattoo on her exposed back, there was little in the way of political furor, and except for a few cheeky exchanges with fans, Madonna mostly let her music do the talking.

Not that a Madonna concert is ever just about the music.

The accompanying imagery, dripping with metaphor, was just as much a part of the spectacle as the music, and, as expected from someone with Madonna’s knack for provocation, the images pulled no punches.

The show’s overture began with a dozen cloaked figures swinging a giant smoking urn over the crowd as Madonna descended from the rafters in a gilded confessional, launching her MDNA tour as she does the album with Girl Gone Wild.

Images of Renaissance-styled angels descended into a hellfire backdrop as the beat slipped into Revolver, but the opening credits to The Exorcist soon dissolved into something more closely resembling a Tarantino film.

Under the throbbing beat of Gang Bang, Madge and her femmes fatale wielded pistols and assault rifles and randomly picked off imaginary assailants in the crowd as all sorts of blood spatter and viscera splashed across the screen.

Numerous video interludes showcased her entourage of toned dancers, and allowed for the customary costume changes as the set unfolded in five distinct acts: Transgression, Prophecy, Turning Up the Hits, Masculine/Feminine and Celebration.

After such a foreboding opening, resonating with Gothic subtext, Madonna emerged from the first costume change as a caricature of her old, bubbly bleached blonde persona, dressed as a marching bandleader complete with twirling baton for Express Yourself.

And if there’s anything to the rumours of a feud between Madonna and her prime progeny Lady Gaga, the Queen still wears the crown, as she interpolated the carbon copy Born This Way, singing (somewhat cattily) “She’s not me” before busting back into Express Yourself.

And the fans — the show was, as expected, a complete sellout with more than 15,000 packing Scotiabank Place, many likely rueing Tuesday morning as the show didn’t get underway until almost 10:30 — gleefully played the part, with many dressed up and putting on their favourite era Material Girl face.

All of those faces were present on stage, too.

Madonna emerged in tight black leather slinging a matching six string for Turn Up the Radio, she was her bad Catholic girl prototype on all fours in Papa Don’t Preach, Masterpiece ushered in a cadre of Golden Age Hollywood romantics in flickering monochrome, the sex-charged groove of Human Nature featured her Erotica imagery, and she was barely recognizable as a grown-up crooning the once-bubbly Like a Virgin.

Yet, for all of her longevity, the 54-year-old Queen of Reinvention rarely showed her age, her trademark lithe moves front and centre on every song.

The only time she even hinted at her years was when she informed the audience her son, who usually dances in the show, had to miss Monday’s gig “because he had to go to school.”

Only fitting, because “back to school” is exactly where Madonna sent a new generation of impersonators.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Madonna In 2013 Guiness Book Of World Records!

The star’s most recent entry into the record books came in February when she set a new record for the largest TV audience for a Super Bowl half-time performance. Her set, which included guest appearances from hip-hop star’s Nicki Minaj and MIA, attracted 114 million viewers – a larger figure than the actual match itself which saw the New York Giants defeat the New England Patriots.

Nevertheless, the 53-year-old can rightly claim the title of the queen of pop, with the star currently holding 20 world records including the highest grossing music tour per concert by a female artist for her 60-date 2006 ‘Confessions’ tour and the top-selling female recording artist of all time, with record sales in excess of 75 million in the USA and 200 million abroad.

- Top-Selling Female Recording Artist (2011)- 200 million records worldwide
- The Female Artist with The Most #1 singles in the UK- 9th Number Ones
- The Artist with The Most #1 Dvd’s in the US- (Celebration is her last DVD topped the Chart)
- The Highest Grossing Tour for a Solo Artist of All Time
- The Most Costume Changes in a film Evita (more than 300)
- The World’s Most Successful Female Musician (2007)
- Highest Paid Female Singer (2006)

Friday, September 7, 2012

Madonna "All The Way Mae" Baseball Then And Now!

Glenn Close On Madonna's Yankee Stadium MDNA Show...

Glenn Close on Madonna's concert

“Had the most amazing time seeing the true Queen of pop…yes I am a Madonna fan and I’m not ashamed to admit it”

Glenn you have amazing taste!



Fourth And Final NY Show Added To MDNA Tour Itinerary
After 3 sold out shows, (including two at the Yankee Stadium on September 6-8 and one at Madison Square Garden on November 12th) we are happy to announce that Madonna has just added a fourth and final New York show to her MDNA Tour itinerary.

The new show will take place at the Madison Square Garden on November 13th!

Tickets will go on sale at 10am local time on September 14th, while a devoted Icon pre-sale will start on September 10th, at 10am local time for Legacy members / 11am local time for Live Pass members.

Please note that Icon will e-mail Lifetime Legacy members with pre-sale codes one hour before the fan club pre-sale begins. If you are not an Icon Legacy member, you may participate by purchasing the Icon Live Pass. All Live Passes will be offered on Ticketmaster for this pre-sale. Simply go to on Monday morning @ 11am local time and purchase the Icon Live Pass Bundle, which will give you access to the pre-sale (4-ticket limit) and the Live Pass tour gift.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Madonna brings pop spectacle to Boston!

By Craig S. Semon

Madonna, performing Tuesday at TD Garden in Boston. (THE ASSOCIATED PRESS)
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BOSTON - When it comes to the great minds that emerged out of the 20th Century, Madonna has to be ranked high on the list, right near Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

No kidding.

Nearly 30 years in her career, Madonna has survived changing musical trends and has outlived most of her musical rivals. Selling a whopping 300 million-plus albums worldwide, The Material Girl has forged a stellar career out of marginal talent, impeccable timing and uncanny marketing skills. Let's see those eggheads Einstein and Hawking do that.

Besides being pop's ultimate opportunist, Madonna's still a taboo-breaking, button-pushing pop dynamo ready to explode with imaginative costume changes, dazzling choreography, elaborate set pieces and a stellar roster of hits.

And who needs “Fifty Shades of Gray” when you have 54-year Madonna?

Fresh from her controversial, breast-baring, crowd-mooning, Israeli flag wrapping, swastika-displaying, anti-Pussy Riot prison sentence and pro-gay rights pontificating treks through Tel Aviv, Istanbul, Rome Paris, London, Edinburgh and St. Petersburg, Madonna performed a salacious, scandalous, unorthodox, unpredictable, inspired, seductive, sexy and spirited, 19-song, hour-and-50-minute set last night to a sold-out crowd at the TD Garden.

The show opened up with an elaborate and eye-popping cathedral scenario complete with winged, bare-chested demons gyrating and contorting their muscular bodies and red cloak-wearing monks tolling a church bell and swinging an incense burning censor like they were taboo-smashing wrecking balls, all unfolding in front of a humongous cross with the initials “MDNA.”

Always a master in the entrance department, a floating confessional booth (with Madge tucked inside) descended to the stage and the pop icon smashed through the cathedral's faux-stained glass window with an AK47. Then, a lean, mean Madonna and her monks-turned-“Magic Mike” extras strutted their respective stuff on the stage while religious icons and fire and brimstone imagery rained on the video monitor during “Girls Gone Wild,” the first of eight songs from her latest, “MDNA.”

If Armageddon is just around the corner, it's going to look pale and less memorable dance moves in comparison to Madonna's latest concert extravaganza.

With the accompanied visuals sometimes more compelling than the actual songs, Madonna was figuratively and literally packing heat as she threateningly pranced on the stage waving a big silver handgun (and pointing it at the audience) during “Revolver.”

Boasting what may be the highest body count ever depicted during a stage number, the carnage continued with the over-the-top, Tarantino-esque revenge fantasy and splatter-fest, “Gang Bang.” With Nancy Sinatra cool, Madonna — sporting a Pussy Galore-like getup that made her part femme-fatale/part Bond girl — hid out in a sleazy “Paradise Motel,” where a group of ninja-assassins tried to sneak up on her, only to get shot at point-blank range, their brains splattered on the video screen monitor.

While this blood bath might have been one of her most alarming and disarming stage antics Madonna has performed in decades, it was “Kill Bill” cool and not to be taken seriously in the very least.

After an abrupt version of “Papa Don't Preach,” masked marauders took Madonna away in chains and prepared her for what promised to be a pagan sacrifice during “Hung Up.” At one point, Madge did a high-wire act while teetering on the thin line that separates entertainment and schlock.

After all the bondage, buckets of blood, hail of bullets and bouts of blasphemy were over, Madonna reemerged as an adorable, baton-twirling majorette leading a cheerleading squad and sporting a mischievous grin on her face.

Without warning, Madonna slapped Lady Gaga silly by sneaking a snippet of “Born This Way,” (Gaga's shameless rip-off of “Express Yourself”) during — you guessed it — “Express Yourself.” In case the meaning was lost on anyone, Madonna, aka the undisputed queen of pop, added a chorus of “She's Not Me” in the mix.

On “Give Me All Your Lovin' (or what I like to call the Toni Basil-meets-Gwen Stefani cheerleader chant from hell), Madonna made another case why she is the one and only.

After a video montage of her extensive pop catalog, Madonna — who looked more comfortable carrying a toy AK47 than a real electric guitar — donned a six-string solely as a fashion accessory for “Turn Up the Radio.”

Dressed in black from the beret on her head to the thigh-high leather boots that covered her toes, Madonna was in full bohemian dress for her an inspired reworking of “Open Your Heart” that featured the organic rhythms of Kalakan (a trio of Basque singers and drummers) and her son Rocco cutting a rug.

Madonna, who recently came back from touring around the world (and causing a lot of controversy everywhere she played), spoke about how she has grown to appreciate the United States because we have the freedom of expression that most places in the world don't have and ““It's ok to be whatever you want to be” over here.

The evening's most visually stunning number “Vogue” combined artsy, black and white styles from different era to form the coolest fashion catwalk ever choreographed. The number also featured a tongue-in-cheek reinterpretation of her signature torpedo bra (now an aerial-dynamic exoskeleton) from days gone by.

During “Human Nature,” Madonna did a titillating striptease in which she got down to her skivvies and flashed the words “NO FEAR,” which was scrawled in big letters on her back.

The evening's most bizarre reworking was an almost unrecognizable, Kurt Weill-inspired version of “Like a Virgin,' in which Madonna played an old and decrepit broken-down saloon singer knocking on death's door. Tapping into her inner-Marlene Dietrich with a whiskey drenched splash of Lotte Lenya thrown in for good measure, an exasperated Madonna sang the number like she didn't have the strength or the air in her lungs to push out the words, let alone breath.

A barefoot Madonna wearing a combination ceremonial robe/disco getup transformed what appeared to be a virtual Buddhist temple into the coolest dance club on the planet on the throbbing, club-hopper, “I'm Addicted.”

In what might go down as the pop concert of the year (I said pop concert; Bruce Springsteen and Roger Waters are rock concerts), the evening came to a rousing close with a show-stopper version of “Like A Prayer,” complete with 30-plus-strong chorus, and the all-out aerobic workout, “Celebration.”

Madonna Then & Now! Still The Queen!

Madonna played in front of 75,000 people in Quebec! Breaks World Record!!

Media Coverage

This is just a short post to remind you of something I have been stating for months here on the blog:

How the mainstream media protects certain artists (usually the ones with whom they keep an incestuous relationship out of NECESSITY), and how they often try to destroy the ones who do not really need their existence (media) to survive in the showbiz.

Madonna played in front of 75,000 people in Quebec a couple of nights ago:

What do the mainstream media and the press do?

They ignore it.

75,000 people!

No, it was not a free concert (like the Rolling Stones have done at the beach in Rio, or many other acts). People actually had to pay to get in.

This is huge news!

Madonna played to a huge crowd (very few musicians have the privilege to play to 75,000 in their headlining tour). She also broke a record. That was the biggest crowd in attendance of a concert at the Plains of Abraham.

This is something that cannot be distorted.

So instead of reporting this milestone, this news that are 100% positive and that only reinforces Madonna’s position as the Queen of Pop, they decide to ignore it. They ignore it because they cannot distort it. They cannot say she failed. They cannot twist the facts that happened that evening.

Just Google it (look for news):

How many pages of news will result reporting Madonna breaking the record of the biggest crowd on the PLAINS OF ABRAHAM? How many reports are there about Madonna playing for 75,000 people? Very, very few.

You see how ridiculous it is: American media reports Lady Garbage playing to 33,000 people in Europe, but they do NOT report Madonna playing to 75,000 people in North America, breaking a Canadian record.

Thanks to the amazing PutYourPawsDown

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Boston Are You Ready, For Madonna and. MDNA!

Show Date: September 04, 2012
Location: Boston, MA
Venue: TD Banknorth Garden

Artists at this Event: Madonna
Doors: 7:00 PM *
Show: 8:00 PM *

*[Times subject to change without notice]

Monday, September 3, 2012

Madonna ‘funny’ fashion director!

Madonna was “cracking jokes” when Georgia May Jagger modeled for her.
The singing iconic selected Georgia as the latest face of her Material Girl clothing line. The model flew to meet Madonna and was amazed by how kind and fun she was.
“Madonna was funny. She was cracking a lot of jokes. I love it when women are as powerful as she is. People have been looking up to her for 30 years,” she recalled.
Georgia’s mother is model Jerry Hall. She spoken about borrowing items from her mom’s closet in the past and now says Jerry is ruthless when it comes to clearing out clothes. Thankfully, there are certain items she can’t bear to part with.
“Oh yeah. Whatever ones will fit me,” she told British magazine InStyle, when asked if she borrows from her mom. “She’s got rid of a lot of her old stuff, though when there was that ‘80s revival a few years ago, she was like, ‘I never thought I’d be able to wear my shoulder pads again, this is so cool!”