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Madonna Interview For Hard Candy Fitness!

Madonna Interview

The first Hard Candy Fitness center has opened its doors in Mexico, and Mexican newspaper “Periódico A.M.” had the privilege to interview Madonna.

As main partner and promoter, she answered a few questions through email, which reveal her vision on the fitness-business, exercising and the implicit connection they have with spirituality.
Periódico AM: What made you decide to enter the fitness and exercise industry?

Madonna: I’ve spent my entire career devoted to health, training and spirituality. During that time, I’ve worked out in hundreds of gyms, studios and worked with the best dancers and top coaches in the world. From those experiences, I developed a strong vision of what the ideal training environment should be and transformed this into a reality through the Hard Candy Fitness centers.

Periódico AM: You’ve been in great condition for decades. How important is exercising for your lifestyle and how has it changed your personal regime over the years?

Madonna: Health, exercise and spirituality are essential to my life. I think our bodies are a gift and we must do everything we can to take care of them. I also think that because I raise the bar so high for myself, I can inspire others to do the same through my fitness centers. When I talk about training, I’ve tried it all, and I know what works and what doesn’t.

Periódico AM: Why Mexico?

Madonna: Mexico City was a stop during the Sticky & Sweet Tour. I loved the energy of the people and the eclectic vibe. Being close, relatively, to the United States, allows me to be more involved in every step of the development of the brand, making it ideal for the launch of Hard Candy Fitness.

Our goal is to use Mexico as a location to adjust our brand and expand it to other countries and in the long term, to develop a global brand that also includes the United States.

Periódico AM: How involved are or will you be in the daily operation?

Madonna: I’ve been involved in every step of the process, starting with the name, logo, brand identity and design of the interior/exterior. My main goal is to create the ideal environment to encourage our members to think about the results. I’ve had extensive involvement in the global development and the details of the programs and training. I want our members to love the club, but I also want to them to have results. After all, “Harder is Better”…

Periódico AM: What kind of programs will the Hard Candy Fitness centers have that can’t be found elsewhere?

Madonna: For years I’ve tried hundreds of disciplines, methods and different modalities. From my experiences, I’ve created dozens of specialized classes to sculpt your body. I believe in connecting with the body, soul and mind. Members can find distinctive classes, themes and the relationship with my career and passion for fitness.

Periódico AM: How much does the construction of the Hard Candy Fitness center cost?

Madonna: If you’ve been to one of my shows, you know that ???I don’t cut costs??? and so does the gym. I’ll spend whatever it takes to make it a first class fitness center worldwide.

All gyms will have an extensive training program, personal attention from the staff, who will be paying attention to each and every member’s move with charm and diligence, first class cardio equipment, the Hard Candy bar, sound and lighting equipment to help motivate our members. The music and the art are personally chosen by me and include my favourite artists.

There will also be a first-class sauna and steam room, as well as swimming pools. In addition, the website and personal trainers will be connected to a single platform,, which provides all users with a calorie tracking program. This is an excellent tool for all members who want to be part of the Virtual Hard Candy Gym.

Periódico AM: Why did you choose the name Hard Candy?

Madonna: It was the name of my latest album and I loved it. I thought it would be the perfect blend of hard body and eye candy.We created the slogan “Harder is Better”, because it’s true. It’s a sexy brand that gives you the opportunity to have fun and exercise.

Periódico AM: How is the Hard Candy Fitness center being received in Mexico? How are you promoting it?

Madonna: We’re just starting, but the response has been fantastic. The demand has been high enough and there already have been many subscriptions; more than we had hoped for.We are extremely confident in the development and the results.

Periódico AM: Will you also exercise at the gym and where do you exercise now?

Madonna: As I said, I’m totally committed to this project. In fact, I will be giving a class during the opening in Mexico. I plan to visit the franchise and participate in an active way.

“Sadly, many people around the world aren’t in shape and don’t consider it to be an important part of their lives. I wish my voice will encourage them to follow a healthy sports regimen; not only with Hard Candy Fitness.”

Friday, November 26, 2010

Madonna Arrives In Mexico On Sunday.

Madonna arrives on Sunday

Madonna will arrive in Mexico City on Sunday night, and on Monday she will offer a series of interviews with national and international media, then go to the mall Bosques de Durazonos Bosques de las Lomas, where is located the Hard Candy Fitness Center.Madonna will be accompanied by her manager Guy Oseary, partners in the company's New Evolution Ventures (NEV), her staff, safety and security staff and a group of six dancers, who will share with her a couple of routines during the opening for local VIP members. Security for the event will be handled by a private company and only asked the police perimeter support to the city authorities. Madonna plans to open a total of 20 branches of the Hard Candy Fitness in countries like Russia, Brazil, Argentina and throughout Europe and Asia, which aims to create an atmosphere inspired by the vision of Madonna and the highest standards of how to be a gym.After the opening and cocktail Madonna will leave the capital to a tourist destination in the Pacific in Mexico where she will take a few days off.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Lea Michele Wants Madonna On Glee!

Lea Michele, who plays Rachel Berry on the hit Fox television series, would like Madonna to follow her showbiz pal Gwyneth Paltrow in appearing on Glee, and possibly even singing.

We all loved the Madonna show we did but we are hoping to do a part two with Madonna. That would be a dream.I have not met Madonna but I would love to.The only thing is, of my idols I have met, I have thoroughly embarrassed myself!

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Hard Candy Gym Window Display In Mexico!

Nicky Minaj Talks Madonna! And Tells It Straight! Love her!

Nicky Minaj On Madonna and Lady Gaga

“If you can’t beat them join them. We all take from each other. Nothing is new under the sun.When you see Gaga, you see Madonna… but Madonna never hated on Gaga.Why in the black communities we got to hate on each other instead of saying ‘thank you for showing me love’ or ‘thank you for keeping my name alive’?”

Madonna and Steven Meisel!

While shooting Italian Vogue.1990

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Celebration (The Hermino Experience Video Mix)!

Madonna In Time Magazine's 25 Most Powerfull Women Of The Past Century!

Every pop star of the last two to three decades has Madonna to thank in some part for his or her success. The triple threat who does it all — chart-topping singer, energetic dancer and all-around provocateur — left her home state of Michigan with $35 in her pocket and a dream to make it in New York City, and far exceeded that goal with hit singles like "Vogue," "Like a Virgin" and "Ray of Light." The one-named wonder's memorable music videos and live performances, which almost always include extravagant dance numbers, over-the-top outfits and eyebrow-raising concepts, made her one of MTV's most popular artists. After causing no shortage of controversy with her unabashed sexuality and outspokenness, Madonna has since turned some of her efforts toward being a mother and humanitarian — but not before cementing her place in pop culture as the best-selling female rock artist of the 20th century.

View the full list for "The 25 Most Powerful Women of the Past Century" Read more:,28757,2029774,00.html #ixzz15gaMmIoK

Madonna In InStyle Magazine.

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Madonna In NYC November 12/10!

Madonna was spotted heading to the Kabbalah Center in New York City on Saturday (November 12).

The Secret Behind Madonna's Beauty!

The Secret Behind Madonna's Beauty

The secret behind Madonna’s ageless beauty just flew into town. The pop queen’s personal facial expert, Michelle Peck, who is currently in Delhi, says that Madonna is hooked to an oxygen facial, which she takes before every stage performance, and sometimes, several times a week.

“Madonna asks for an intraceutical oxygen infusion facial treatment, as it is non-invasive, and still minimises the ageing lines,” says Michelle, who travels with her most of the time.

The hour-long treatment costs $500 (approx Rs 25,000), while the expensive facials in Delhi cost in the range of Rs 3000-6000. Michelle, who hails from Los Angeles and has been Madonna’s personal facialist for the past six years, describes Madonna as a ”gentle client” who maintains her skin quality by “avoiding exposure to the sun”.

“Normally, one should avoid too many facials in close succession, but given Madonna’s lifestyle and career demands, it is important for her to undergo the treatment on a routine basis,” she says.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Madonna Is The Smartest One!

Madonna Is The Smartest One

Jason Bentley ( KCRW )

TalksBX: With Swedish House Mafia, David Guetta, etc., being so popular, is this crossover appeal actually good for the music? Is there a trickle-down effect?

JB: Yeah, I think we need stars. We need great bands, we need artists that transcend the genre. Otherwise we don’t make any constructive contribution to the mainstream. I think that’s been the issue. That was the issue with drum and bass, and may very well be the issue with what’s now termed “dubstep,” is that they’re so preoccupied with their own credibility, to not sell out, to make it as hardcore as possible, that they never actually offer anything constructive to the mainstream.

The smartest pop stars do look to the underground for inspiration, and whether it’s Madonna or it’s Will.I.Am, the smartest ones are constantly borrowing, co-opting the next sound. And they know that helps them reinvent themselves, which is the name of the game.

House music will always have its core passionate following that believe in the purity of the message and the sound. That’s been a challenge also, in offering a cohesive message to the mainstream, is that the trick with hip-hop is, it’ll say “Oh yeah, it’s hip-hop, it’s hip-hop photography, it’s hip-hop dance,” everything was hip-hop, it was a unified message.

Well, dance music, the undoing and the difficulty has been, it is so diversified, there’s people within the dance world that only like ‘this kind’ or ‘that kind.’ It’s like little fiefdoms and niches.

source LATIMES

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Body Of Evidence - Pics!

Rebecca Carlson!!!

Madonna And Lourdes A Home Run For Macy's!

Madonna & Lourdes Are A Home RunMacy's Inc.

turned a profit in the third quarter after a loss a year ago, boosted by tailoring merchandise to local markets and higher spending from wealthier customers at its Bloomingdale's chain.

Macy's has benefited from its localization plan, which puts decisions on what merchandise to stock closer to customers. Its fashion exclusives have also helped bring in new shoppers. The company has said that its moderately priced Material Girl, a trendy teen clothing collection created by pop star Madonna and her 13-year-old daughter Lourdes, has been a home run.

Macy's said Wednesday that it earned $10 million, or 2 cents per share, for the period ended Oct. 30. That compares with a loss of $35 million, or 8 cents per share, a year ago.

source: latimes

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Madonna and Jean Paul Gaultier In 1990!

Here are some random fan photographs of Madonna with fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier early 1990.

Madonna and Lola Will Be Featured In "W" Magazine's December Issue!

Dolce & Gabbanna Most Memorable Moment Was Madonna!

“A memorable moment for me was when we met Madonna in New York.We had always looked at Madonna as fans.We would say, ‘Ah, can you imagine if one day Madonna dressed in Dolce&Gabbana?’18 months later the dream came true.”

Sandra Bernhard Misses Madonna's Friendship!

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"Vogue" Victor Cheng's Attitude Mash-Up Mix!

Madonna On Ellen Tuesday November 9th!

She’s the biggest-selling female artist of all time, and she only needs to go by one name —

MADONNA — is talking to Ellen today! She’ll tell Ellen what she’s been up to, and she has some

important things she’d like to share with everyone.Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Promo Video at Ellen

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Got A Light???

Get Into The Groove With Madonna!

Madonna's Advice To Ricky Martin!

For the first time since his brave (but not exactly bombshell) coming-out this spring, Ricky Martin sat down with Oprah Winfrey.

As you can imagine, the talk queen and the newly liberated father of twins had a lot to catch up on.

As for the defining moment when he decided to live freely, he had some help along the way from an unexpected source.

“Madonna said, ‘Stop doing interviews, because people already know who you are.’ ”

It was that advice which led Martin to take a step back from working, take a break and allow himself to see the bigger picture of his life.



The Madonna & Dolce & Gabbana "MDG" sunglasses collection is featured on spanish magazine Telva with a brand new one page add.